[REPORT] IncubadoraPT JULY-AUG Monthly Report

Project Name: IncubadoraPT

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 540,71 NEAR

DAO incubadorapt.sputnikdao.near

Updated Project Timeline:

  • We are on the brink of doing our first VR +New Media Artistic Residence called Poliedro, which will occupy the next 2 months; in the last trimester we’ll have the first Writers Residency, more on that later. Both of these 2 projects will happen twice a year.
  • We expect to launch our Artist Stipends in September, the open call will be launched swiftly.
  • We have engaged with our members and several of them have shown interest in our help to create their own DAOs, so we are integrating this vertent in our DAO identity.
  • Plus, we have ongoing efforts into onboarding, educational events, etc.


  • Participation in the Open Challenge, with a governance experiment.


  • The videographer responsible for the video-portraits project, named ‘Histórias de Bagagem’, created his own DAO and presented it in the forum, so that project will continue on the CUDO DAO. With our help, several wallets were created and new projects were ideated. We welcome CUDO DAO to the Near Ecosystem.

  • The Incubadora DAO council members have been helping the VR DAO achieve its goals and revamp the communication with the community, so a lot of effort was put into that. https://gov.near.org/t/report-vr-dao-june-july-august .

  • several unofficial individual workshops 5 pax

  • Ideation of an academic research guild with professor David Rossatti, and Christopher stone.

  • new wallets: giuliacat.near , samisan1122.near , joaomelo.near

  • Launch of Instagram account with beautiful tiles, highlighting our main concepts and Poliedro Residency @incubadoradao


Aug 17th - Preparation for the Online Residency meeting.

Aug 24th – Introductory Session + Seminar: VR in Museological context w/ Sâmia Siqueira

Aug 28th– Seminar: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the artistic context - academic considerations w/ the artist and professor Sérgio Eliseu

August 31st – Workshop: Blender for artists w/ the artist Francisco Lourenço

Sep 3rd – Workshop: Sketch Up for artists - 3D modelling and lighting w/ Emanuella Komatsu

Sep 7th – Talk: Sound arts and its poetic w/ Nico Espinoza

Sep 10th – Talk: Art and its digitalisation process (why? / how? / what’s next?) w/ the artist Hugo Lami (IN ENGLISH)

Sep 14th – Individual work, concept and process presentation, session 1

Sep 17th – Individual work, concept and process presentation, session 1

  • group formation for the creation part*

Sep 21st – Seminar: VR and exhibition spaces w/ Gigoia Studios

Sep 24th – Workshop: Sound software w/ Nico Espinoza

Sep 28th – Open Talk about NFTs

Oct 1st - Work in progress presentation

October 5th - Work in progress presentation

October 8th - Work in progress presentation

Oct 12th - Luís Freitas talk

Oct 15th- Work in progress presentation

October + November:

Development and Launch of the Catalogue/edition of the projects develop during the residency

  • Introductory session with all 6 participants artists, helping them to use sputnikDAO and receive the first part of the Participation Fee.

  • Development of a Stipends program to help visual artists; Open Call to be implemented in the coming weeks; we are aiming to have this in place no later than September.

  • several payout proposals made on the SputnikDao by the active members of the community, designer, videographer, architect

  • Presenting Incubadora for the Creatives Guild Leaders in the Creatives DAO’s event on August 7th.

  • @frnvpr participated in the MUTI DAO cookie challenge [CLOSED] Muti bakes I NEAR Fortune Cookies I Edition I


  • We’re discussing if the Residency name POLIEDRO should accommodate both the visual artists and the writers residency, or if it is better to have 2 different residency names under the Incubadora umbrella. In favor of using the same, the name becomes stronger; cons, it might be confusing.

  • Doing the workshops was very effective for onboarding new people in our projects.

  • The importance of adapting the roadmap itself to improve the development of projects that are being prepared.

  • We’ve learned that the onboarding process is more effective once it is connected to an upcoming activity, bounty or project. People feel more motivated to understand the whole process.

  • We realized the importance of being present on twitter, as many of the other DAOs use it extensively, so we’ll create an account as soon as possible.

Next Steps:

  • Launching of the Artist Stipend Program

  • Preparation for organizing the residency program for writers

  • Launching of the firsts videos of ‘História de Bagagem’; 7th of august screening for the members of the dao, 14th of August officially posted on the youtube channel + doing the transition for a dao-to-dao-collaboration.

  • We are talking to an artist to help us think about ways of expanding what is possible regarding digital artistic catalogues, how they can interact with NFTs and other questions. We are planning 3 kinds of catalogue, purely analogic, purely digital (a simple NFT) and a mix.

  • We are planning a collaboration with a Brazilian podcast creator about web3 and the work Incubadora has been doing.

  • We are having multiple discussions about becoming more financially sustainable, and not be so grant dependent; for now, expanding the Mintbase store reach and creating the best POLIEDRO Catalogue we can are the first steps.

  • We have a meeting with an academic researcher and artist to discuss the possibility of exhibiting POLIEDRO in her studio (september 1st).

  • We have a meeting with an artist and gallery owner to discuss the possibility of exhibiting POLIEDRO in her gallery.

  • As we did with Heverton and CUDO DAO, we will help artists Victor Gonçalves and Giulia Gallina develop their artistic projects.

  • In the next couple of months, starting with the creation of the Incubadora DAO website, we want to increase the openness of our communication channels. We want to use less of our Discord channel and use the Near forum as much as we can for the bounties, project fundings and all matters regarding collaborating with the community, leaving the social media channels (TG, instagram, twitter) for our communication with the wider community of artists and creatives.

I hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been up to.

Thank you! :star_struck: :hugs:

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.


Hello @chloe and @mecsbecs , following what was discussed in our Incubadora council meeting yesterday, we are moving our [Aug-sept] funding request to early September, so it will just be [September funding request].

We figured sooner or later we had to do it, so why not now. There is a 15 days gap between the request being reported in this topic and the [September funding request], so we’ll just increase some of the funds in the latter, if that is OK by the creatives-dao council.