Overview of upcoming events & project opportunities!

Gm Gm all! Hope you’re all well!

I’ve put out various posts and comms recently around upcoming events Near will be involved in, and wanted to aggregate them into one post:

:earth_americas: Where Near will be in the next few weeks (If you’re around, make sure to say hello!):

:computer: NEAR community: attend hack.summit() for free! (Virtual Event)

:us: Consensus If you are planning on attending, please review!!

:coin: There are also some Pitch Days coming up (One in SF, and possibly one in Austin in line with Consensus). I would definitely suggest submitting your interest in pitch days in this form as even if you’re not able to make the upcoming ones, Near team will reach out to you for any that are also organised in the future :slightly_smiling_face:
Note: It’s a general form to gather interest and is not bound to any particular date of the pitch fest. The goal is to use the data collected to reach projects and plan other pitch competitions.

:canada: Also, if you are planning on attending Collision in Toronto (June 26-29) Please let me know, as Near will have a decent presence there and planning around ways for projects to get involved!


Also, :large_blue_circle: NEAR HOUSE at Consensus 2023 by SUPERMOON, APR 24-29 :large_blue_circle:

Supermoon is hosting the #NearHouse #Consensus2023 that will take place from April 24-29 providing accommodations for selected 15-18 builders from the NEAR community.

This exclusive gathering is designed to bring together #NEAR builders who are passionate about driving innovation and collaboration in the space.

By staying at the Near House, you’ll have the unique opportunity to:
:handshake: Network with other #NEAR builders
:bulb: Share insights and ideas with like-minded individuals
:rocket: Showcase your projects and learn from others
:mortar_board: Participate in discussions and hack with other fellow builders

If you’re an enthusiastic #NEARProtocol builder, we invite you to apply for one of the 15-18 coveted spots available, which include accommodation, breakfast, and curated Consensus agenda. Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to connect with fellow builders and expand your knowledge!

:memo: Visit supermooncamp .com to apply to stay

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Thank you for dropping that here also Elena!

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Hey @MarcusNEAR Marcus!

TENAMINT is going to be at Collision (we’re presently based out of Toronto) and we’d love to connect to discuss how we can collaborate with NEAR at the event. We’re thrilled to hear that near will have a presence.

Our TGs for your convenience:

@MarcusOrllyus - Nadir
@SalShuttlesworth -Sal


Awesome to hear! Will ensure to communicate any initiatives Near is planning around Collision as they become more defined, and there will also be comms around it posted in the forum as the event nears. NF is planning to do a pitch event around Collision, so if you haven’t already I would recommend submitting your interest for pitch events into the general interest intake form for follow up :slight_smile: