Hello, we are the CUDO DAO

We are the CUDO DAO - IMMIGRANT AUDIOVISUAL, made by Immigrants and designed to welcome immigrant professionals.
CUDO DAO was born from the relationship between the producers of the project “Luggage Stories” and Incubadora Pt DAO, born in the hackathon of May 2021. Seeing the possibility of combining the most diverse projects with the support of NEAR PROTOCOL, we envisioned the opportunity to create a DAO focused on audiovisual made by Brazilian immigrants living in Portugal and thought to welcome and produce audiovisual for immigrants and natives from all over the world.

At this moment we exist in association with DAO’s like Incubadora and are in a collaborative creation phase with MUTI. Our intention is, besides our own projects, to exist as an integral support to all DAO’s that need to transcribe their respective projects to the audiovisual universe in the Lisbon and Portugal areas, plus providing support for whoever, in the Near universe, passes through Lisbon and wishes to record their own activities.

After the first couple of months of working and learning inside the Incubadora DAO, we were encouraged to create our own DAO and both expand our community and provide the educational tools to establish a presence in the Near ecosystem. This is the first step in that direction :smiley:

Our Council is:

Heverton Harieno: hevertonharieno.near

was born in Belo Horizonte in 1991. Bachelor in Journalism from UNA University Center, he also holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Beira Interior (UBI), in Portugal. He has experience as a Videomaker, Process Analyst, Cultural Producer, Musical Producer, Screenwriter and Director.

His biography already includes a medium-length film, 4 records signed by him and audiovisual projects in more than 5 countries conducted by his brand CUDO FILMES and as a collaborator of companies such as the Luso-Brazilian FDS Beauty Consulting. He is a collaborator of the blog Depósito Apenas and a musician of the “See More Glass Project”.

Lucas terra: lucterra.near

(Belo Horizonte, 1991) is a Designer, Illustrator and video editor with works ranging from the institutional to the artistic. Graduated in Design by SAGA Escola de Computação Gráfica, Lucas Terra has worked for major brands in Brazil and Portugal.

As an illustrator, Lucas Terra composes digital illustrations of several styles, besides having a series of works focused on tattoos.

Talita Lima: talitalima.near

She has an entire career designed in administrative environments in medium and large companies. From 2015, she started to apply her organizational and executive skills in projects signed by CUDO FILMES.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Talita Lima migrated to Lisbon in 2017, where she started to develop works focused on travel, fashion and behavior. Currently Talita Lima is developing a multiplatform storytelling project, taking on her side as a presenter in addition to that of a producer.

we are working on 4 projects at this time:


And this one had already started during the May Hachathon and been funded through the Incubadora DAO: https://gov.near.org/t/report-historia-de-bagagem-august

In the next moment we’ll work in this projects (to be ideated and developed during the next hackathon):

You don’t know Portugal

Video series focused on presenting a Portugal that is off the travel route of traditional tourists.

We want to not only create video content but establish partnerships between local vendors and the Near protocol, with the idea of creating an app allowing people to buy their products in N and Dai.

That would entail workshops for tourism professionals, plus a more commercial oriented effort.


Interview series with artists and other characters associated with the NEAR community.

News for Immigrants

A news online platform that serves as an aggregator of immigration-related news, plus a way of allowing foreign journalists to pursue their practice.

Come create a place to make amazing videos with us.



Welcome @hevertonharieno Talita and Lucas! Great to see your community grow :heart:

@chloe and @mecsbecs, I’m sure CUDO will be an incredibly positive force on the community :smiley: it took awhile to prepare everything but here they are :robot: :robot: :robot:


Welcome, CUDO DAO! Looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow and this is a great introduction to your vision and project plans aside from the work you’ve been doing with Incubadora.

It was all worth the wait @frnvpr! Thank you for your mentoring assistance here as well.


Thanks @mecsbecs =) It’s a pleasure for us create something on an amazing community like that. =)


Oh god! I feel so proud of all of this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I hope CUDO will find its own way to expand and to keep creating so beatifully as you guys are already doing​:sparkles::dizzy::sparkling_heart: “Luggage stories” is so powerful, I’m sure the other ones will follow the same pathway :dizzy::love_you_gesture::heart_eyes:


Yes!! This is so cool! Welcome, CUDO DAO!.
@VideoDon and I have been talking about a series of video storytelling projects. Would definitely love to do something in Lisbon. I’d love to learn more and have a quick chat, if you’d be up for it. Here’s my Calendly.


Let’s arrange this meeting @hevertonharieno ?


=) Thanks @shreyas

Of course. Let’s talk about this. What you think about 25th August?

My e-mail is xhevertonx@gmail.com

The best time for this you can choose =)


Nice! Thanks, @hevertonharieno and @frnvpr. Can you both figure out a time that works from my Calendly above? Talk soon!


@roadworks This might be a nice collab option for you?:slight_smile:


Ty, ill say hello in this group


This is awesome i love the project. Bemvindos :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, @hevertonharieno. I hope you’re doing well. :wink:

Is there a community channel for the CUDO DAO? If yes, I’d appreciate a link to it + Sputnik/AstroDAO link. thank you!


hey @simeon4real added you to the TG channel :wink:


Hello @simeon4real

Join us:

  • Instagram ( @cudo_dao )
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Hey, guys! Awesome to read about you and your ideas. =)) Glad to be joining the community. Cheers! Abraços!