[Approved] CUDO DAO FEBRUARY Social Media, communication and marketing

Hello again! @marketingdao-council


January Report

Funding scheme: Monthly

You can see a summary of our 2021 activities here:

The CUDO DAO is trying to expand the reach of its social networks to try and get its projects to reach more people and consequently get the NEAR brand out there more. Beyond that, we aim to become references when it comes to audiovisual production within the NEAR ecosystem. Our Instagram accounts, Twitter and YouTube channels have existed for a little over three months, but until then with engagement and reach only with organic efforts. For this period we felt it would be essential to have a fund to be used for boosting campaigns for our content.

Today we have the following content channels:

  • Website
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Instagram accounts:
  • Twitter account:
  • At the time of writing this proposal, the CUDO DAO twitter channel has 387 followers, the Instagram channel has 372 followers and the Vertebra 223. These are low numbers given the 1000+ views we have on our content. We have a goal of reaching 1,000 followers on each of our channels in the coming months.
  • We will continue with daily posts on our instagram (we produced more than 60 NFTS per month by more then 10 different artists), a new video a day on our YouTube channel, and 5 posts a week on Twitter. All included in an overall strategy aimed at increasing the visibility and relevance of our content in the audience.
  • This proposal is for the month of February. During the month, we will analyze the work done to determine the best strategies for the year 2022.

A couple of previously funded monthly proposals in the Creatives DAO category:

Funding Details:

  • 200$ to manage the Instagram channels
  • 200$ to manage the twitter channel
  • 200$ to manage YouTube channel
  • 200$ to google ads and Instagram ads
    • Total requested: 800$ = 80 N
    • cudo.sputnik-dao.near
    • CUDO DAO

Reference: 1N = 10,01 USD

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Thanks for your attention. :pray: :pray:


Hi @talitafflima – I’m helping to advise the MarketingDAO, and I took a look at your proposal.

I really like how you outlined the specific activities, account numbers and how you are looking at building each account.

I think the funds requested are reasonable given the amount of activity you are proposing to do. Maybe consider getting the proposal for the month in a little earlier especially given the new funding process in place?

Also, as you move forward, it would be great to see in your next report how you are aiming to grow your social accounts and presence on YouTube beyond creating and posting content. For example, what specific engagement and audience building strategies and tactics are you using?

Knowing that can help us offer suggestions and ideas for increasing audience over time.


Hi @so608,

Thank you very much for your comment. We will improve our timelines for introducing proposals. This month we were very concerned about seeing our campaigns performing by the end of the month and we were late with that. But we will improve for March =)

We are analyzing the numbers we had with the last boosts to design clearer strategies. But in advance, we bet on Instagram reels to promote our latest launch and we have seen that it is working very well.

Do you believe it is fundamental for this proposal that we already include these proposals or, do you think we can elaborate with more time?

Good evening. Happy to approve. I propose to you request 3-months funding. Have a great day.

  • Total requested: 2400$ = 240 N

Good Morning @Dacha
Thank you very much for approving, we will place the order :wink:

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Thanks for your reply – I was recommending that for your next proposal and report. A suggestion for the future so we can help give you feedback and support your work.


Thanks for the suggestion, in the next proposal and report we will be even more attentive to this.

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Happy to approve, guys.

After these 3 months, or ideally during, consider applying for tiered funding:


We are very happy, thank you :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Poll has now been passed by the Council. You can proceed to KYC and request funds from N Foundation as per latest payout guidelines.

PS - this is a 3x month payout


Thank you so much, we will place the order.

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