[APPROVED] Black Cat Cinema Dao August budget

Black Cat Cinema DAO July budget

DAO: Black Cat Cinema DAO
Previous Budget: July budget
Previous report: July report
Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.
Current Balance
Project/Council Members: @dan_E, @TJ89,@mayamor

Projects to be funded:

August open-air cinema at Arroz Estudios

1,710 USD

Ongoing project until October 2022. New proposals to be created for coming months.

New shows and expanding audience reach. Vol II.:
840 USD
Ongoing project until October 2022. New proposals to be created for the coming months.

Sustainability Remainder from Estufada Artistica for mixer and cables instalment
313 USD

Introduction Animation:

Physical display of artwork from NEAR Community, and NFT sale:

Metaverse streaming:
350 USD

Metrics for success

  • 10 wallets created. Creation during collaborations with artists, such as photographer, actors, filmmakers, and musicians for pre-event shows.

  • Audience through the door at Arroz
    02/08: Sold out - 100
    09/08: Sold out - 100
    16/08: Sold out - 115 with new additional seating
    23/08: Sold out - 115 with new additional seating
    30/08: Sold out - 115 with new additional seating

  • Driving traffic to Arroz Estúdios: 400 new members at the association. With the expanded capacity, we are on course to finally hit this target!

  • Poster artwork displayed with NEAR name and information at physical cinema events. Announced on Instagram quoting NEAR, NEAR Foundation, and NFT artwork to 5500 followers.

  • NEAR name and brand exposed on-screen to 300 people in Santos.

  • Metaverse: Digital representation of Black Cat shows on the metaverse on 28 & 30th August. Hosted by Muti’s Nearhub.

Council matters: Monthly budget, report, voting. 400 USD

Total: 3830 USD (not including 313 sustainability which was already paid out for Estufada Artistica)

Target: blackcatcinema.near / KYC through @dan_E

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

As mentioned, July budget has timed out twice on Creatives Astro DAO (1, 2). Payments have been delayed but some planned projects, such as musician performances have had to be postponed until later dates. Lastly though, thank you again to the community for your continued support and guidance in all its forms.


Hello @Dan_E. I suppose you are still finishing this proposal. Am I right?

Let me know so I can start sharing my point of view to try to help you improve the proposal if necessary =)

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Hi @hevertonharieno Yes that’s correct. The draft was posted, but the deadline is now the 15th? If that’s right. So taken a bit more to get it all up and online. Will update as soon as possible.

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Yes, yes, this month we will be receiving new proposals until August 15. Take your time and let me know when you are ready.

Hi @Dan_E, please finish your proposal before 15th and tag us upon completion. For now, the report link still point to June report (If I am right, this is the report for July, isn’t it?)

Hi @williamx. Apologies, forgot to tag you before! All questions welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @hevertonharieno. If you have any thoughts on improvements, it would be great to hear them! :slight_smile: Many thanks

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Hello, team!

Your Creatives Moderators are delighted to support BeatDAO and are grateful for your commitment and extraordinary amount of care in keeping it a vital and active force within NEAR and the Creatives DAO.

Here are some highlights of your proposal for transparency:

  • Proposal follows the guidelines
  • Proposal is well-organize and easy to understand
  • Asked amount for each initiative are adequate and justified
  • Success metrics are well-established

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord server to post your monthly reports and funding proposals for better organization.

Looking forward to your report :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi @kc_sollano, @hevertonharieno and @creativesdao-council . We submitted the funding request form linked here over a week ago, but haven’t heard anything back. Do you have any insight into if there are any delays on that side? Many thanks!

Hi @Dan_E, if you have submitted the form, rest assured that the information has been acknowledged and the payout team is handling the requests in order. Kindly wait for the following emails. Thank you very much for your patience!

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Ok thanks for the heads up. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something that had changed or some other reason that we weren’t aware of.

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Hi @creativesdao-council Just to give an ongoing update with a view to our goals for August. The funds still haven’t arrived, although we’re expecting it to be any day now (thanks, @williamx) It was more of a heads up to everyone that we’re 100% committed to our goals, but have of course had to push some things back that we were hoping to have ready for this month’s report.