[REPORT] NEAR Community Concierge [Jan-Feb]

Third Month with #NEARMOOD :star_struck:

Hello family, always happy to share the achievements of our awesome community where I have the pleasure to participate in :cowboy_hat_face:

We are using app.connecteam.com to keep track on our activities:

  • 228 hours of work from 18/01 to 18/02
  • Aprox 3 - 6 meetings per day
  • Support for 10-20 users per day
  • 10 hours / 5 days per week
  • Moderation and Content Creation (Banners, Guides, Videos)

Here the record from the last reports:

Main issues I have encountered

It is very hard to confirm if a project is legit or not, and it is part of what we do. So, when it comes to Grants we see we have a lot of overlaping activities. We have several teams working on similar tasks around the community helping projects, so we can improve if we can achieve some good cross collaborations.

Thanks to @HaiVu we reached the Ecosystem Success and the Proximity Labs team and now we are working closely with them.

Guild Ops

I started first helping my team from Guild Ops. The 4Feb I organized an AMA with the Guild Leaders and @Sofia_Alum as an awesome opportunity for Cross Collaboration between guilds

I have been very focused on building community on Latin America, and working with Spanish speakers. So I have been able to help and support some Guilds to start and develop:

Project Ops

We are having a lot of fun there, guiding project leaders into success =).

The big project where I have beeing focusing more is Metapool, where I have been helping the Marketing Team.
Also helping little projects to start and grow, like Venix, Raikumu and Mintick. You will know more about them soon.

For a more detailed report from the team:

Channel Ops

Here following the lead of @KriptoRaptor and @Benz_Near :1st_place_medal: where we basically take care of Discord and Telegram main channel of NEAR.

Additionally I had the pleasure to help with Banner creations:

Content Creation (Banners)


Side Quests

Short Video Tutorial (is quite hard haha so not the best :smiling_face_with_tear:):

  • Recover funds from the single-use address. (It was a recurrent issue back then, not that much lately)
  • Ref.finance (ES) (EN) (This was helpful for some hispanic members)

Ideas that I would like to be implemented

I wish to have more time to work with @Mayur and @gonemultichain on their initiative:

Will love to see this one evolving, I had been knowing NEARcomers with good ideas but it is hard for them to understand how our community works and the opportunities on the ecosystem, or it is hard for me to explain haha anyway will be great to create a nice documentation about it.


Another awesome month working with all of you :beers:


LOL, and you are calling me a machine. :sweat_smile: You’re def. a NEARcoholic @FritzWorm! :muscle:
Always great to work with you. :raised_hands:


Amazing @FritzWorm ! Thanks for your mentoring and your push to embark on NEAR NCE & NEAR Malaysia guild.


Beside @Kemal the Terminator (Kerminator), now we have Fritz Workworm! :beers:
It’s great to work with you guys! :grinning: