NEAR Community Update: March 11, 2021

Hi NEAR people!

This forum post includes links to recent updates from around the NEAR ecosystem.

Highlight: NEAR Token Standard Discussions

Fungible Token Standard (NEP-141) Finalized

Open-Source Demo App: Social Token Launcher

Making Progress on the Non-Fungible Token Standard


This past week involved much excitement, as Mintbase launched on TestNet and Flux launched on MainNet! Also, we are looking forward to April events, including OWC Demo Day, Open Web Community Summit, and our governance challenge / hackathon.

For additional info, please refer to my previous community update:

Recently, our Analytics team began posting weekly updates from the perspective of NEAR Collective, and we hope others in the community give additional insights.

We also provide reports on community metrics:

You can view a list of posts tagged as “weekly updates” here.

NEAR Collective Updates



Community Squad

Open Sourcerers

Berry Pickers

Rainbow Bridge


Recent Blog Posts and Videos

Open Web Collective

OWC Batch 2 Demo Day



Open Web Community Summit


Open Web Labs Incubator

NEAR Certified Developer Program

Update on 1st NCD Cohort

Guild Updates

Below are highlights from particularly active communities in our ecosystem. For a more comprehensive look at NEAR Guilds, check out posts tagged as “guild-report” here.


Also, CODAME organized a Clubhouse meeting about NFT Communities + Creators, and Riqi of shared this awesome Figment Learn tutorial for building an NFT marketplace.


Open Sourcery

Berry Club

Vital Point

Open Shards Alliance

Regional Guilds

NEAR India

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NEAR Phillippines

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NEAR Russia

Swagger DAO

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Community Participation

Please don’t hesitate to give updates on what you’re doing, as it relates to the NEAR ecosystem. Ask questions. Tell us about ideas or specific projects and goals. Share thoughts and feelings. Your feedback is much appreciated!