[PROPOSAL] Demonstra Exhibition

Development of the virtual exhibition that closes the Demonstra Art Residency program Edition #01 - Poéticas Informes. The concept of the exhibition comes from the idea of a virtual occupation of spaces, sites and social media of the art institutions that support the Demonstra project, and among them are: Galeria do Lago, VAGA, Duplex, Arquipélago, 55SP, 3XR and Nowhere. Artists in the exhibition: Guto Oca, Jeff Barbato, João Paulo Racy, Juca Fiss, Lua Cavalcante and Nara Rosetto. Curators: Daniel Moraes and Isabel Portella.


The exhibition format will be virtual and the artists’ works will be presented in Demonstra’s website and social media. In addition, the works will also be promoted and displayed in the social media of the project’s supporters to generate a network of collective promotion of the exhibition by various artistic institutions.

Direction: 400 USD / Conception of the exhibition + direction of the production team (design, marketing, setting up the exhibition) + contact and articulation of delivery from the artists in residence and the project supporters.

Curatorship: 400 USD / Accompaniment of the artists’ creation process + selection of works that will be part of the exhibition + curatorial text

Fee for resident artists: 900 USD / (150 USD each) / Guto Oca, Jeff Barbato, João Paulo Racy, Juca Fiss, Lua Cavalcante e Nara Rosetto.

Exhibition Catalogue: 400 USD / Creation of the Exhibition’s virtual catalog

Motion graphics: 300 USD / exhibition teaser for promotion on Demonstra’s social media in colaboration with @cudodao

Setting up the virtual exhibition: 450 USD / Creation of “virtual occupations” of the artists’ works inserted in the spaces provided by the supporters. The assemblages of the works will be made in video and photography with the technical assistance of CUDO DAO @cudodao

Direction assistance: 200 USD / Assistance in developing and conceptualizing the exhibition design in colaboration with [Introduction] Introducing 55SP DAO