[REPORT] Garden Collective - June 2022

Project Name: Garden Collective DAO - May Report

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Our June funding request can be seen here:

Council members:



33.44 NEAR & 1090 DAI

Astrodao: garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near


As funding for the month of June took slightly longer than anticipated, we had a few delays with our overall funding round, but regardless, we continued on and had another productive month of onboarding and educating creatives to the NEAR ecosystem via creative experimentation. Alongside our monthly residency “Sowing Seeds”, we also had three completely new projects, one music related, another a physical art exhibition being transferred into an NFT series and our self-sustainability project.


The biggest learning for the DAO this month has been how effective a metaverse space can be for the type of artists we have been onboarding for our community this month. Having an actual space to contextualise the pieces allows for the artwork to breath and be understood a bit more than just being listed as an NFT, and we hope to develop this further through 3XR spaces and other metaverse spaces, such as collaborations with DAOs’ in their respective metaverse spaces. Second of all, we have started to brainstorm how our new space where we will hold gear and host some events can be more integrated with the DAO and the ecosystem.


* Sowing Seeds
Now in it’s 3rd month, Sowing Seeds is proving an incredible way for artists to get used to the ecosystem and experiment with NFTs. So far, we have had 3 Portuguese based artists, and next month will be our first Irish artist, who is also completely new to the space. The resident artist for the month of June was Bárbara de Sousa and you can see her report/update here. Tilly’s NFTs from the month of May have been minted on our mintbase store and you can see her update here.
You can see the NFTs that have been created for this in our mintbase store.
Alongside the NFTs, we have also began creating a 3XR space for each series:

Tilly’s NFTs have been delayed as the initial scans of the painting were not photographed well, but they are all finished and awaiting a second photoshoot. Once ready, we will be minting and then creating another 3XR space of the pieces.

* Art Exhibition & NFT series - Abia Karim
The art exhibition was a great success, all of the pieces have been digitised and are currently being prepped for minting via the Garden mintbase store, from which we will be making a 3XR gallery to properly display the artworks.

Projects in Progress:

  • Mixing & Mastering of ‘Sun Woke Me Back Home’ album by Dog Bless Us
    This project is running smoothly. There has been one completed (mixed and mastered) track. There are currently 3 tracks sent to FOGGY for mixing. These should be finished soon, and then sent to Francesco for mastering
    Nillynoon is finishing off the remaining tracks throughout this month.

  • Paulo Edson’s debut EP recording
    Still awaiting next steps on this project as we are figuring out a workaround with the artist.

  • Self-sustainability project
    Arguably the most exciting part of this month’s activities has been the fact that we, as a physical collective, have secured a studio room in an arts community nearby Lisbon to store our gear and set it up for workshops, rehearsals, live streams and community days. Our collaboration with “Ouriço” means we now have the space and equipment to invite people to live stream, learn about web3, be onboarded and in general allows us to create an infrastructure to support Creatives in whatever their mission may be. We have drawn down some of these funds to purchase gear so we can prep for our first event in the space, which you can find our more about here. We hope that this space can also serve as a mini onboarding hub and community to host creatives events and use these for web3 education also.


Paid out:

  • Council work
  • Final payment for ZirkusMond video, which is now released and videographer has been fully onboarded
  • ‘Sun Woke Me Back Home’ project now fully paid out
  • Sowing Seeds residency for June
  • Art Exhibition & NFT series - Abia Karim
  • First section of our self-sustainability project to acquire gear
  • Animation bounty winner

No payments are awaiting payout from the month of June.

Next Steps:

This topic has been discussed in our DAO inscription for this month.


Onboarded: 3
Niamhmcg.near (visual artist / sculptor)
Shrimpbandit.near (photographer)
Clickclackbum.near (photographer / dj)

Minters onboarded to the store (with tutorials on how to mint): 4

NFTs created this month:
31 individual artworks, with various editions of each, from 4 different artists.

3XR galleries created:

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