• DAO introduction

We are CUDO DAO - IMMIGRANT AUDIOVISUAL, made by Immigrants and designed to welcome immigrant professionals.

CUDO DAO was born in the May 2021 hackathon and since then we are one of the most productive DAOs in the entire ecosystem. Seeing the possibility of combining the most diverse projects with the support of NEAR PROTOCOL, we envisioned the opportunity to create a DAO focused on audiovisual made by Brazilian immigrants living in Portugal and designed to welcome and produce audiovisual for immigrants and natives from all over the world.

  • Why team is best for the funds

Heverton Harieno: hevertonharieno.near

was born in Belo Horizonte in 1991. Bachelor in Journalism from UNA University Center, he also holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Beira Interior (UBI), in Portugal. He has experience as a Videomaker, Process Analyst, Cultural Producer, Musical Producer, Screenwriter and Director.

His biography already includes a medium-length film, 4 records signed by him and audiovisual projects in more than 5 countries conducted by his brand CUDO FILMES and as a collaborator of companies such as the Luso-Brazilian FDS Beauty Consulting. He is a collaborator of the blog Depósito Apenas and a musician of the “See More Glass Project”.

He has been a member of CUDO DAO since the beginning and an active member of Creatives DAO since its inception. He has already been responsible for conducting the video editing work for NEAR CON 2021 thanks to @VideoDon invitation. He was also a member of the creatives council from February to August 2022 contributing to the maintenance of the funds during the first half of last year.

Lucas terra: lucterra.near

(Belo Horizonte, 1991) is a Designer, Illustrator and video editor with works ranging from the institutional to the artistic. Graduated in Design by SAGA Escola de Computação Gráfica, Lucas Terra has worked for major brands in Brazil and Portugal.

As an illustrator, Lucas Terra composes digital illustrations of several styles, besides having a series of works focused on tattoos.

Also member of CUDO DAO since the beginning, Lucas was responsible for a lot of successful projects on our community like Vértebra, Algo me Diz, Mutisession, CUBASHOTS and videoclips like Esperér Jeanne and Melhor Caminho.

Thiago Cunha: thiago7hc.near

(Belo Horizonte, 1989) became a photographer by profession in mid-2015 and, since then, has been applying his immense creativity and refined technique in beautiful frames. Founding partner of Cudo Filmes, in 2016 signed the direction of photography of the medium-length film “Esperando por Ela” and, since then, has expanded the use of his lenses to produce films that have his characteristic DNA. Thiago’s portfolio is diverse, include essays, products and portraits made in Brazil, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary and Portugal.

In September 2021 he became a board member of CUDO DAO, helping us organize photographic projects like the successful “Postal”, which over the course of a year produced hundreds of NFT’s and added dozens of new photographers around the world to the NEAR metaverse.

He is also responsible for the conception and realization of the Retrato Falado project, which in less than a year already has more than 10 powerful interviews.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Since August 2021, we have grown a lot in number of members, followers and subscribers. Thanks to the CREATIVES DAO we improved our presence on social media and now we’re presented on Instagram (commonly with views above 1k), Twitter, in our own website and in our YouTube Channel (with more than 20k views).

CUDO DAO on telegram: 70 members Telegram: Join Group Chat

  • Participation on NEAR CON 2021 as workers and as artists on the NFT Gallery during the event.
  • Presencial workshop on Lanternas Inspiradoras
  • Coverage on Metaopoly
  • First MUTISESSION alive in Habitat

From August to now, we have solicited 15 proposals in the Creatives DAO, 14 have been approved, and one was unclassified.

Our council is formed by 3 council members, and 40 community members that now have power to vote in all our proposals.

We have more than 2,5 K NFT minted on Mintbase from more than 40 different artists.
With this news projects we’re looking for others store like PARAS and Few& Far.

For the last, we created relationship and projects with the Web3 companies:

And the web2/IRL companies:

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. AUDIOVISUAL focused in MUSIC, CULTURE and Art
  • Impact

Throughout a year and a half of activity we were responsible for an economic impact on the lives of dozens of audiovisual workers in Portugal, Brazil, and other parts of the world. Thanks to our bounties managed throughout this trajectory, dozens of photographers, illustrators and writers were able to earn their first cryptos and realize that with their art it was indeed possible to generate some income.

Furthermore, with our larger productions such as CUBASHOTS, Retrato Falado, and MUTISESSION, we were able to ensure that larger technical teams were formed, thus generating income for sound technicians, studio rentals, camera crews, assistants, screenwriters, and producers.

Our impact is also worthwhile in the social sphere, reaching new artists who have had the opportunity to have their first works valued and exhibited on a worldwide platform.

Last but not least, with our work we were able to bring a professional structure, inaccessible to most artists, to record the work of promising musicians, visual artists, and dancers.

What we do at this DAO is look for ways to make resources available for projects that, when realized, employ people, push artists forward, and reveal capabilities.

  • Roadmap

Last Report - Oct 2022
Sumary of 2021
Activities history
Founded in August 2021

– First proposal approved in August 2021

– Creation of the Postal, Vertebra and Baggage History projects August 2021

– Creation of the project Something tells me October 2021

– Participation at NEAR CON October 2021

– Creation of the project Spoken Portrait November 2021

– First videoclip produced by DAO December 2021

– DOC A New Words in our Hearts January 2022

– Creation of the project CUBASHOTS February 2022

– Creation of the project MUTISESSION February 2022

– Realization of projects in Brazil May 2022

– Last funding received September 2022

– Participation in METAOPOLY September 2022

– Recording of the remaining projects October 2022 to February 2023

– Partnership negotiations with MyNews February 2023

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

– DAO Creation August 2021

– 13 proposals approved by creatives DAO and 3 by Marketing DAO

– Creation of the CUDO website

– Consolidation of projects like CUBASHOTS, RETRATO FALADO and MUTISESSION

– Partnership with MUTI and INCUBADORA

– Creation of tasks for community members in other DAO’s like DEMONSTRA DAO, INCUBADORA, MUTI and 55SP

– Creation of a large community of artists and audiovisual workers

– One of the largest NFT’s stores in Mintbase with more than 2500 pieces

– Acquisition of equipment such as camera, lights, and microphones


Retrato Falado
Description: Audiovisual project that mix interview and photos
Expected outcome: increase our viewership base choosing 2 powerful interviewers

Make the onboard of 2 big personalities on the NEAR ecosystem

Create 2 new Mintbase stores for this personalities

Create 10 new NFT’s from each interview

Reach our first video with more than 10k views on YouTube

Promote NEAR’s branding among a new audience
Activities & timelines: - Pre production (contact with possible interviewers, manage the calendar and schedule the day of shooting) (1 june - 15 June)
- Day of shooting (1 fortnight of second half of June)
- Video editing (15 Jul - 30 Jul)
- Translation and subtitles (15 Aug)
- Release of episodes (20 and 28 Aug)
Budget: Direction = 240$ (thiago7hc.near)

Assistant = 80$

Studio rent and food = 200$

Sound operation = 100$ (thelouis.near)

Video editing = 360$

translate and subtitles Pt/En = 220$ (comofas.near)

Production = 80$ (franciellealeixo.near)
Description: A competition between the members to create a short movie (maximum 1 minute). The 10 best movies will be converted in NFT and minted on our mintbase.
Expected outcome: Revive the participation of our community

Support new creators

Create 10 new NFT’s.

Reach 1k new followers with this content

Promote NEAR’s branding among a new audience
Activities & timelines: - Pre production (creation of the rules and publish the terms on forum) (1 Aug - 10 Aug)
- AMA with the interested (11 Aug)
- Window for receive inscriptions (15 Aug - 15 Sep)
- Results (29 Sep)
Budget: Jury = 120*3=360$

Bounty to share between the 10 best movies = 1000$

Video editing and conversion in NFT formats = 120$

Production = 120$
Description: A live concert of an emergent artist with powerful songs.
Expected outcome: create a new session to help us to find more sponsors

create NFT’s with exclusive frames from this session

Promote NEAR’s branding among a new audience.

Reach our first video with more than 10k views on MUTI Channel
Activities & timelines: - Pre production (contact with possible interviewers, manage the calendar and schedule the day of shooting) (1 Jun - 30 Jun)
- Day of shooting (6 Jul)
- Video editing (8 Jul - 15 Jul)
- Translation and subtitles (15 Jul)
- Release (one episode per week during Aug)
Budget: Rent of equipments = 120$

Mix and Master = 230$

Displacement = 80$

Video editing = 120$

Production = 40$

Translate and subtitles = 120$

Food = 100$

Assistant = 60$

Gimbal operation = 80$
Postal Residence
Description: A residence program to invite 3 photographers to create a powerful series to cover our social media during October.
Expected outcome: create 3 new wallets

create 120 NFT’s

Promote NEAR’s branding among a new audience.

Consolidate the residence programs as one of our main contents
Activities & timelines: - Pre production (creation of the rules and publish the terms on forum) (1 July - 10 July)
- AMA with the interested (11 Aug)
- Window for receive inscriptions (12 Aug - 15 Aug)
- Results (17 Aug)
- Residence (18 Aug - 18 Sep)
- Interview with the residents (20 Sep)
- Selection of the best pictures (19 sep - 29 Sep)
- Publish 1 oct until 31 oct.
Budget: Residence Grant = 3*200$ - 600$

Direction = 120$

Translate and Subtitles = 50$

Production = 80$

Sound Operation = 80$

Video Editing = 240$
  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective:

– Resurrect the engagement of our community in NEAR’s activities.

– This quarter we intend to find at least 2 new sponsors, web3 or not, interested in keeping our projects alive.

– Reach 10k followers on Instagram until the end of October.

– Reach 10k views of the contents created thanks to these funds.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal:

– Create a base of possible partnerships and sponsors for our projects (1 June - 10 July)

– Scheduling meetings with partners to try to raise funds for new editions of the projects (10 June - 30 July)

– Pre and production of our audiovisual projects listed on this proposal (1 June - 30 July)

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

With well-defined and deeply designed projects in tasks and objectives. In this way, as we have been developing since August 2021, our projects can be launched within the deadlines and with their budgets rigorously set.

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

The closest members of our team will continue to perform technical roles within our productions, such as sound operation, camera operation, directing, producing, assisting, script writing, and video editing. In addition, some members are inserted into tasks such as website maintenance, social media management, and now the DAO commercial.

Other members also play a key role in participating in the giveaways, voting for the giveaways, disseminating content, and connecting with interviewees and other characters in our projects.

In this way, we have been able to maintain a community of over 70 members receiving tokens and professional opportunities.

Total request number: 5.000 Dólares in NEAR TOKENS

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): cudo.sputnik-dao.near