NEAR EVENTS! Where should we play?

Hello hello NEARverse :blush:

By way of quick introduction, I recently joined NEAR to lead Experiences and Events. Very happy to be here and connect with all members of the Community! Iโ€™m in awe of the people building and collaborating. Prior to NEAR, I led Experiences and Events for ConsenSys (2.5 years) and Samsung NEXT (5 years).

I am currently mapping out the 2021 Events Strategy + Plan and would like to invite you all to help inform where NEAR participates this year :rocket:

Ideas to post below:
:100: Events where NEAR should have a strong presence (eg. sponsor, virtual/physical presence [booth], deliver an experience [eg. SputnikDAO]
:boom: Events where NEAR should speak
:dizzy: Events youโ€™d like to see NEAR organize [eg. Town Halls, Ready Layer One, Hackathons, Partner AMAs, Webinars, Workshops]

Also open to specific themes youโ€™d like to see this year (e.g. NFTs, DAOs, Community Enabling Technologies, Open Finance, Scalability + Interoperability, etc.) :hugs:

Some that are top of mind for me are:

:100: ETHParis/ETHCC, Web3 Summit, Consensus (Foundations track), Grace Hopper (Women in STEM track), Art Basel
:boom: H3LL0 Decentralization (FYI Peter and Matt are on the lineup :smile: if you want to join, itโ€™s a free event), Crypto Valley Content, Crypto Chicks
:dizzy: More Town Halls so we can connect more with YOU, AMAs and Partner events (eg. Flux, Figment, etc.), Technical Workshops to help onboard interested devs bc NEAR is great and has so much to offer!

FYI our next Town Hall is next Tuesday 3/2 at 7am PST | 4pm CET. Use this LINK to register with Password: NEAR2021
Join us and hear the latest on all things NEAR Marketing and Brand! :heartbeat:

Excited to share and hear what everyone is thinking!! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: