[APPROVED] CUDO DAO AUGUST funding request

DAO cudo.sputnikdao.near

CUDO DAO - IMMIGRANT AUDIOVISUAL, made by Immigrants and designed to welcome immigrant professionals.

CUDO DAO was born from the relationship between the producers of the project “Luggage Stories” and Incubadora Pt DAO, born in the hackathon of May 2021. Seeing the possibility of combining the most diverse projects with the support of NEAR PROTOCOL, we envisioned the opportunity to create a DAO focused on audiovisual made by Brazilian immigrants living in Portugal and thought to welcome and produce audiovisual for immigrants and natives from all over the world.

At this moment we exist in association with DAO’s like Incubadora and are in a collaborative creation phase with MUTI. Our intention is, besides our own projects, to exist as an integral support to all DAO’s that need to transcribe their respective projects to the audiovisual universe in the Lisbon and Portugal areas, plus providing support for whoever, in the Near universe, passes through Lisbon and wishes to record their own activities.

After the first couple of months of working and learning inside the Incubadora DAO, we were encouraged to create our own DAO and both expand our community and provide the educational tools to establish a presence in the Near ecosystem. This is the first step in that direction :smiley:


Heverton Harieno: hevertonharieno.near

Lucas terra: lucterra.near

Talita Lima: talitalima.near

Heverton Harieno was born in Belo Horizonte in 1991. Bachelor in Journalism from UNA University Center, he also holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Beira Interior (UBI), in Portugal. He has experience as a Videomaker, Process Analyst, Cultural Producer, Musical Producer, Screenwriter and Director.

His biography already includes a medium-length film, 4 records signed by him and audiovisual projects in more than 5 countries conducted by his brand CUDO FILMES and as a collaborator of companies such as the Luso-Brazilian FDS Beauty Consulting. He is a collaborator of the blog Depósito Apenas and a musician of the “See More Glass Project”.

Lucas Terra (Belo Horizonte, 1991) is a Designer, Illustrator and video editor with works ranging from the institutional to the artistic. Graduated in Design by SAGA Escola de Computação Gráfica, Lucas Terra has worked for major brands in Brazil and Portugal.

As an illustrator, Lucas Terra composes digital illustrations of several styles, besides having a series of works focused on tattoos.

Talita Lima has an entire career designed in administrative environments in medium and large companies. From 2015, she started to apply her organizational and executive skills in projects signed by CUDO FILMES.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Talita Lima migrated to Lisbon in 2017, where she started to develop works focused on travel, fashion and behavior. Currently Talita Lima is developing a multiplatform storytelling project, taking on her side as a presenter in addition to that of a producer.

Projects at the start of the DAO:

  1. Histórias de bagagem (Luggage Stories) is a project that works from creating platforms for immigrants living in Portugal to express themselves and tell their story.

Using David Lynch’s “Interview Project” as inspiration, we will create 5-minute video portraits with the goal of showing stories that everyone should hear, told by those who have lived them. These stories can be about an infinite range of topics, such as childhood stories, political statements, jokes, about nothing in particular; it all depends on those being portrayed, who will have absolute freedom of expression.

The Luggage Stories already has 5 records available on Mintbase with curation and logistical support from the Incubadora DAO.

link for the mintbase store: cudodao.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store (going to be updated with the videos in the next days)

link for the youtube page: História de Bagagem - YouTube

link for the Incubadora DAO Report: https://gov.near.org/t/report-historia-de-bagagem-august

Short description of what was already done, with the interviewees wallets, etc.

  1. Tattoo Illustrator is a project focused on the collective creation of illustrators with works that are born on paper before being transferred to the skin. The project consists in building a mintbase with daily illustrations coming from designers to tattoo artists. Once transformed into NFTS, tattoo artists will have access to new possibilities for unique tattoos.

Inserted in NEAR, this project offers tattoo artists and tattoo studios a new financial language, presenting with NEAR PROTOCOL, a new way to transact money in a more collective and transparent way.

  1. Foto de Rua (Street Photo) is a project focused on allowing a platform for street photographers to sell their work online, in the form of NFT’s.

We will create a mintbase store for this purpose and create a rolling bounty to support photographers and help them mint and sell their work.

Every month we will have a photographer invited to present, through his eyes, a reading of immigration in his respective city. By making the photos available on our mintbase we are, at the same time, introducing to photographers and enthusiasts in general the NEAR PROTOCOL and all the benefits of being part of this community.

  1. Algo me mostra (something shows me) is an invitation to go sightseeing without leaving the place. Focused on being a project that values local tourism, “Algo me mostra” is a project that works from an experience told in the first person. A mix of images and a good chronicle, offering to the viewers’ eyes images produced from a smartphone and to the ears a personal and sincere narration of the experience of being there. The project consists in making videos of trips made in Portugal, presented through an unusual language for this type of content.

With 4 videos per month (one per week), the videos will feed the CUDO DAO video platform and will be made available on our mintbase offering tourists from all over the world a legitimate way to experience new places and a means to connect with the Near community.

Funds requested for the month of August:

História de bagagem

  • planning and scheduling of interviewees: 40N
  • social media: 20N
  • Total: 60N

Tattoo Illustrator :

  • 10N Mintbase to manage daily uploads
  • 1 design/NFT per day: 5N: 150N (30 days)
  • total: 160N

Street Photo:

  • 10N Mintbase to manage daily uploads
  • 1 photo/NFT per day: 5N: 150N (30 days)
  • total: 160N

Algo me mostra

  • 60N Production & editing of 5 videos
  • 15N Transcription and translation for EN
  • Total: 75N

Council Matters:

  • Council Work 70N x 3 = 210 N

Total 665 N


Thank you so much for submitting this wonderfully thorough proposal. Once @mecsbecs and I have had a chance to review it in the community has had a chance to leave comments, we will reply with next steps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@frnvpr and your mentoring was instrumental in doing that. We are very happy to start these projects =)


Hello @hevertonharieno, your proposal has been [APPROVED] and you may proceed to posting to the Creatives SputnikDAO for the 665N payout. Please remember to include the link to this Forum post in your payout proposal.

It was great to meet you yesterday and looking forward to seeing what CUDO DAO gets up to! :film_projector:


Thanks @mecsbecs, we are very excited about everything we can do for this community. Thank you very much for your support =)

We will ship the order shortly. Let’s go :movie_camera:


Let’s do it! I’m glad about us! :heart_eyes: