[PROPOSAL] Sowing Seeds - Monthly Artistic Residency

Garden Collective’s main aim is to platform creativity and create a space for artists to grow and develop their work, which is why we are very excited to propose a monthly residency aimed at a variety of disciplines mutually growing alongside Garden Collective as it enters the NEAR ecosystem.

We will pick one artist per month to partake, and this artist will receive a bursary to create a series of artworks to be minted as NFTs via the Garden store.

We will begin by selecting applicants from our existing creative community in order to onboard creatives to the ecosystem/encourage newer members to partake in more creative projects in the ecosystem and collaborate with Garden Collective DAO. This will also provide a solid base to the project and proof of work for future applicants.


Create a “+New Topic” in the forum and include the following details:

Pick a theme and give a rough timeline/focus to the project
Give a brief introduction to themselves as creatives on this post
Provide near name, Artist CV, and any appropriate social media links

(This link can then be posted on this thread with the month of application.)

Create a series of NFTs. We would recommend a minimum of 4, but this will depend on the creative discipline, so we are keeping it relatively open.

The residency will be a “remote” project, for now, in that the funding will be aimed towards supporting the artist by allowing for the time spent directed towards the project, materials & space required. As the first few participants will be in our community, we can also provide in person support in Portugal, if needed.

Timeline: Month-long residency, beginning on the 7th of the month until the 7th of the following month, to allow time to secure the funding via the Creatives dao.

NFTs: to be ready for minting by the last day of the residency and minted by the middle of the following month.

Artist payout: $300 in NEAR

50% paid up front upon receiving our monthly funding from NEAR foundation, and 50% paid out once files have been minted.

As a rough guideline, we expect that this will allow for the artist to spend roughly 10 - 15 hours throughout the month to work on the series, and also include any materials/costs necessary in doing so.


Here´s my application to April´s residency:

Thanks a mil!


Wow that’s a good one, I love this initiative.

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here’s my application for May’s residency

Thank you!


Hey! My name is Bárbara de Sousa and i’ve been invited to creat a proposal for the next’s Garden Collective month residency.

It’s with curiosity and excitement that in the next few days I will submit my application.

Thank you so much for the opportunity

Much love

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I just finished the project proposed to the Sowing Seeds Artistic Residency.

“This time goes by slowly” is a series of six NFT’s that explores the textures and depths created in the real world and adapted to the digital world.

This afternoon I applied for the funding, did the mint and listed the pieces.

From my end I think that I can say the project is concluded.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to do the thing that I love the most.

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Thank you @desousa !

Just adding in here that aside from the NFTs that Bárbara minted via the mintbase store, we also created a 3XR gallery to display the works:

You can see each of the individual NFTs minted on the Garden mintbase store here:

#1 This Time Goes By Slowly
#2 This Time Goes By Slowly
#3 This Time Goes By Slowly
#4 This Time Goes By Slowly
#5 This Time Goes By Slowly
#6 This Time Goes By Slowly

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Here is my proposal for June

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Hello again

I have completed my residency for July and minted 3 short video pieces. These works are edited sections from the documentation of a live sculptural installation ‘The land of Milk and Honey’
Which deals with themes of myth, the body and the environment.

The pieces are titled

All three pieces are minted and listed on the Garden Collective store.

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With 4 successful monthly residencies completed, one more in the works and September’s edition lined up, we decided it was time to start highlighting the artists and the program on social media to show what has been accomplished so far. With that, came the idea to create a logo for a logo/brand to give the residency it’s own identity within the Garden família.



I’m Joe from Leeds, UK and I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in Lisbon, and a good friend of the Garden Community. After collaborations between Muti and Ouriço (which I am a part of), I am relatively familiar with the Near Ecosystem and platform. Here’s a brief summary about my view of my chosen area for this project proposal - photography - and why I have decided to apply.

When I take photos I aim to present the audience with an alternative and unique interpretation of otherwise familiar places - in an attempt to highlight unnoticed beauty and show a fresh point of view; one which is vibrant in colour and unorthodox in photographic composition.

For this project I would like to take a series of 7 photos that present the audience with a unique interpretation and fresh ‘gaze’ of central Lisbon - with the focus and theme being ‘pastel shades’. After spending 6 years in Lisbon and seeing the city in many different lights, both metaphorically and literally - I feel that this theme would give me the opportunity to present Lisbon from my personal point of view while also giving an opportunity to show the audience a different interpretation of already recognisable places and scenes.

Instagram link:

Near Wallet:

(Project proposal for month of September)


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Individual post for @jossup1 's proposal above:

Hello, I would like to propose a project, is it still possible for September or can I already think about October?

Hey @LulucaL ,
September is already filled but we would be happy see your proposal for October :slight_smile:

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Yes, tnx. Can you tell me where, how and when I should propose my idea? Please. :pray::innocent:

Omg, Sorry… I read the topic :woman_facepalming: my bad.

Count on me next :star_struck:

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