[REPORT] Garden Collective DAO - August Report - 2022

Project Name: Garden Collective DAO - July Report

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

11.4 NEAR & 4160 DAI

Astrodao: garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near


Garden Collective DAO spend two weeks of August working on a collaborative art installation at a music festival in Portugal, hence the simplified budget for the month we only received our funding for the month yesterday. Having said this, we anticipated the delay and with a simplified budget we were well prepared for it.


  • Otoco - LLC
    We are awaiting for the return of @senhorsantos for all council members to be in the same place and create a multi-sig wallet for LLC creation

  • States of Matter NFT series
    The series has been completed and all pieces minted in our mintbase store as well as a 3XR gallery created from it.
    States of Matter - Collection | CUSTOM 3XR

  • Use Case / Self Sustainability:
    We were very happy to be asked recently by Black Cat Cinema DAO to provide audio production support for their event. Garden Collective provided Soundsystem, backline, audio engineering and production support. All of these services were paid via NEAR as a use case for self-sustainability and DAO collaboration outside of funding proposals. Hoping to partner up with this DAO and others again soon and continue these practical use cases.

  • Onboarded:
    Eggon.near - videographer and blender artist

  • NFTs created
    25 individual NFTs (with several editions of each) from 3 different artists
    2 new minters added to our store (clickclackbum.near & niamhmcg.near)

Awaiting payout:

  • Sowing Seeds August (to be paid on completion)
  • NFT cross-stictching project - awaiting completion
  • Self-sustainability purchases: awaiting availability on some stock
  • Poetry Event - video (workshop has been paid out - awaiting video edits)
  • $50 DAI towards a brand identity for NFTropolis
  • Otoco Legal Wrapper
  • Council work for August (to be used to cover additional costs from Art Installation project)

Next Steps:

  • Sowing Seeds so far has been a huge success and we are looking to extend it out to more artists across different creative practices, which may see a second slot open for the month of October as we are in talks with various creatives.

  • The month of August was far more of a practical, hands on month rather than a web3 month, and with NEARcon coming up, we’re happy to get going again developing the DAO and building our community as well as meeting some of the other DAOs and council members in real life.

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