[Event Report] NEAR Meet: Global Webinar

Hello NEARverse :wave:

Glad to report for the event we had so much fun organizing and listening to all your stories, here goes the report:


We wanted to introduce NEAR Meets to the larger NEAR community and help them get started with their ambitious, extraordinary, crazy, and beautiful ideas, and answer questions about how we can support them.


Dev Guild hosted this NEAR Global Day meetup on 19th December 2021. We invited NEAR contributors from the community to speak about programs and share their experience working with the NEAR community. Aimed at being a more conversational and open experience like we would expect the NEAR meets to be, we wanted to give a window on how they can get started with hosting their Meets worldwide, cater to their queries, and empower them to plan their own. At the same time, give a formal introduction of the Dev Guild and how they can approach us in making their lives easier with such events, Meets programs, and new projects. Here is the Agenda:

Time (EST) Topic Speaker
1700 Introduction Pranshu and Pratik
1720 NEARmeets James
1735 How to get involved in NEAR and how to Deliver a project with Guild Harshit
1800 Hosting events in IRL Mazi
1815 Dev Guild and Plans for 2022 Pranshu and Pratik
1830 Wrap Up Pranshu and Pratik

Thank you to the lovely people who could join and share their experiences.

How it Went

We had over 25 attendees on average, and with the discussions within the community - we onboarded two more NEAR Meet chapters right there on the spot. We learned about the Multi-DAO experiment by James and how we are planning to make that happen. Other than that, we explored how an individual or a Guild can start and deliver their project in the NEAR community. The event’s conversational manner helped us learn more about experiences from outstanding contributors like Cryptombs, who shared their insights on the San Diego crypto landscape and gave us their thumbs up on how NEAR Meets can help the community scale faster and better. :rocket:

Thanks a ton to @chronear, @jlwaugh, @grace and @Mazi - we are incredibly grateful for your support, looking forward to more such projects, programs, and events. Unfortunately, we couldn’t record the event this time due to technical issues. DevGuild is looking forward to hosting this meetup every month to help NEAR Meets organizers.

Until next time, see you around! :heart_decoration:


Thoroughly enjoyed the Global Webinar, @pransh thank you for leading this initiative. Looking forward to participating in more of these and discussing ideas to scale together with yourself and @theChosenOne Happy New Year!


Thank you so much for speaking at the event, @chronear. Looking forward to more collabs, projects, and Meets in 2022! :wink: :tada:


Thanks a ton, @chronear for joining us as a speaker and we’ll be coming up with more initiatives in 2022 to scale up the NEAR ecosystem.