Community Team Monthly Report - April 2022

Hello NEAR Community, :seedling: :blossom: :herb: :rose:

Last month we kicked off this monthly report series, and some introductions were missed. :wink: Namely, three of the Concierge Initiative sub-teams didn’t have the chance to introduce themselves. Get to know the Channel Ops team here with two more intros to come!

You might have seen them circulating a Community Survey, and you can see the results from the Q1 survey here on the Forum. Props to @jcatnear and the @ConciergeTeam for the 8.92 Net Promoter Score - which means almost 9 out of 10 people would recommend onboarding into the NEAR Community. No wonder our community is known as being so friendly and welcoming! If you participated in the survey, be sure to check your wallet for your thank-you NFT.

Other great landmarks achieved and ways to engage in the NEAR Community Channels:

The Community Team is excited to endorse the NEAR COMMUNITY TALKS: Queer Plurality Within the Digital Realm, hosted by Tibira DAO @gbonfiglioli and @carrapatoso, starting this month.

The first session on May 13th will be exclusive to the Concierge Service Community Moderators and is mandatory for them to attend; the second session on May 20th is a repeat of the LGBTQIAP+ Essentials Masterclass and is open to the entire community.

Registration is open for session 2 and 3 on May 20 and 27 respectively, and we hope to see you there!



A reminder that other events can be found and added to the Community Events Calendar at


You can look forward to monthly Community Team Reports posted on the Forum from here on out, and don’t forget to tag @community-team if you need us!

Or email the team at


Thank you for the recognition and for spreading the word :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to all those activities.
Keep BUIDL :muscle: @mecsbecs

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