What's happening in the NEAR Ecosystem?! - June 2 update

:wave: Hey all, happy Friday and hope you had a great week! Ending the week with another overview on what’s happening in the NEAR Ecosystem, what’s being built on NEAR, community events, and any other interesting things around the community/ecosystem!

:man_technologist: Project updates/spotlights:

  • Gatenox web3 KYC platform has completed their integration with NEAR, and are keen to work with projects/teams on NEAR for their KYC needs!
  • HealthGO is a digital healthcare platform in Africa, providing teletherapy, consultations with medical professionals, and online pharmacy services via a user-friendly mobile app. Additionally, it serves as an educational tool, offering dynamic health education to enhance public health knowledge.
  • Rogues Studio is running a campaign focused on bridging their NEAR & Polygon communities!
    • Rogues Studio also developed a NEAR Unity API that makes it easier than ever to integrate games with the NEAR Blockchain!
  • RealityChain launched a browser extension so you can explore multichain worlds, fight monsters, and build in a 2D Metaverse while scrolling Twitter!
  • Bodega Marketplace, an innovative project by Cafe Cartel, is a pioneering traits-based NFT marketplace that enables Gen 2 holders to buy, sell, and swap unique NFT traits, allowing users to personalize their digital identities. It also introduces Bodega Launchpad, an exceptional platform that empowers creators to launch their own swappable traits NFT project, either directly on the marketplace or with a customized frontend solution.

:earth_africa: NEAR Eco/Community:

  • NEAR Games Community transformed into NEAR Gaming DAO - a decentralized initiative under @neardc! Big changes in gaming on NEAR are coming, stay tuned! If you’re a game dev or founder, or just a web3 gamer, definitely get involved!
  • The NEAR Digital Collective just launched I-AM-HUMAN V1! NEAR Communities are invited to a competition to hand out voting ballots by onboarding their members to I-AM-HUMAN, preparing for the upcoming NDC Elections! A registration at IaH is your voting ballot for governance on NEAR. It safeguards the 1 person, 1 vote principle by ensuring that every community member only votes with one account.
  • NDC vertical work group charters are making progress! Review the charters here, and be sure to get involved in the verticals you’re building in or passionate about - HERE!

:desktop_computer: BOS Highlights:

:spiral_calendar: Events:

  • Last Friday Lady of Crypto and Oleg, founder of Sweat Economy, hopped on a Twitter Spaces hosted on the NEARProtocol Twitter to unpack the Sweat platform, exciting updates and initiatives, advice for founders building in this fast paced environment, and more! Definitely make sure to catch the recap here!
  • Yesterday there was an exciting Twitter Spaces with Kalder and the NEAR Foundation BD team unpacking Kalders brand engagement and loyalty platform and how they’re leveraging BOS and NEAR’s tech!
  • The NEAR Foundation community team hosted an AMA with Enter The Sphere where they unpacked what is in the pipeline for Enter the Sphere, and the tokenomics that will drive web3 social games on NEAR. Definitely check out the recap here if you didn’t tune in!
  • NEARHacks is hosting a Twitter Spaces today - Friday June 2 - on the ins & outs of their BOS Bootcamp!
  • NEAR Korea DAO is hosting a NEAR community meetup on June 10 where you can learn about FastAuth & BOS with hands-on sessions, networking, and a chance to win $400 in prizes!
  • If you are planning on attending Collision in Toronto this year, the NEAR Horizon team is planning another networking and pitch event in Toronto during Collision on June 27 from 6pm-9pm!
    • You can apply to pitch directly here, but be quick! The planned application close date is June 7th.
    • Just want to come and network with the team and other projects? That’s cool too! RSVP here!
    • Also, make sure to join the NEAR @ Collision 2023 Telegram group!

:eyes: Interesting threads:

  • Recap thread of a recent Twitter Spaces around exciting projects and updates in the DeFi vertical on NEAR.
  • Avichal of Electric Capital compares BOS to Stripe API sandbox in early days.
  • Downsides to FastAuth - what if someone hacks your email, etc? Illia’s response.
  • Watch as Luis from the Mintbase team explores how a ChatGPT plugin can enable inspection of ANY NFT data seamlessly.
  • House of Chimera published an in depth Twitter thread on “What is NEAR Protocol”.