[REPORT] July Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

Project Name: DemonstraDAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @dani @RebeccaJ @JulianaM

Project Accounting: current account balance 519.35 NEAR


  • Payout pending related to:
    • Sign language translation and audio description

Updated Project Timeline:

As the July payout was not received until early August, the planned activities were suspended and are being resumed after the payout.

With the entrance of one more council member, @yuli07 comes to reinforce the production of the projects developed by DemonstraDAO (follow-up on the edition of Demonstra Dialogues, communication between DAO and the people who develop workshops, communication between DAO and the fellows of the Creation Fellowship, organization and scheduling of workshops and recordings), as well as cooperating in voting on Astro proposals and administrative issues of DAO.

These are projects that are ongoing:

1. NFTrópolis

We had the first NFT fair happening on July 25th. It was an important experience for Demonstra DAO to understand in practice how processes work and move Creative’s DAO ecosystem. Basic aspects such as acquiring NFTs, selling, choosing and curating them, among others, were put into practice in a collaborative way.

2. Seminar & Exhibition Demonstra

The Seminar videos are being edited with CUDO DAO. We will have 4 videos that will be on Demonstra’s Youtube channel and are the final version of the Seminar registration and promotional and summary videos with overviews of the Seminar and the Exhibition.

  • Video of the Seminar into 4 sub-videos (Opening, Table I, Table II and Table III)

  • Video Demonstra at Arquipélago Gallery Exhibition - virtual tour of the 3D gallery

  • Creation of a video “summary of the art residency Demonstra”

  • Catálogo da residência Demonstra

3. Diálogos Demonstra (Webinars)

Two new videos for Demonstra Dialogues. will be recorded with @isabelportella as host and guests, Leila Scaf Rodrigues and Camila Alves with themes related to art, disability and technology. Sign language translation is arranged to be done with @vinscheffer right after the main recording.

​​3. Bolsa de Criação Demonstra (BCD)

After defining guidelines for the functioning of Bolsa de Criação Demonstra, and with the artist @joaoracy, the project has been on hold waiting for payout.

4. Workshops

Two workshops are recorded and were on hold for the process of being edited and finalized.


  • The NFTropolis Fair took place and was important for Demonstra DAO to understand in practice some processes about dealing with NFTs. We devise some nice evolution for next editions. Collaborating with closely with other creative DAOs was rewarding as well.

  • Our telegram group had movement with relevant interactions among new and existing participants

  • A new Council member was added, @yuli07

  • We are adding members to the DAO, our most frequent collaborators

  • In social media, we continue to see engagement in the content focused on our purpose. With excellent quality graphic material and accessibility in communication.

  • We have voted to approve proposals from other DAOs and have the essential support of @JulianaM for technical issues and the functioning of the platform community.


  • Learned to pause projects while waiting on payouts, without letting them stop completely.

Next Steps:

  • Resuming projects that were suspended with agility and giving continuity to projects from the month of August.

Metric for success

Thanks to this proposal we’ll:

  • Create 9 new wallets
  • Onboarding 5 new persons for our community
  • We expect to increase our reach on our social networks, reaching new people and spreading the word about our projects
  • We expect got 500 views or more in our videos
  • Collab with 5 DAO’s
  • Next month we will create 3 new Nfts with guest artists and we intend to make this number grow expressively every month
  • We sell more than 7 NFT’s during the NFT Fair.

Thanks you!!!

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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very proud of all of this :dizzy: :sparkling_heart: let’s go