[Report] BiWeekly Telegram Report (5-21 April)

Hello NEARians!
Here’s the Telegram Bi-Weekly Report for first two weeks of April :wink:

Previous BiWeekly Report can be found here

Statistics from NEAR Protocol Telegram Official:

Here’re our top members for last week:

Overview of Statistics from 5-20 April:

Total Members 55.4K>>>>>56.5K

Total Posts 362.6K>>>>>405.9K

Viewing Members 6.8K>>>>>10.1K

Posting Members 768>>>>>1.5K

All the stats shows positive growth! One of the reason behind such traction for NEAR can be the rumoured USN Stable Coin that’s been trending everywhere!

Meanwhile Here’re the events that happened on our channels in these past few days:

Community Events:

Here’re the IMPORTANT Announcements that happened:

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Awesome numbers! Especially the “Posting Members” number which increased by 100%. Great job @Kv9990 and the @ConciergeTeam!! :partying_face: :muscle:


thank you for detailed report Vikash!

these stats from telegram itself weekly updated. on intense event weeks we often see such spikes but it’s obvious that overall interaction is growing. thank you for your support. and your moderation/community support efforts as well!


Lol. Happy to see my name there in the list. :heart_eyes::muscle::muscle:. Great work Team asusal. :fire:

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