[Approved] Demonstra DAO - June Budget Overview for Creatives DAO

Project Name: Demonstra DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

Daniel Moraes @dani danimore.near

Rebecca Johnson @RebeccaJ rejoh.near

Juliana Matsumura @JulianaM jmm.near

Target Address: demonstra.sputnik-dao.near

Project Accounting: current account balance: 192.4694 NEAR

Funding Period: June 2022

Our Introductory post

Council Matters:

  • Council = 800 USD | 248.44 N (part.time x 200 USD | 62.11 N) (full time 2 x 300 USD | 2x 93.16N )


  • Mentoring/Admin work = 100 USD | 31.05 N


1. [Proposal] Seminar & Exhibition Demonstra - June

In May we had the closure of the Demonstra Art Residency, which included the Seminar and Exhibition presented via Youtube Live. There were more than six hours of talks, debates and presentations from the artists and curators who participated in the residency. From this raw material produced, we intend to edit and correct them so that the content can be accessed with appropriate themes and clippings to be available on our Demonstra Youtube Channel.

Thus, below are the final video edits pertinent to this month:

  • Editing the complete video of the Seminar into 4 sub-videos (Opening, Table I, Table II and Table III): 600 USD (150 USD for each video) | 186.33 N
  • Creation of the video Demonstra at Arquipélago Gallery Exhibition - 4 min. virtual tour of the 3D gallery: 300 USD | 93.16 N
  • Creation of a video “summary of the art residency Demonstra” 5 min: 300 USD | 93.16 N
  • Directing and producing the content together with the video editors: 300 USD | 93.16 N
  • Editing of the resident artists’ videos 50 USD | 15.52 N

SUB-TOTAL: 1.550 USD | 481.36 N

2. [Proposal] Diálogos Demonstra (Webinars) - June

Objective: implement a new communication network where it will be possible to disseminate audiovisual materials for research, actions, debates of ideas, collaborations and workshops related to the purpose of Demonstra. We will initially produce two public meetings in Webinar format between Isabel Portella with another guest in which they will discuss themes related to art, disability and technology. Videos resulting from these Webinar meetings will later be edited and saved to the Demonstra channel. All meetings will be accessible in sign language and with descriptive captions for people with audio-visual disabilities.

The first four editions of Diálogos Demonstra Dialogues were conducted by Daniel Moraes together with guests Vinicius Scheffer, Carlos Pastor, Isabel Portella, and Julia Morelli. Links: Mesa I

For the next editions we are calling the curator and art critic Isabel Portella to conduct the Demonstra Dialogues with her guests: Leila Scaf Rodrigues and Camila Alves.

Host: 250 USD | 77.63 N
Fee for guest speakers: 300 USD (2 guests x 150 USD each) | 93.16 N
Sign language translators and audio description for the 2 webinars: 250 USD | 77.63 N
Direction: 150 USD | 46.58 N
Production - 150 USD | 46.58 N
Video edition: 300 USD | 93.16 N
Recording: 150 USD | 46.58 N

SUB-TOTAL: 1.550 USD | 481.36 N

3. [Proposal] Bolsa de Criação Demonstra (BCD)

The proposal of the Bolsa de Criação Demonstra (BCD) is to have a periodic funding for the development of works, projects and/or researches by artists with disabilities in the arts. From the proposal forwarded by the artist with clear project objectives, strategic execution plan, cost spreadsheet and production schedule, Demonstra intends to finance part of the presented project that will provide resources for its execution and implementation.

The members who will be part of the conception and production of the BCD Program will be: Daniel Moraes (general direction), Rebecca Johnson (production), Yuli Anastassakis (co-production and communication). Among the tasks that are the responsibility of the members are: definition of the guidelines for the creation fellowship, research and selection of the artists who will be nominated for the creation fellowship, monitoring and evaluation of the work developed by the artists, dissemination in social media and institutional partners, and articulation of projects with the DAOS of the NEAR system.

The initial idea is that the BCD members pre-select artists based on the program’s objectives. One of the main selection criteria is to be a disabled artist with research and production in the field of contemporary visual arts. From an invitation letter forwarded by BCD members, the pre-selected artist, if he accepts the invitation, will forward a funding project with objectives, timing, budget, and delivery of completion. Once the shortlisted artist’s project has been approved by BCD Program members and the NEAR project approval board, the artist begins to develop their project.

The goal is to create a solid network of artistic incentive so that we can professionally and safely stimulate the work of artists with disabilities in the arts. The idea is that through BCD we can accompany the artist, enrich his repertoire, provide working resources, encourage and believe in his ideas, and help in the visibility of his production.

We have had the recent experience with the Demonstra Artistic Residency, which included the Demonstra Seminar and Exhibition. The result of this program was extremely positive with a profusion of very powerful and necessary artistic works for the discussion and visibility of their work. However, we feel the need for periodic funding to generate more opportunities for such artists in a more dynamic, practical, and assertive way. The difficult access to these artists, the lack of visibility of their work, the lack of appropriate incentive to their artistic research, the lack of opportunities that dignify their artistic careers are some of the factors that make us believe in the need for funding in the format that we are presenting to you.

Among the artists we think could integrate the first editions of the BCD Program are: Ângelo Custódio, Julia Ayerbe, João Paulo Racy, Fausto Candido, Marcos Abranches, Fábio Passos, and others. All artists with disabilities with work and research in the field of visual arts.

João Paulo Racy. Performance Emboço. 2022

Ângelo Custódio. Performance Aníkanos, 2015.

Marcos Abranches. Performance, Instituto Tomie Ohtake 2020.

Fábio Passos. Desenhos, 2022.

Work plan - June

General direction - Conception of the objectives and purposes of BCD | Formulation of guidelines for the selection of artists invited to participate in BCD | Curatorial research of artists who will integrate the first editions of BCD’s program | Articulation with the production team of the strategic planning of the implementation of BCD’s program: 500 USD | 155.27N

Production - Writing and graphic editing of documents containing pertinent information about the BCD program | Production of graphic material for communication and promotion of BCD with the invited artists | Creation of application forms for artistic projects | Biannual planning of pre-selected artists: 250 USD | 77.63 N

BCD Communication & Promotion - Contact and communication with the pre-selected artists | Dissemination of the BCD program with partner artistic entities and with Demonstra’s mailing list: 250 USD | 77.63 N

SUB-TOTAL: 1.000 USD | 310.55 N

TOTAL: 5.000 USD | 1.552,79 N


P.s: edit by @dani 13/06/2022
N= 3.22 N
Total received by NF0 1.552,79 N

Thanks you!!!

Last Months Reports:


Hello @creativesdao-council , we still haven’t received any feedback from you regarding our June proposal. We are available to clarify and talk more about our proposal.

Thanks very much for your attention!


Can you explain a bit more about the cost? Correct me if am wrong, doesn’t Creation Means Directing and Producing the Content?

Pls Attach the Link

250+300+150+150+300+150= 1300 can you correct the Total Amount?

what does production Means?

are these two the same Element?


Can you pls explain more about this?


Thanks @Monish016 for your attention with our project! It is always important to listen to them to improve our proposals.

I will try to answer in the most objective way possible. Remembering that if you have any suggestion to change our proposal, we will be open to reach a common consensus.

For us, these are different jobs that require different professionals. For the Creation of the videos we work with designers who perform the work that is being requested and we are working with the team of designers at Cudo DAO. And for the Direction and Production of the videos, the work required is the presentation of the briefing of what we want for the creation of the videos, the monitoring of the work that involves approval and adjustments to reach the result we want and the publication, once approved, of the even on our communication platforms.

Sorry I really forgot to insert the links, follow them below:




DIÁLOGOS DEMONSTRA 1: Vinicius Scheffer

In your sum of the total value, it was missing to insert the value of 250 USD referring to the work of the sign language interpreters 250+300+ 250 +150+150+300+150= 1550 USD total correct

The professional who makes the production of this work needs to be in communication with the entire team that compose these videos, which includes the host, the guests, the video recording team, the team of professionals who will do the sign language translation and the professionals who will editing the video to be included on our Youtube channel. The producer’s work is very important for the conduction, realization and agility of the videos.

No. Video Editon takes place after Recording. The Video Edition is done by the designers who receive the recorded video and do the editing, including opening vignettes, credits and necessary adjustments and corrections to the video. The Recording work is done by a streaming professional who tracks and records the content that is done via Zoom… Working with this professional guarantees the quality of the image and sound of the videos.

Mentoring/Admin work is a service in collaboration with @JulianaM that has helped us a lot to create and review our proposals and our reports. In addition, she helps us in matters related to communication and dialogue with other DAO platforms and updates us with information and guidance on the Near ecosystem. We are really grateful for her collaboration and patience with us.

I hope we have answered your questions clearly. If you have any further questions or suggestions that you would like to ask us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regardes,

Daniel and Demonstra DAO Team
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hey, @dani thank you for the wonderful proposal and for taking the time in answering my questions, we would like to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thanks a lot @Monish016 ! :boom: :heart: :boom:


@dani Nice project! Congratulations :sunflower: :butterfly:


Thank you! here is the astrodao poll:



Thanks a lot @Ghini !! :star_struck: