[REPORT] Channel Ops Quarterly Report Q2

This is Q2 report of Community Concierge Team, Channel Operations
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Please first check introduction to Community Concierge [Introduction] NEAR Concierge Initiative
and Channel Ops [Introduction & Q1 Report] Channel Ops - Concierge Team
first, if you haven’t yet :slight_smile:

We have been through one of heaviest bear markets in crypto history it’s been falling down for months non-stop. w/o even a proper correction. This heavily affects community interaction (willingness to participate on any events or share experiences) as we all know.
But thanks to weekly AMA’s and Channel events and friendly and helpful 7/24 support we managed to keep our channels engaged and ready for service. Even managed to increase our member count and some interaction numbers!!! :raised_hands:

Member count:
Member count: 55.4k to 59.7K
Member Count: 46.4K to 50K
Memher Count: 9.9 to 11.6K

We offer the best user support around by:
-welcoming all newcomers
-giving new users direct or indirect support 7/24 on Telegram/Reddit/Discord
-directing them to the right sources
-providing one on one support via DM (private message-ps. we never DM first :slight_smile: ) or by Support Tickets on Discord
-warning community for scammers non-stop
-onboarding builders to be part of Near Ecosystem in a swift manner (Project Ops, OCCO(old Guild Ops)
-brainstorming, planning and runing great channel events which are teaching, entertaining and rewarding for the community!
-constantly in search of better tools for the community. trying out new and implementing new bots, using premium services and tuning them carefully to filter out scammers out of community.
-encouraging free unharmful discussions and content sharing about the ecosystem on our channels for make community members feel that they are an important part of the community meanwhile moderating channels 7/24 with experienced Mods @ConciergeTeam
-We have recently started a new initiative under Channel Ops which is Content Ops. here: NEAR Community – Medium we will be sharing text AMA recaps for the community!
We are also planning to share weekly/monthly community events highlights for better exposure and reference.
-We started using https://twitter.com/NEAR_Blockchain tiwitter account for announcing our channel events, AMA’s etc :muscle:

We achieved ~90% user satisfaction for our overall services on Q1.
You can check the report here: NEAR Community Onboarding Survey Q1 (RESULTS)
and on Q2 we collected 500 feedback entries :cake: Community Onboarding Survey
result metrics havent got out yet (I expect higher satisfaction level from it)

All I can say is through feedbacks from community and my perspective we provide so far the best community support and smoothest onboarding experience for builders through our community channels!

If you wish to see more reports on events carried our in our channels and much more stat breakdown please check each months/weeks reports seperately here:



All thanks to @ConciergeTeam Moderators, @community-team and the best community on crypto space: Near Community!

For in-depth metrics please check Q3 Channel Metrics Please check this file: Q2 CM 2022 Retro - Google Slides
Some of events we have been running on Telegram Discord and Reddit on Q2:

Telegram AMA’s we organized and Hosted:

Discord AMA’s:

Reddit AMA:

Thank you for your time for checking in. Please share your comments :smiling_face:


Woo Hoo! Great update :100: Amazing work partners, glad to work with you I am proud @ConciergeTeam


Awesome work, partner! Glad to be part of the @ConciergeTeam :pray: :rocket:


Wow! this report describes a lot :clap:
Now everyone can realize why the NEAR community is way stronger than others. You guys are fantastic, making exemplary efforts which need the right appreciation.


It’s been a great Q2 filled with milestones. Kudos guys.:partying_face:


Awesome work, partner! Glad to be part of the @ConciergeTeam :pray: :rocket: Looking forward for exciting and more growth in Q3


Great work everyone. :slight_smile:


Amazing result, congrats @ConciergeTeam


thank you everyone! another good work of @ConciergeTeam

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