[REPORT] Trove Labs - NEAR Community Ambassadors at NEARCON (Sept 11-14th)

Greetings from Trove Labs!

original proposal

We would like to thank everyone on the marketing council for giving us the opportunity to attend NEARCON as ambassadors to NEAR Protocol and the NEAR Community! We had an amazing time in Lisbon and were able to meet with so many amazing project teams, founders, & NEAR community members!

Despite the initial weather, NEARCON 2022 was a success. We were able to witness most of the speakers firsthand and be on the ground floor for NEAR protocol,alpha, insights and breaking news!

Marketing Activity:

During NEARCON, we were able to host twitter spaces event each day to recap the events taking place at the conference and discuss what the new announcements and innovations would mean for NEAR with our audience.

Sep 12th - NEAR @ NIGHT - NEARCON SPECIAL 103 viewers:

Sep 13th - NEAR @ NIGHT - NEARCON SPECIAL 78 viewers:

Sep 14th - Play Ember β€œIs NEAR the future for mobile GameFi? 29 viewers: https://twitter.com/play_ember/status/1570009838641631232

Marketing Improvement:
We believe we achieved what we set out to do in the marketing proposal, and will continue to work on ways to increase our audience and engagement for our twitter spaces with trove labs.

We were able to meet with multiple projects and attend multiple speaking events while simultaneously hosting spaces throughout the week. While the viewers dropped off slightly for our spaces as the week drove on, towards the end, we attribute this to conference fatigue and time zone differences. We believe that we were successful in covering NEARCON 22’ and marketing during the event to our viewers.

Starting a week after NEARCON, we will host a spaces featuring guest speakers from the following projects and focus on how their projects impacts the NEAR ecosystem:

CyCloClan 9/20 - https://twitter.com/dleer_defi/status/1572400502113185792?s=20&t=wyFjXWx4ios_99ltZpR3nQ

Metamon 9/21 - https://twitter.com/metamonapp

IC4 09/28 - https://twitter.com/NEAR_at_NIGHT/status/1572693510985490432?s=20&t=eB4TvQgsoTfsIWbnTkpBBA

Atrium 09/27 - https://twitter.com/NEAR_at_NIGHT/status/1573016831421710337?s=20&t=5lp_ufPMANNfbYejw2rB9Q

Trade Port TBA - 10/11 - https://twitter.com/NEAR_at_NIGHT/status/1573383913585938432?s=20&t=5lp_ufPMANNfbYejw2rB9Q

Real Birds TBA - https://twitter.com/RealBirdsGOV

NEARVERSE Labs TBA - https://twitter.com/NEARverseLabs

We will update the above list until we reach our proposed goal of 6-10 spaces sessions with different teams from the NEAR community.

We are eager to hear any feedback and suggestions from the Marketing DAO council. Thank you again!


Trove Labs Team


Glad that you were able to attend NEARCon! Its a must to have such a team of builders and prominent community members like you in the ecosystem. Thanks for the report and lets keep building!

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