[Introduction] NEAR Concierge Initiative

Introducing the NEAR Concierge Initiative @ConciergeTeam


  • Increased Quality of the Community Contribution to the Ecosystem while strengthening the Human connection.

  • Improved onboarding process by being easily accessible for all users who come across the NEAR community channels. We do this by providing 24/7 warm welcome, community support and more advanced services via dedicated operations teams.

  • Provide the best community support & smooth onboarding experience in crypto space!


  • Community Growth
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Support
  • Project Support
  • Guilds Support
  • Smoother Onboarding Pathways
  • Building the foundations for more advanced Community Team Operations

Recruitment Process:


1- Applicants: Where did we getting applicants?

  • Referrals
  • Previous DeGens and DeGen applicants
  • Previous participants of NEAR Hackathons
  • Marketing Activation on Social Media

2- Interested applicants fill up the application form (is open to everyone and announced on our social channels): Join the Community Concierge Initiative!

3- Initially shortlisted applicants are invited to set up a call with an available member of the NEAR Community Team.

4- Those who pass the interview will be asked to fill up a theoretical test task to further gauge their skills and thought process as a moderator.

5- A batch of applicants will be provided a schedule for a 1 week immersion.

6- Applicants will undergo their final evaluation. Feedback will be requested from their fellow moderators, applicants, and members of the NEAR Community Team

During these stages, important skills such as general blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge, communication skills, NEAR Protocol, and overall ecosystem awareness, familiarity with ecosystem applications are evaluated.

After the immersion week, these evaluations, applicants practice of adapting to teamwork, and feedback from current team members are blended before the final evaluation is made.

In your First Month as part of the NEAR Community Concierge Team, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Weekly Channel Reporting
  • Roles within each channel (Channel Moderators vs Engagers)
  • Working with Ops Teams (see regular syncs)
  • Rewarding active members of the community

Month 2 and Beyond

  • Wiki Contributions
  • Round Robin Calendly + Telegram/Discord voice calls available 24/7
  • Running their own Marketing/Growth/Engagement initiatives
  • Being a community channel owner or mentor
  • Onboarding Guild Leaders/Project Builders
  • Starting their own Guilds
  • Onboarding community members to eventually build on NEAR
  • Assigned as dedicated moderators on social channels and given different tasks on Operations Sub teams.

Items we’re reporting on:

  • NEAR Official Channels
  • Guilds and Projects’ Community Growth and Engagement
  • Moderator Performance
  • Moderator Schedules (with designated channels)
  • Daily check-ins
  • Weekly Syncs for each Social Channel (tg,dc, reddit) and Operations*

Community Concierge Sub Teams

  • Channel Ops
  • Guild Ops
  • Project Ops
  • Gen Ops

Channel Ops

  • Organizing and Executing initiatives to improve channel* growth + engagement (Channel events; marketing campaigns, quizzes, community engagement events, AMA’s etc.) (see an example report here)
    *Telegram, Discord, Reddit and Forum
  • Organizing weekly Mod schedule, make sure we monitor and provide 24/7 support on all channels arrange weekly day offs
  • Maintenance and improvement of assigned channels (i.e. implementing bots)
  • Reporting on main channels
  • Mentoring future moderators on their channel
  • Delivering seamless onboarding experience to all community members:
    • Token Holders/Ecosystem Users
    • Validators
    • Marketers, Growth Hackers, & Community Builders
    • Project Developers
    • Creatives
    • Regional/Language Based support/Community seekers.

Make sure everyone can easily find their own role in Near by directing them to directly to the source (the dApp, community channel, the Governance forum) or to Responsible Operations Teams (Project Ops, Guild Ops, etc.)

  • Collecting and reporting community/user feedback for further improvements.

Project Ops

  • Contributes to project community growth
  • Unofficial project moderation
  • Aware of general project information and plans
  • Sharing project news / updates to main NEAR channels (Swarming)
  • Get acquainted with project stakeholders
  • Introduce dApp users to the wider NEAR Ecosystem
  • Assists with the Github repository
  • Keep in touch with Ecosystem Success team

Guild Ops

  • Work with Guild SMM + Guild Leader
  • Help Redirect community members from main channels to guild’s channels
  • Help monitor and engage in the middleware guilds
  • Makes sure Guilds are interactive, informed, and active in the ecosystem (Swarming)
  • Aware of general guild information and plans
  • Contributes to Guild Community Growth
  • Assists with the Github repository
  • Assist with Guild Dashboard

Gen Ops

  • In charge of schedules and daily shifts, daily check ins
    keeping record of all.
    • Task Management
    • Time Tracking
    • Team Documentation and Training Materials
    • Reporting
  • Refining processes
  • Maintains culture/voice
  • Keeps/improves internal FAQ sheet + corresponding Wiki pages up to date
  • Reports on Moderator performance in the governance forum
  • Assists in onboarding new moderators
  • Arrange Regular Webinars hosted by NEAR Core

Ops Teams Breakdown & Regular (Weekly) Syncs


l aforementioned syncs will include **Assigned People from Concierge + JC
Channel Ops Sync @ Raptor @ benz @ bailey @ vikash @ rahul @ ayo @ george @ dallas @ stan @ Erika @Raptor
Project Ops Sync @ Kemal @ Fritz @ larry @ hai @ Erika @ Raptor
Guild Ops Sync @ jiten @ jloc @ simeon @ fritz @ Erika @ Raptor
Gen Ops Sync @ stan @ mukul @ Erika @ Raptor
Concierge Weekly Sync @ ConciergeTeam (everyone)

Community Growth Targets & More:

Reach 1M+ high quality organic community members by end of year

  • We may only be recording the number of members or followers here, but we will to continue report on engagement, retention, active users, and the quality of onboarding through weekly/monthly reports in detail for each Ops/Channel

  • Our role is to continue running campaigns within the community channels, targeting both healthy growth and Engagement. This will be done in collaboration with NF Community, Marketing

  • Bringing and discussing creative growth hacking strategies and executing them on our channels.

  • Drafting needed budget, headcount, information and other forms of support from NF

Other than weekly Syncs Schedule 1:1 with JC all other team Leads and members with each other when necessary
Finalize formats for Ops syncs and regular reporting to the Community category on the forum
Use ConnecTeam
Making the Concierge Ops sub teams more operational and organized.

Thank you for taking the time, reading and supporting us.
For more information and opportunities to work with the team, please reach out to @jcatnear on Discord: JC#5422.


On behalf of the Concierge team and Near Community, I would like to thank all the people who pioneered and continued this successful initiative :raised_hands:
@erik.near @grace @jcatnear @mecsbecs @shreyas @jlwaugh @David_NEAR @Jessica @3UN1C3 @jcatnear and everyone in the background :love_letter:


Hey bro, that’s the master introduction we’ve all been waiting for! So proud to be part of this team and initiative! :raised_hands: :muscle:


Is this initiative still active? I’ve community members asking me how to become CM for NEAR and I always redirected them to our careers page: Jobs | NEAR Foundation Job Board


no currently there are no such open positions as far as I know :smiling_face: you will be first to know. then we will announce it on channels whenever needed


I got excited and filled the form instant after seeing the form link in the post :smiling_face_with_tear:


Fantastic work . Thanks :blush:


Thank you for the official presentation, Chief!
So proud and feel lucky to be a team member! :beers:


That was an in-depth introduction to the concierge team and its operations. Huge kudos to you, @KriptoRaptor, and to all @ConciergeTeam, Let’s keep up the good work :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


As we grow we probably would need more CMs in the future, so be patient brother. :pray:


Yes I am, brother :blush:. I will keep contributing more and more like I did in past months :v:


Proud and glad to be part of this team and initiative to contribute as much as possible with the NEAR community! Thanks for the superb introduction @KriptoRaptor, go team!


Wow! :boom:
All thanks to @KriptoRaptor for the great introduction about us and thanks to the @ConciergeTeam for being a wonderful team to work with.


Awesome. Proud to be part of such a great team. @ConciergeTeam @KriptoRaptor Kudos!!! …


It’s wonderful what the Conceirge Team has been doing so far. It’s a privilege to be amongst. Let’s go!


Great initiative which will help in scaling up the community. Kudos to the entire team behind this


I see you helping out everywhere in the community, keep up the awesome work man! :metal: :heart:


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You Guys are Pillars of Near Protocol, Great Work Keep it Up :rocket:


Great introduction, this for sure will lead people to the corresponding team :slight_smile: