[REPORT] Garden Collective DAO - September Report

Project Name: Garden Collective DAO - September Report

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

Astrodao: garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $2838.50

Balance: 11.4 NEAR & 3896 DAI


As we received the funding for September at the start of October, things moved somewhat slowly through the month, but regardless we’ve had a successful month of building the DAO. We had one council member attend NEARCON, collaborated on an event as an afterparty for NEARCON with 200+ attendees, continued with our usual monthly projects (residency, NFTropolis etc.) and continued planning future events and collaborations during the funding pause.

  • Sowing Seeds
    Our September resident Joe, has been added as a minter to our store and given a full tutorial on how to mint the NFTs, which he has completed and been paid out. See our mintbase store here. and the 3XR space created here.
    August’s resident Saray has her images completed, but due to some editing issues and timings of holidays we are still waiting to get them minted (scheduled for next week). All other Sowing Seeds matters are up to date. Both of the artists mentioned above have yet to be paid out, and will be upon completion of their respective NFT series. The residency is on pause this month in accordance with the Creatives DAO funding pause, and to give us a moment to finalise the above two residencies.

  • NFTropolis
    Now in it’s third month, it has gotten a full rebrand created by Sam of Incubadora. Talks have begun with Gorilla shops also to begin a partnership for the project. Check the link to see all updates from the various DAOs.
    See all of the NFTs purchased via our DAO here:
    Each month +/- 200 in NEAR has been used to purchase NFTs from other DAOs and 50 was kept for the advancement of the project. Two of these months were used to pay for the rebrand, and 50 DAI is still in our treasury for future instances.

  • Album Ideation Residency (NFT series) Martin & Mariana have completed their residency and put together the basis of an entire album. The NFT series has been created and we are just awaiting a price on it in the store, then it will be paid out. See the post for full updates from @lartellito.

  • Paulo Edson’s Debut EP recording
    Funds are still in our DAO as we await dates and details for the conclusion of the project.

  • DAOHAUS - event @ NEARCON
    The event was a great success, with a showcase of local talent, premiere of the KinDAO’s “METAOPOLY”, and international acts. The event acted as a meeting point for many of the DAOs based in Lisbon, the visiting DAOs and many locals who had not previously been exposed to web3 events. We had a total of 243 attendees other than artists & organisers and CUDO DAO have created a lovely video documentation of the event. Our part of the funds were used to pay local live act duo “FOGGY” for their participation in the event.

  • Analog Photo NFT Series - OuluJournal
    Currently in progress as per the dates outlined in the project proposal

  • Council Work
    As per our usual monthly division, 15% will be kept in the DAO as a buffer for future artistic projects & self-sustainability.

  • Self-sustainability
    We have ordered new gear for the DAO, begun event planning and reaching out to collectives about our rental options. We are also in the process of planning some upcoming livestreams.

  • Otoco :- each council member has created their metamask wallets and deposited the necessary funds to their respective wallets, the next step is setting up on Gnosis safe and creating the LLC.

    Aside from our involvement in the organisation of DAOHAUS as an afterparty, our own council member Ted.IV attended NEARCON as a representative of the DAO and Creatives DAO.

With the announcement of the pause of Creatives DAO and ecosystem funding for restructuring, we are using this time to refocus and get up to date on all DAO matters. Now that we have 3 of the 4 members of our DAO council based in Lisbon once again (as of this month), this has also become easier to organise in terms of availability and timing.

Thank you!