[REPORT] Garden Collective - July Report - 2022

Project Name: Garden Collective DAO - July Report

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Our July funding request can be seen here:

Council members:

9.2 NEAR & 3865 DAI

Astrodao: garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near


As with every other DAO, everything this month was delayed due to delay in funding round, but regardless we still had a productive month as we prepare for a quiet month in August.


  • Sowing Seeds:
    Niamh, our invited onboarded artist for the month of July, has completed her pieces and they are now minted on our mintbase store, we tried to create a 3XR space also, but unfortunately it requires a minimum of 4 NFTs. This residency resulted in 3 final pieces, so we are thinking of minting
  • Embroidery NFT project:
    @MariaF has bought materials, run some test runs and has begun creating the final patterns and pieces on track for the original timeline set. (Update from her to come in the forum)

  • Monthly Bounty
    We had a huge selection of really impressive entries to this month’s bounty, and after all council voted, we came to the decision on who the five winners would be, announced it, created the NFTs on mintbase and also a 3XR space specific to the bounty to display the work.
    3XR gallery:
    Garden Patterns - July Bounty series | CUSTOM 3XR

  • Our first livestream with the new equipment was quite successful, with about 40+ people tuning in on both twitch and in the muti NEARhub space. The livestream also acted as a small meetup in our new studio space just outside of Lisbon, to get to know the residents there, explain a bit about what Garden does and how DAOs, web3 and the NEAR ecosystem works.

  • NFTropolis (DAO collaboration NFT fair)
    This was the first month of the NFT fair, and alongside 55SP, Incubadora, muti, Demonstra, 3XR and Cudo DAO, a huge amount of artists were supported and bridges were built between the DAOs. On further discussion, we believe the project has some great potential and hope to continue it again this month and develop a brand identity for it as well as developing the organisation. This was a great experiment for all of our councils also on how the DAO can function outside of the usual transactions. You can view all of the NFTs we purchased in our astrodao, here. In total, we bought 16 NFTs from 5 different DAOs.

  • Self-sustainability projects
    So far, the DJ decks we bought were used in our first live stream, and we have since purchased a gopro to further this setup, which we will use this month to document a festival installation that we are creating. This month, we also rented gear & production services to Black Cat Cinema, for which we will be receiving the payment in NEAR, which is a great practical use case. We are awaiting conultation/further research for the initial defi investment.

  • Legal Wrapper with Otoco. This has been put on hold this month due to one of our council members having an urgent family matter to tend to, and we need to create a multisig wallet in order to create the legal entity as a collective rather than an individual. So, this will be a task for September.

  • Poetry event
    This event was a huge success and reached full capacity. We also had the participation of both @thefalmon for soundscapes and @tabear with an art exhibition at the event. The footage has been shot and will be edited in the coming weeks while we figure out the best way to release the performance using web3 tools. Possibily creating segments to mint as NFTs on our mintbase.
    The workshop run by @abiakarim had a max capacity of 6 participants and the final pieces are ready to be digitised and minted as an NFT series in our mintbase with a 3XR gallery (currently in progress).

Paid out

  • $175 50% of NFT embroidery project (the rest to be paid out on completion of the project)
  • All 5 bounty winners from the competition
  • $310 of self-sustainbility project for gopro setup
  • DJs from our first live stream paid out
  • Darkroom workshop paid out to Abia Karim for ourico event.
  • All council work

Yet to be paid out:

  • Videography from poetry event
  • Otoco (process put on hold - see above)
  • 40$ of NFT fair : we used existing funds to purchase the NFTs as the funds had not yet arrived, so we were limited by the amount of NEAR we had in the DAO. These funds will be used this month as a top up for the next edition of the fair.

This month was somewhat of a slow month, but regardless a productive one for the artists involved in our community.

One new artist fully onboarded, who will be taking part in our August Sowing Seeds
3 x artists given minting rights with a full workshop on how to use mintbase
1 x live stream event with 40+ viewers
1 x in person event with max capacity of 45 people IRL, plus workshop
11 new NFTs with several editions of each.

Thank you!