[Hiring] We're expanding our team of online community managers & onboarding gurus

Hey everyone,

We’re building out a special onboarding experience and are looking to bring on amazing community members to drive this initiative. If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love to get to know more about you and tell you more about the Online Community Moderator Role.

Apply here: https://nearverse.typeform.com/CommunityMods

A bit more context

Our core mission at NEAR is to onboard everyone to Web3- not just developers & early adopters, but end users. This is an interesting challenge as the onboarding to some of these applications might not be the most intuitive. We can, and are, innovating constantly on the product side. But it’s super important for us to focus on the people side.

I’d like to think of this a bit like travelling. Airports and flying are generally stressful for a lot of people. However, when you have individuals to greet you with a smile, tell you which counter to go for check in, or help you out with security checks, it makes a world of difference and improves the entire experience.

What has that got to do with NEAR? We’re on a mission to craft an incredible onboarding experience for the humans entering the NEARverse(we’ll get to the :robot: later). We’re in the early stages of creating this plan and we want your help! If community experience, onboarding and people are your jam, do apply for the online community moderator role. If you have any suggestions, feedback or thoughts, reach out to @jcatnear.

If you don’t have the time for the online community moderator role, but still have ideas around crafting a mind blowing onboarding experience, please feel free to DM me.


Hi there, Im duOCELOT, Guild Leader from The Clan Guild. I will apply for the role as The Clan team also, because we are creating a system focused in automate this.
As we demand to direct the artists to the right place, and its a lot of basic info to read ( crypto, near, web3, opensource, daos, nfts, mint, list, revenue and royalties, etc ) as the process demand a manual process ( create a wallet, near tokens, mintbase store, be added as a minter, mint a first nft, and other specifics ), be available to every new member consume a lot of time.

The Clan is making a pdf file for it.
The next step is to create small videos related to this process, that will be linked at the PDF.

The pdf will be a guide to become a website afterwards, to automate this.

We are making a portuguese version at first, but it will be translated to an english version also.

At the moment we have @Mailza @C0D3 and @duOCELOT working on it. And we set a small budget to work on it, from the clan.sputnikdao.near, but we willl need to improve it, to accelerate.

We have 20N for this atm, but we should had 50N per professinal working on the pdf, plus an extra budget for the video making, that will include a sound design with a speech guide line, motion graphics, and subtitles.

If its possible to make this fund request now, we can already set the team, as its happening atm and start the videos production, as we could rethink the pdf and the videos to a more generic material ( maybe somethings wont be able to, because we are focused at art) or include into the job these new pieces, as there will be fund for that.

If yes, we will build the plans for these job, and we will find the cost of it.

Waiting for your reply,



End users ! Awesome, that’s what we @Jloc @Nicolasp2 @Mineriavirtual @Luismayar @yehosua.near want to address.

@jcatnear One of the onboarding process we could have is:

Venezuela and Argentina are perfect places to go on and find new end users due to financial problems and lack of financial tools.

I will like to recommend for the Community Moderator Role @Jloc because he is a developer, also a home brewer and a crypto enthusiast with very good english and spanish native.


Hi @duOCELOT ,

That sounds great. Can you sync with the #creatives:creatives-dao folks- perhaps @chloe and @mecsbecs can help you. The main problem that we’re trying to solve at this stage isn’t even the onboarding experience into a specific guild like the Clan Guild, it’s one level above- people find it hard to grasp the concept of a guild, so how do we offer a Creatives, Education, Marketing “community” where they can interact, talk to others, get some ideas, and then be led into specific guilds by onboarding experts in these channels.

For now, the way we’re thinking about this, is in terms of establishing Middleware guilds, largely based on the DAO verticals- so think Creatives, Marketing etc.

Middleware guilds

The work that you mentioned, in terms of creating tutorials, videos etc. fits nicely with what the Creatives group will take on. We should ensure that we’re not spending time duplicating efforts in terms of creating resource. That time could rather be spent on maybe translating existing content to make it more accessible to a new audience.

IMO, a flow that might make sense for a new community member landing into, let’s say, the creatives Telegram group, would be to see a pinned post(could be a wiki) in terms of what a creative person can do within the NEAR ecosystem(create wallet, mint nft, etc etc) along with tutorials for each, and maybe even the ability to toggle language to Portugese, Russian etc.

I hope that clarifies things.


Thanks, Fritz! I love the idea of offline events but for now, given the whole pandemic situation around the world, we’re trying to see how we can replicate a lot of that online and give people a good onboarding experience.

You’re right, teaching people to set up basic things like setting up wallets, using dapps etc. is definitely on that list. I’d say that the key challenge is that these resources exist in different places, but hopefully setting up these middleware guilds and community specialists for these channels would ensure that:

  1. There are knowledgeable people 24/7 to help you get onboarded and suggest steps if you’re stuck.
  2. These people ensure that the resources are kept up to date- new way to mint NFT, no problem- tutorials have been updated!

The language and region based communities definitely fit into the larger narrative too.

One category that we’re planning for the middleware guilds is Web2 and Web3 developers- so this might contain everything from what a Rust developer can do within the ecosystem to something that Web2 devs can contribute to. And a group of people to guide and mentor them. So @Jloc , if this sounds interesting to you, please do apply! We’d love to get this going soon :slight_smile:


Hello @shreyas !

Thanks for the insight, the approach you are taking is very exciting I already applied and I’m hoping to hear from you guys very soon!


Awesome. Thank you for the reply. I will get in touch with them.


This is awesome and something to hold unto.

Will help get others to it. Hope everyone can apply Sir?

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Hello @duOCELOT
This sounds very interesting. Have you heard of our Wiki? @David_NEAR is coordinating the entries that will go in the wiki. We would like to have one source of truth and repository for information.

We ask for all guilds and moderators to contribute to populating the wiki with all the important information anyone would need to join our ecosystem.


Yes! Absolutely encourage everyone to apply :slight_smile:


Okay Sir, I’m getting guys to apply.
Capable hands that can give in their all


Hi, I would like to apply too! Just posting to ask if I can, as I am the createbase Guild facilitator too. Is that okay? :slight_smile:


I, personally, would say that’s okay. The whole point of Web3, in my mind, is that people get to work on multiple things that interests them and make the best use of their skills. That said, you’re the best judge of your personal bandwidth- as long as you’re able to contribute effectively to the projects you’re taking up, I don’t see a problem :slight_smile:

This could also just mean compartmentalising the time you’re working on each of these projects. There would also be a lot of intersection between the Creatives middleware guild and specific guilds like Createbase in terms of how we guide people based on what their interests are…so lots of ways to collaborate too. @jcatnear & I will reach out to specific guilds as we iron out the details and get the teams set up :slight_smile:


Waiting for this to come and I give my best for it.

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Hey @Grace ! Thank you for your reply. i would love to access this wiki, can you send the links?

Do you want to see what we are doing? I dont get this part very well. If its the case, please yes ^^

everything is easy to find if you use the search engine :slight_smile: . NEAR Ecosystem Wiki

glad i can help!


I had the interview with Jessica just now, and completely satisfied with her attention.

Hope she gets better soon from the flu. :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket: :white_check_mark: