NEAR Community Update: April 5, 2021

Greetings, humans of NEAR! :space_invader:

This forum post includes links to recent updates from around the NEAR ecosystem.


Rainbow Bridge Live on Mainnet!

ERC-20 connector for eNEAR:


Updated NFT Standard: NEP-171

Metadata Standard: NEP-177
Enumeration Standard: NEP-181
Approval Management Standard: NEP-178

Ecosystem Analytics

Community Metrics

Weekly Updates from NEAR Collective Teams

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Engineering Teams

Project Aurora: Bridge + EVM Teams

Rainbow Bridge Working Group

EVM Working Group

NEAR Certified Developers Program

Marketing Team

DevRel Team / Open Sourcerers

Community Squad

Community Contributions


New Forum Category

Bounty DAOs!

4NTS Open Web Sandbox

Details: Sandbox Part 2: Rolling Rewards, Proposals, and Time Bonuses

FAQs: Open Web Sandbox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Swagger DAO

Monthly Guild Reports

NEAR China Guild

Berry Club Chinese Guild

WeNear Chinese Guild

Report from Wenxuan Yu

Report from WeChat Management Team

NPK Guild

NEAR Arabia

NEAR Philippines

Cypherpunk Guild

Community Fund Proposals


Octopus Network Partnership and Seed Funding

NEAR Academy Launched!

Berry Cards

NEAR Partners with Mask Network

NEAR Blockchain is Climate Neutral

Upcoming Events

Open Web Collective Demo Day | April 12-14

Collision Conference | April 20-22

Open Web Community Conference + Hackathon | May 14 - June 6

Open Web Governance Challenge | May 14 - May 23

Consensus | May 24 - 27

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Community Participation

Please don’t hesitate to give updates on what you’re doing, as it relates to the NEAR ecosystem. Ask questions. Tell us about ideas or specific projects and goals. Share thoughts and feelings. Your feedback is much appreciated!