[RETROSPECTIVE] HOC Team's month of October

Hi everyone,

Since our kick off in late September, HOC Team has been stoked with all the learning opportunities and engagement within the NEAR Ecosystem. Hence, to uphold our values of collaboration and knowledge sharing, here is our October retrospective.


1st | Meeting with Gruta

  • Review of the material and steps necessary for the constitution of Gruta as a Cooperative
  • Help creating their project introduction letter
  • Communication with CASES
  • Envisioning ways to integrate with the NEAR Ecosystem

5th | Meeting with Rádio Ophelia

  • Review of the material and steps necessary for the constitution of Rádio Ophelia as a Cooperative
  • Help in drafting its statutes and internal regulations
  • Envisioning ways to integrate with the NEAR Ecosystem

12th | First Approved Proposal :: Set Up Shop - Funding Request

13th | First Bounty

  • Translation and Institutional Mediation in a virtual meeting with **CUDO DAO** for NEAR CON’s preparation
  • 5% of the bounty was transferred to HOC’s wallet for sustainability purposes

26th & 27th | NEAR CON

  • Thanks to the generosity of Lisbon City Node, HOC had the amazing opportunity to attend NEAR Protocol’s first conference


  • HOC networked with Octopus Network, Mask Network, The Graph, VR DAO, Muti Collective, Incubadora DAO, CUDO DAO, NEAR Community Team (@mecsbecs) and NEAR Education Team (@shashi)


  • Deployed first stacking experience with Cheddar Farms
  • Created our first NEAR Testnet Wallet
  • Got our first NFT from Generation Crypto

Next steps

Thanks to information and insights we’ve collected through out this month, Team HOC has decided to:

  1. Bringing more people to our team

  2. Launch HOC DAO in Astro

  3. Change our project wallet to HOCDAO.NEAR and transfer our previous wallet funds to the new one

  4. Continue Set Up Shop’s activities

  5. Create presentation documentation about the NEAR wallet that can be used for educational/informative purposes (eg, onboarding sessions)

  6. Do an experiment with the staking feature on the NEAR Testnet Wallet. This case study will be part of the previously mentioned documentation

  7. Attend Generation Crypto Conference

  8. Enroll on NEAR University courses

  9. Keep networking and searching for ways to create community-driven innovation within the NEAR Ecosystem


HOC Team


I’m very happy to see you coming to this community. #GOHOC


Thanks for all your support man! #GOCUDO


Hi @tabear, @frnvpr and @TRosario

We would love to have a brief meeting with you guys to talk about the launch of HOC DAO and the updates about Set Up Shop


Super nice to see the progress of HOC!
Let’s get your DAO set up!