[REPORT] February Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

Project Name: DemonstraDAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @dani @RebeccaJ @JulianaM

Project Accounting: current account balance 18.9034N


Payout pending: 13.36N related to: Production of two webinars.

Updated Project Timeline:

• The Demonstra Gallery and store was set up on Mintbase: https://www.mintbase.io/store/demonstra.mintbase1.near
In order to implement this gallery we had @JulianaM s guidance for the technical understanding of the platform and definitions of what will be the first NFTs available in this introductory moment of our Gallery and the curatorial direction of @juliamorelli55sp . The first minted product was the virtual catalog Demonstra Open Call produced in January by @RebeccaJ and @dani .

• Webinars: due to changes in the registration process for receiving funding from February’s applications the webinars with guests Isabel Portella @isabelportella and Julia Morelli @juliamorelli55sp have not yet taken place. They are scheduled for the first week of March.

• The motion design for the opening of the webinar of the Canal Demonstra videos were created and produced by @lucterra from #creatives:cudo-dao

• The second motion design for the promotion of the artists of the residency on instagram is being created by @lucterra from #creatives:cudo-dao

• The video editing is being developed by @hevertonharieno , who has already delivered the first montage. @vinscheffer is in contact with sign language translation and audio description professionals to be incorporated into the videos.


• We at Council Demonstra DAO are very excited about the gallery and store in Mintbase with the creation of our first NFT. It will allow us to advertise and sell works linked to the artists, projects and supporters that are part of the Demonstra network.

• During the last weeks of February we had meetings with @frnvpr from 3XR to plan the creation of Demonstra’s custom gallery and we realize that this will be very important for the structuring of our DAO in VR.

• The progress of motion graphics work from @lucterra from #creatives:cudo-dao made us confident in achieving the planned result of Demontra’s Visual Identity improvement.


• In the month of February we had a higher demand for bureaucratic issues due to the new payment procedures with NEAR. It was important for us to learn more about the new processes on DAO requests and the commitment to the resulting responsibilities. Completing this new procedure took about two weeks in February. We had technical issues with posting the proposal and voting, which was not visible to other DAOs. The way we were able to resolve the issue was with a second posting of the request.

• We also realized that for the coming months we will have to better organize our delivery schedule with our collaborators, especially with the pre-production process of each proposal, since the vast majority of our collaborators are new NEAR users and demand a considerable amount of time for explanations about onboarding.

• In the post-production of the webinar videos we are having to better align our schedule with our suppliers (video editing + sign language translation) since we realized that the demands of video production have to match the schedules of more professionals and collaborators than we had predicted at first.

• During the last webinar recordings, we had some technical difficulties and came to the conclusion that the ideal is to partner with a person dedicated to video recording and configuration. We are looking for such a partner.

• As usual, we counted on the essential support of @JulianaM , our mentor and administrator, to guide and put into practice the basic actions of the platform, update on technical changes and regarding the community. We also voted on project approvals from other DAOs following the new processes implemented by the Creatives DAO.

Next Steps:

  • Completion of post-production (editing + sign language translation + publication + promotion) of the January videos that are pending finalization

  • February webinars scheduled for the first week of March

  • Finalization and application of motion design material for Improving visual identity on social media. Including vignette for the opening videos of the Demonstra channel and video about the selected artists for Instagram

  • Reorganize the pending items from the last months (January and February) so that they can be completed in March.

  • Planning and producing the Demonstra Seminar that will happen in April.

  • Planning of Demonstra Gallery actions with @juliamorelli55sp for the next NFTs that will be minted in March

  • Partner with a professional for recording, configuring and streaming webinar videos for ongoing and future projects

  • Planning of publications on Demonstra’s instagram. We will have a person dedicated to the maintenance of Demonstra’s social media. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/demonstra.pt/ . YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3lVmLRiBWhnq2dlIMAVsA . Website: https://demonstra.pt

Thank you!!

All are welcome to join us to talk about and see our projects.