[REPORT] NEAR Community Concierge [December] [FritzWagner#6722]

Second Month with #NEARMOOD :star_struck:

Hello family, here I share my report as Moderator for the NEAR Community Concierge program. My first official month now :cowboy_hat_face:

Being a moderator for this program is not just onboard nearcomers or solving user issues.
Being on the concierge team it’s also about helping the community to grow, that’s why we have several teams like the following: Guild Ops, Project Ops, Gen Ops.

First the most important is to solve onboarding issues :rocket:

Main issues I have encountered

faucet.paras.id is failing, run out of funds I believe

So, there is a lack of a faucet/tool to help nearcomers to create their wallet, some whan to bridge from other blockchain network but are not able because they don’t have a near wallet

Side Quests

Part of the onboarding solution is to give and use tips as encouragement or so people can create their wallet

For example, I helped @IgbozeIsrael with the 9Ja MUSICAL contests sending 20N to him for the new wallet creations 0.1N funding, waiting for your report my friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have beeing giving some tips, most of them using Dapplets on twitter on the #ChristmasIsNear contests and also on Telegram using Near Bot to reward users who share good information or help others. (Here some stats on my own wallet use)

And I received this awesome gift I want to share it with you all fam, this bauble promises success, happiness, health, and wealth in 2022. Cheers :beers:

Guild Ops

  • Following the needs to have a Guild Tiering System, I developed a Guild Evaluation System, using spreadsheets and a point system, hopefully we will start using it this month.

  • Highlited Guilds I think they are doing a magnificent job growing the ecosystem and the community, with an impressive reach. So I have been working with them and look forward to be helpful in the next steps, hopefully matching different guilds and projects for cross collaboration.

Guild Actual Status Next Steps
NEAR Hispano Near Hispano is doing an awesome job with the NEAR University teaching nearcomers devs and guiding them with their first projects Receive funding for marketing related tasks and content creation
OWS I am very grateful to have been able to build a community squad and later a Guild thanks to OWS opportunities, where any nearcomer can contribute, learn and grow professionally Find a solution in the onboarding process for Tier 1 members
Merchants This is the real unofficial telegram group for price predictions and off-topic discussions, with an continuous organic growth and a lot of good interaction Expand reach to twitter and dapps interaction
Meme Daily Cross Collaboration with Merchants + Dapplets + Funding Coss Collaboration with other project and Guilds
Legal guild Very important piece of our Near force, because every project should take the legal status into account Possibility to work on an Onchain entity assembly and tooling marketplace for Web3 projects
  • Encourage some good members to start building community, like Peru or Chile @rosamaria

  • Guide nacho.near from Argentina to create NEAR Argentina Guild :rocket:

  • Pending to coordinate an AMA with OWS where we can explain to the Guild Leaders about how to cross collaborate with OWS

  • Helping Kevin from Sankore 2.0 with a Hackathon they had on development.

Project Ops

Giving tips and guide to @guille with the Mintickt project having some meetings and keeping a close eye as he is Spanish speaker.

Guiding @Clint-Datality on how to find help from the community for his Datality project and right now helping him to contact devs to join his project. Now that I understand the needs, I connect him with a solution to add the near payments with an scrow service.

Encourage @yawondao3 to propose his project idea to be further developed

Giving green light to @ChainFights to receive his proposal here on the forum

Other projects where I am helping to solve software development issues are: Aeris Hub and NEARnauts.

Finally sharing the information from these and other projects under construction with @Kemal as he is a leading part of the Project Ops team and everyone give me a nice feedback about the awesome work Kemal is doing

Gen Ops

Helping @GeorgePro1 with the #ChristmasIsNear contest, where we learned several ways to improve the following contests and we received an awesome feedback from the community:

some pics showing the love and interaction we all have in our beautiful community

New Bad actors/scams to report

Webpages: Nearcrowd-event.online / near3.xyz

Impersonator groups:


The solution so far is to repeatedly send a message on the official group on how to Report this fake accounts

WARNING, there is a SCAM website and fake impersonator Groups Please don’t interact with this website: http://nearwallet.org Please report these channels: Telegram: Contact @thenearcrypto_ex Telegram: Contact @cryptonear00

How to do it:

  1. Join
  2. click on three dots on upper right
  3. click ‘Report’
  4. choose ‘Fake Account’
  5. tell telegram that ‘this group is fake/scam and original one is @cryptonear which can be confirmed on near.org
  6. click ‘Report’ again
  7. make sure to Delete/Leave the fake group

Our chief @KriptoRaptor is developing another solution for a better response from the members

Ideas that I would like to be implemented

Screenshot Record

Here it is saved all the pics from the interaction with our dear Neareans :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


An awesome month working with all of you :beers:

My last report 19Nov-15Dec here


Process still going on. Next stage of the competition coming up next week Thursday and we’re still opening wallets for the students.
Thanks for saving us out Bro.


Great job :clap::clap::clap: Keep going .


Awesome work man. I really enjoy working with you :pray: :white_heart:


It’s pleasure to work with you, Fritz. Such a professional and a friendly person, keep up the excellent work!


Happy to be here with you Fritz and work together in creating a new guild! We have already arranged a meeting on Friday and will assess next steps moving forward for our guild :grin:

Lets get it :rocket: