[Forum Meeting] Near Venezuela Members

Hello I’m @andresdom (Andrés Dominguez) from Venezuela, Let me introduce myself.

We are a company, dedicated to develop software located in Venezuela, since 2004, we started developing in Java, then we changed to python (django for backend) because the learning curve of java is high and is difficult to find developers. About front end we develop in Vue.js.

A few months ago we got into NEAR Protocol, and started developing smart contract in Rust.

With the help of @FritzWorm, @Arturoahs and @Nicolasp2 we introduce into the NEAR Ecosystem.

This is a little presentation about us:


At this moment we are working in DiR (Developers in residence) in two projects:

  1. NEAR-P2P Dex, about 5 weeks of develop at this moment. GitHub - NEAR-Hispano/p2p-dex
    [Report Week 5] Near peer to peer (P2P) DaPP NEAR-DEx

  2. NEAR-Book, is about a NFT MarketPlace for Books and it’s about to start next Monday 01/24

In addition to the Dir we have a development of a market place of nft for a client located in Canada, the project is called Venix, in mid-March it comes out on the mainnet.

Our goal for this 2022 is to achieve 40 developers NEAR certified and offer developing services of high quality.

We active participating in NEAR Venezuela and NEAR Hispano, making grow the comunity.

This is our Astrodao


Near Wallet: andresdom.near

Best Regards


Hello, my name is Samuel Navas, Venezuelan, I am currently 28 years old, I live in Buenos Aires. 2 years of experience in the blockchain world, before approaching near I was able to participate in chainlink and binance(bootcamps), training myself in both platforms.

Happy to be near my first approach was NCD Level 1, ([Mi Experiencia en NEAR Certified Developer Bootcamp L1 | by Samuel Navas | Dec, 2021 | Medium] where I got to know the protocol thoroughly and fell in love with it and the great community.

I am currently collaborating in the Near Venezuela Guild as the main Moderator of the Discord (NEAR VENEZUELA) and also supporting as a moderator in the telegram(@NearVenezuela), thanks to the opportunity that @FritzWorm and @Jloc gave me. I am also working on the Spanish Near Wiki project that will soon be launched to the community to have a greater presence in Spanish speaking.



Hello, I am Maria Eugenia Arevalo, I started my studies in systems in 1988, I knew programming languages such as RPG, C++ in my beginnings and for 34 years I have seen how the exponential growth of technology positively impacted the various areas of business, education, manufacturing , etc.

I am a Systems Engineer with a master’s degree in Management and Technology, but I am convinced that those who take this career become eternal students, so we are always updating ourselves in various certifications. As you grow professionally you are less technical and more focused on strategies. I have been in love with the world of cryptocurrencies for 04 years, as a good fan I have ventured into mining, personal investments doing trading, supporting bot developments among other things.

In November 2021 I arrived at a Near Venezuela activity organized by @FritzWorm, @Arturoahs and @Nicolasp2 and immediately fell in love with this project. I bet on the future and the future is in blockchain technology, so without hesitation I joined the Near Certified Developers NCD Level 1 program dictated by Near Hispano and today I am participating in the Developer in Residence with the support of @cloudmex -alan and @Cristian, with the P2P Near Dex project. It has been a wonderful and exciting experience. I bet on the future, I bet on Near Protocol as a platform for the development of applications associated with Blockchain, this is just the beginning.



Hi, my name is Bladimir J. Aponte @blad1 I live in Venezuela and I am a member of Near Hispano and Near Venezuela. I am a Systems Engineering student at Universidad Metropolitana in my last term. I started in Near through NCD L1 and I loved the experience, then @FritzWorm helped me to enter the DIR and since then I have been contributing hand in hand with @grex and the mentorship of @cloudmex-alan and @Cristian the project called 4myfuture which is an application that allows students of low socioeconomic status to find an opportunity to finance their academic goals. I’m very proud to be able to contribute to this community and continue to grow. You can see some of my work at Discord Github Stats gallery


Hi @FritzWorm Hi NEAReans

Hope you all are doing well

Thanks for creating again this space for everyone involved in the Near Community, his gov, and the different guilds we are participating in order to know and meet each other and to express the valuable work that we have been doing for the NEAR ecosystem

Without further ado, let me introduce myself and talk about my experience/duties/responsibilities / main activities:

As I exposed previously in a post in this forum, the way NEAR has impacted my life is huge full:

  • Firstly, I’m Luis Aponte, BA in International Affairs, living in Caracas (Venezuela) for the moment and with a huge experience in different fields. I have been working in cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2017 with the company of @FritzWorm about the mining process of crypto that was a huge rush back then. By that moment, I moved to Medellín (Colombia) and I worked in different jobs but I aimed the target when I started working for the City Hall of Medellin in a Tax Intelligence Project to avoid evasion of taxes, money laundering, and fulfillment of guarantee of the execution of fiscal policy. I met @AndreaB794 that is where I learned the importance of Social Worker and the impact this job has on society and minorities in Medellín and expanded my point of view as I’m passionate about governmental affairs.

  • Currently, I’m working in two different fields but with deep influence in the digital industry and international trade. I’m Director of Governmental, Political and Social Affairs of the Multilateral Chamber of Commerce and Cooperation between Israel and Iberoamérica (that includes Andorra, Spain, and Portugal) and I’m also a Supply-end Manager in Coliving.com (the #1 booking platform for coliving spaces). This part of me excites me so much as at these two jobs I have been able to execute what I studied.

  • As the icing on the cake, I found the excellent community of NEAR and its ecosystem that has achieved in me the opportunities in some much roles to earn deep-related knowledge and to build a strong work-squad:

. Leader of NEAR Venezuela Guild: I’m responsible for the execution, organization, delegation, and direction of all projects, development, leadership, and decision-making as well as long-term vision of the guild’s objectives

. Researcher/Investigator and Content Creator in Sankore 2.0

. Coordinator and Manager of Operations in NEARMUN Project.

. Coordinator of Operations and Onboarding New Members Manager in Palmeros de Chacao Project.

. Collaborator of Cryptobeer, P2P, and other development projects and tasks within Near Venezuela Guild.

. Creation of a Translation Squad including more than 5 languages for the content of NEAR community, Near Venezuela Guild, Nearwiki, etc with @Alecaseg @user1

  • As the last point, I’m a big fan of motorcycles, bikes and I’ll love to do motocross again. I’m training with bikes focused on MTB and cross-country. Also, road training takes more time. I love music but I have a little weakness for rock music, as I’m a current free-lance guitarist. I read a lot about geopolitics and security/defense stuff and I’d love to involve and integrate blockchain and NEAR within international trade, security defense, governments, etc

Hope this works for what this article meant to be. Thanks in advance

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Hi, my name is Julian

I am a biologist with a Master’s Degree (2005). Currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB). With expertise in Botany/Pteridologist (i.e., Fern Science :four_leaf_clover: ). Researcher at the Instituto Experimental Jardín Botánico in Caracas, Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), with some academic publications in books and journals.

Also, as a collaborator of Laboratorio de Ecosistemas y Cambio Global of IVIC, where I am participating in the evaluation of the vulnerability and risk of Venezuela to climate change.

I entered the crypto 2 years ago, with a lot of interest in gaining knowledge in this disruptive technology and making investments to improve real life. So, learning progressively as an enthusiast. I arrived at NEAR early in Dec, 2021 referred by @LuisAponte99, so I am one of the newest now in NEAR Venezuela Guild. @LuisAponte99, @FritzWorm, and @antoniopeascanio have seen my skills, and recommended that I contribute to the creation of written content, starting with the Palmeros de Chacao Project, counting two posts on Medium so far. I have been a friend of the Palmeros for 15 years. Within NEAR it has become clear to me to lay down solid knowledge and produce written content for DeFi, DApp, projects and other NEAR Guild, as soon as possible. This is the start !

The following sequence summarizes my participation and interactions with NEAR Community:

  1. Arriving, I started looking for information, signing up for the NEARVerse Portal Guild in TG (2021-12-21). Here my interaction. I have pledged to contribute to the Official NEAR Wiki. There I have been working slowly with @David_NEAR and Ivar (legal issues) on the Glossary of Terms/List of Acronyms, and as a consequence joined to The NEAR Wiki Avengers !!!

  2. Two weeks ago I met @Aria (aka, LaDevochka), with whom I have now joined the ranks of the NEAR Writers Collective (2022-01-19), to contribute and learn in the arts of informative content for projects or other guilds in NEAR. I am looking forward to it and very excited about the long-term results.

  3. Since I am the only fan of blockchain technology in my local academic environment, I am focusing on deep research of its real-world applications. Not only for NEAR, but also exploring foreign blockchain projects, where I think NEAR could enter, for obvious reasons (i.e., third generation technology, climate-neutral, Web 3.0, DAO’s, among others). I am excited about the Open Forest Protocol (OFP) and the DeBio Network, two projects in NEAR. I’ve been reading a lot about it lately. I have investigated other applications, but specifically in the environmental and biodiversity issues, which I manage in its historical development. About my searches, I never get tired of bothering to @FritzWorm by DM… I think we’re cooking something over low :fire: .

Since my entered NEAR, I have devoured/read part of the content of the Forum/OWS, to learn about the organization, structure and functioning of Community. It has been a bit fast, collecting the badges of Member (Trust Level 2) and as one of the two New User of the month to December. I frequently check Discord, but with little interaction with the community. I’m still assimilating everything I need to know.

I consider myself a good Researcher, and for Data Analysis with R Lenguage, but not so much for the surveys analysis :crazy_face: . I have to learn more about this.

I remain available to help my new community in any way I can.

Semper observandum



Hi everybody!! I’m Edward Vergel @grex :sunglasses: from Caracas Venezuela, I’m an active member Near Venezuela and Near Hispano, I’m a full stack and blockchain developer, lover of backend technologies, and a systems engeenering student in my last term. I love technology since I can remember, I decide to study Systems in first grade of high school, I started learning java from Youtube on NetBeans. After a long time playing with NetBeans in 2017 I heard about cryptocurrencies and how many people starting buying these assets, this made me curious how these pieces of code solved real economic problems for many people, from that moment learning how it works become one of my passions.

Once I begin univeristy in 2018, I started to develop class and standalone projects in JavaScript, using React.js and Node.js with different non-relational and relational databases, some time later I started to work in a software company here in Caracas. In October 2021 I see a notification in my mail about the a blockchain bootcamp about NEAR protocol, I didn’t think twice, here I meet my NCD I project partner @blad1, once we finished the program, @FritzWorm guide us to the Developer In Residence fellowship program and here we are developing 4MyFutureDApp with @cloudmex-alan and @Cristian guiding us to get the best results.

I’m really happy to be part and contribute to this community every day :rocket:.

My GitHub
Discord Legrev#6748
Wallet: grex.near


Greetings to the whole community!

I am always very happy to be able to participate in the discussion areas of the guild and other interested parties.

Without much preface, allow me to introduce myself :sunglasses::

I’m Nicolás Peña, BA in International Affairs, living in Caracas (Venezuela), and with a huge experience in different fields. I have been working in cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2016 especially in the educational area focused on cryptocurrencies.

It is a great joy for me to collaborate with the community! :nerd_face:


Hola a toda la comunidad mi nombre es Carlos Díaz soy licenciado en Desarrollo empresarial me gradué en la universidad Francisco de Miranda tengo 28 años,soy de Venezuela estado Falcón , Actualmente trabajo con todo lo relacionado a la blokchain , soy Trader tiempo completo desde hace más de 5 años conozco muy bien a los mercados financieros , Actualmente soy fundador de Near Falcon por Twitter por este medio comparto todo mi análisis técnico sobre Near y la gran mayoría de las Criptomonedas , también comparto análisis fundamental que también es importante a la hora de tomar una decisión con respecto al mercado , espero seguir creciendo con este proyecto como lo es Near, Actualmente sigo creciendo en conocimiento tomando cursos de diseño gráfico y programación … Saludos a todos :grin: También participo en los análisis semanales en el grupo Telegram: Contact @merchantsofnear Gracias al moderador @FritzWorm por invitarme

Mi wallet : nearfalcon.near


Hello everyone, great initiative.
I’m Arturo Hernández.
I’m from Carabobo, Valencia, since I was young I’ve seen the economic difficulties people had to faced in disfavored sectors and I decided to support social projects so I could help others. When I was 17 I joined a political organization to promote better initiatives for my city. Then, when I was 18 I entered the “Universidad de Carabobo” and study Law. As a student leader I promoted projects and courses to help young people to enter in the university in a easier way.

I was coordinator of the student center in the faculty of law of the Universidad de Carabobo and leader of the student movement for a few years until I graduated as a lawyer.

Since I was young I’ve worked in NGOs that promote the defense of Human Rights and also as a facilitator, I trained many new Human Rights defenders and attorneys.

I was the coordinator of the project FENIX in Valencia, financed by ACNUR (ONU) to help in a comprehensive way Colombians displaced by the guerrilla and irregular groups.

Also I’m former Secretary of the Permanent Commission of the Family of the National Assembly of Venezuela for two periods 2020 and 2021.


While I was doing my social and political work, I visited Caracas and met @FritzWorm and @NicolasP2, friends and workmates with whom I shared a humanistic vision about how important is to help people in precarious circumstances so we created a foundation called “Fundate” where we worked together into creating social assistance programs in Caracas and Valencia. This foundation received support from Bitdharma, company owned by @FritzWorm that had focused in the area of mining, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Since that moment I’ve interested in the world of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies and in 2021 @FritzWorm invited me to contribute with the ecosystem and organization of the Near Venezuela guild.

Since then, I’ve organized face meetings with devs, webinar, interviews, approach with universities together with @FranciscoGonzalezn whom is another valuable member of the team. Also, I’ve been the Community Manager of the Near Valencia social media, besides, we brought the CryptoBeer project to Valencia where we already did the first festival.

All these made with the intention of add more professionals and enthusiasts that could help us to expand our guild, and develop the OWS and Near Protocol projects and objectives.

We have currently finished designing with @franciscogonzalezn an educational project for conference-type courses to bring the content of Near Protocol and Blockchain technology to most of the country’s universities, which will also allow us to make agreements for the development of courses for students with program content taught by teachers who have been certified by Near previously

My expectations for the future are that Near Venezuela has a presence in all universities in Venezuela with teams of young people promoting solutions within the Blockchain and the Near Protocol.

Socialize the content and educate the greatest number of people so that they integrate the use of our technology into their lives.

I’m glad to work with this great team and be part of Near



Nice e-meeting NEAReans,

I am Aleida Castillo, better known as Alex Chateau, Venezuelan by birth, settled in the beautiful city of Repentigny, Québec, Canada. I studied English and French at the Venezuelan Army Forces Languages School by the 90’s. Since that time I have been involved in environments where I could develop my languages skills working as Guide at Teresa Carreño Theatre and as a teacher in Alliance Française du Venezuela, Metropolitana University, E.S.L. for Kids, until I owned a Language School called Escuidiomas A-B, later I sold it out and I joined the teacher staff at Loscher Institute and The British School Caracas just before come to live in Canada.

Years ago, I was introduced in the wonderful world of Stocks and Forex Trading by @Jloc, my nephew, who teached me technical and fundamental analysis and together we attended an advance Trading Course with Tecnología Financiera Team.

@Jloc began with the NEAR Community and talked to me about it. He guided me during my first steps and since December 2021 I joined the Translators team in the Guild NEAR Venezuela where specially @FritzWorm and @LuisAponte99 have been a great support with. I have organized a translators team for the Guild and set standards and guidelines for the development of translations, reviewing each one done before publications. I should also mention @sasha who gave me the opportunity in LearnNear Club, working with great people like @abdelillah77 in French and @jeph in Spanish and I am delighted with everything I have learned all this time through the translations about this universe called NEAR.

Now I just began the Twitter @CanadaNear to reach to most French speakers as possible and present what NEAR is about to my country home, Canada. I should thank @yehosua.near for his awesome job designing the logo for Canada Near!

Also I am working on the Spanish NEAR Wiki Project that soon will be available for the Hispanic community.

Always giving the best of us to all NEARians,
The best is yet to come!!!



Hello to the entire NEAR community!

First of all, I introduce myself, my name is Yehosua Guarata, I am 28 years old, I live in Caracas - Venezuela, I am a Publicist graduated from the Instituto Universitario de Mercadotecnia (ISUM) in addition to having a degree in:

  • Consumer Conduct
  • Personal Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Electronic Commerce

I have 4 years of experience in the areas of Advertising and Marketing and just over 2 years of experience in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Editing, in addition to pre-production preparation. I have been part of the organizing committee in charge of the marketing of 3 events in the Real Estate sector in Venezuela hand in hand with the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela, these are:

  • Expoinmueble Venezuela 2019.
  • Forzando la Barra.
  • Expoinmueble Venezuela 2021 (Digital Event)

Professionally, I led the Management of 2 advertising departments in the companies:

  • Asesores RMXXI (Real Estate company with 4 offices in Venezuela)
  • Innova7e (Advertising and marketing company)

My experience in Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is short but with a great desire to last over time.

I reached this incredible community thanks to @nicolasp2 who contacted me to edit some video tutorials for @FritzWorm. After presenting this work, @FritzWorm contacted me to start collaborating with the Near Venezuela Guild. About a month later I was contacted by Chloe, former leader of the Swine Guild, who invited me as a collaborator for her guild. I work with them to date even though we have not received income since November 2021. On Chloe’s recommendation I will begin to collaborate with the “Flying Rhino Degen” project , also I am working with @FritzWorm and @Maiker producing graphic and audiovisual advertising content for MetaPool. I have been collaborating with OWS for several months for whom I have produced articles, videos, infographics and graphic designs.

For Near Venezuela Guild, I produce graphic and audiovisual content such as:

  • Logos.
  • Banners, Flyers, Post and other graphic arts.
  • Videos.
  • NFT’s.
  • Videos.
  • Interviews.
  • Design for merchandiser (t-shirts, caps, glasses, etc)
  • and other tasks.

I have collaborated for projects such as:

  • Crypto Beers.
  • Chacao palm trees.

Currently I am 100% dedicated to NEAR, since I envision an incredible future for this blockchain and I want to be part of it. I am willing to continue collaborating with this project that needs my help in order to contribute to the growth of the Near Verse.

I say goodbye, thanking the entire community for its ability to include and provide many opportunities to all people who wish to contribute to this community. I remain available to anyone who needs my help for their projects.

Kind regards.


Hi @FritzWorm :grin:
I’m @maiker.near, I’m from the city of Caracas. Working in the design and marketing industry since 2019 with the following companies:

  • :house: RM consultants (a real estate agency) reaching the point of commanding the entire marketing department, I also worked on a project that even appeared on national television called the Venezuela that we project 2022

  • :mag_right: LIKE digital (creating commercials and designs for small businesses)

  • :computer: INNOVA7E (As graphic designer and 3d modeler)

I began my studies in computer engineering at UCAB and in the end I decided to move to the area of ​​film and animation at the IDC digital design school, standing out quite a bit in my area, I have taken several CREHANA courses, and I have never stopped learning I do not like to classify myself in something in particular because I try to give everything in any situation that deserves it, it would only be a matter of learning, practicing it and then being able to offer my services, I am always adding new knowledge every day to be able to grow in this world of work that moves at great speed.

I love working from home, I love remote work, for me it means less stress and more time to finish my tasks, among other virtues in my particular case, since I also have the necessary equipment to render animations or VFX in 3d, which is More than anything, it is what I like and what catches my attention, being able to create EVERYTHING you can imagine from a computer, whether it is the recreation of a meal such as bread and juice for advertising, such as an animation of an astronaut jumping in the moon in the style of a video game or whatever you want.

I got involved with NEAR thanks to an old co-worker in the marketing area @yehosua.near who invited me to see this world I went with him and met @FritzWorm I told him I wanted to be part of the team and here we are doing our best that I can offer, it hasn’t been that long, it could be said that I started at the end of 2021, but little by little I have been adapting to this new world thanks to the help of Luis Aponte, Friz, Yehosua, Nico, Chamocripto.

Since then I have worked for projects such as METAPOOL making illustrations, banners and infographics, helping the NEAR VENEZUELA guild as a Christmas banner, making the logo for P2P, logo and shirts for the palmeros of Chacao and now I am with Fritz in a very ambitious NFTS project with Magic Near in which I will be in charge of creating creatures and illustrations, also participating in community contests.

In summary I am specialized in:

  • :globe_with_meridians: 3d area using programs like BLENDER, CINEMA 4D, ZBRUSH

  • :newspaper: Very proficient in Adobe programs like InDesign (magazines, books and others), Illustrator (logos), Photoshop (for illustrations and designs, flyers, NFT), After Effect and Premiere (for videos).

  • :musical_note: FL study for the musical area

my expectations for this 2022 are very clear, me working from home contributing my help with everything I can and learning a lot after the process, reaching an estimate of earnings that allow me to meet my goals and improve my team more and more, It will be difficult but I don’t see it as impossible, also to make Near known to the world since let’s say that I have the facility to reach several people. and well that would be all, I say goodbye without first saying that here we are always waiting to help you, thanks for everything. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

wallet: maiker.near


Greetings family and happy start to the week, my name is Leyner Aponte @laponte243, an active member of the Near Venezuela and Near Hispano guilds.

I’m from a city called Valencia in Venezuela :venezuela:, I’m an information engineer with more than 5 years of experience developing software, after working for a few years in business intelligence I went back to study programming and learned various languages such as php and python, it was in mid-2020 that I began to read more about the world of smart contracts, I studied solidity with the cryptozombies :zombie: platform and in 2021 it was that I met Fritz, he taught me about this magnificent community of Near protocol, I made the NCD with Near Hispano winning first place and now I am in DIR, in which we are looking to give a new face to literature by giving it a home in web 3.0. using nfts.

Here is my github account where you can see the future of that project and those to come.



Hello everyone in the Near community. My name is Frank Cardenas and I introduce myself from Caracas-Venezuela, with the desire of sharing a little of my trajectory on cryptocurrencies’ world and specifically my great experience in this community. My travel started with the bought of an Antminer S9, in the middle of the year 2017 that, by inexperience in this world, never turned on or worked on the right way. I want to mention that, if that machine would have turned on in 2017, today I would have been able to generate about 5 bitcoins, which today represents almost 200k. Because of that mistake, we learned about the mining subject and Mineria Virtual was created, an enterprise that since 2017 until today was handled by selling courses of mining and trading.

The Enterprise has worked by many ways along its trajectory on Venezuelan and international market, what started as a little entrepreneurship became a well-known enterprise at international level, especially in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and Chile. At the same time, we work for the Binance enterprise with its Binance Spanish project, making publicity, webinar and a group of activities with the goal of spreading the cryptocurrencies adoption.

Today, Mineria Virtual has given more than 1000 courses of trading and mining matter, our students handle on a fluid the cryptocurrencies and understand the value that the particular projects have. Thanks to all that experience, I got into Near really convinced that it’s one of the most solid projects of the present moment.

I will share you two posts, one with near OWS content and the other with trading content.

Trading Post 9.7k views, OWS 12k

The principal focus that I want to apport to the community is the marketing knowledge and trending topics, my plan is humanize the Near community media in general, with activities where users that are part of their net, that work and live day by day to make grow up the community, start showing their faces on social media, for the public understand that it’s not just a protocol, it must be clear that behind the screen of a computer or a cellphone, human beings who believe on a project are participating and feel comfortable sharing it. My first goal will be the creation of a traders net inside and outside the Near community that can give professional analysis of the projects that right now are in development. The goal is to make trading tournaments and create strategic channels with OWS so all can enjoy analysis and intelligence in the market. As a second goal, the marketing plan will humanize the DIR, searching spread its functionality and how you can participate with them. This will be successful with a group of videos of our developers that, in the present day are DIR, on those videos can be seen: what is DIR? How can I participate in this movement? What do I have to know as basic to participate?

In conclusion, the ultimate goal is make Near well known not just as a cryptocoin, but the first project that proves what its team is made of and how they work day by day.


Buenas tardes comunidad Near Venezuela, mi nombre es Ariana Victoria Moreno, soy Licenciada en Administración de Empresas, soy Músico, especificamente Cantante, tengo 12 años de experiencia en producción de eventos, tengo un banda músical desde hace más de 10 años llamada Surconciente, tengo un Diplomado en Coach y Mentor en Ventas en EcoArgentina y soy integrante y fundadora de la Fábrica de Cerveza Artesanal Fría.

Llegué a Cryptobeer y a Near, por la amistad existente entre cerveza Fría y Cheers Factory.

Fritz wagner me invitó a liderar el proyecto Criptobirra, en el mes de Noviembre conociendo mi pasión y experiencia realizando eventos culturales, iniciamos el ciclo de actividades.

Hemos realizado ya casi 10 eventos, donde hemos aprendido muchísimo y dónde cada vez tenemos más ideas para implementar y aumentar exponencialmente tanto los integrantes de la comunidad Near Venezuela como los consumidores de buena cerveza artesanal venezolana.

Queremos lograr ser el evento líder en el país donde se proyecte Near y la Cerveza Artesanal Venezolana.


Hello NEAR family!

Jose Luis Ortuño here writing from the North of the South (Venezuela).

About me

I’m 29 years old, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, by a beloved family of engineers.

I am a free diver, in my free time, I do scuba diving and spearfishing, so yes, I love the sea and sports related to it.

I’m also a craft brewer, and I like working from my brewhouse to share a co-working space with friends while we are on duty enjoying good beer/wine.

I’m very passionate about blockchain technology, and of course, what NEAR has to offer. I’m sure that we are making history. With the help of this incredible multi-cultural community, we can make significant positive impacts on people’s lives.

I love to travel, and of course, I’m planning to attend the next NEAR CON, so get ready to meet in person!

I’m enjoying my journey inside the NEAR ecosystem, and I hope to keep growing and generating value for this project.

My path in the crypto-world

I have been related to Bitcoin since 2009. Shortly after, I created a business building mining equipment facilities.

Then I started my trading career in the stock and forex markets while getting my engineering degree.

Since then, I have been involved with several cryptocurrencies projects, and I have never stopped trading.

I have been teaching about trading and cryptocurrencies since 2015.

I have worked with NEAR for over 5 months, contributing as a Project Manager, Moderator. And also, I work for the Guild Ops Team.


Background encompasses a successful record in implementing process improvements, programming and database management, software design and development, training, system testing, troubleshooting, installation and upgrades coordination.

Proven success in project leadership, relationship management, process improvements, quality control, methodology development, technical road mapping, benchmarking, and systems analysis. While working with various aspects of innovative / legacy operating systems, networks, servers, software, and peripherals.

Offer a unique approach to everyday problems that balance innovation and discipline. Exceptional analytical and strong troubleshooting skills with the ability to identify potential problems, evaluate alternatives, and implement positive solutions.

Education and professional development

  • Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineer final concentration in management, Universidad Santa Maria, Caracas Venezuela 2016.
  • The Foundations of Happiness at Work, Berkley University 2018.
  • Six Sigma: Define and Measure, Technische Universität München, Fall 2019.
  • Project Management Life Cycle, Rochester Institute ofTechnology 2020.

Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian Gonzalez, I from Venezuela and I am 18 years old. I start programing with gdscript to c++ developing game engines like unity, godot, etc. With the experience of c++ I turn into frontend and backend with NodeJs, Express, React and VueJs.
One day I get a link to an course of blockchain, the NCD L1, from my university (Universidad Metropolitana) chat, I heard that before so I was curious and I take it. And get into its world of blockchain and Near was super, the first time I see something like its, computers connecting with others like a swarm and executing functions of code that i wrote. That’s why I decide to enter in the DIR program with the idea of my partner @DarioFS. The idea of my partner is a marketplace of professionals services, BlockJobs, but no for only sale my services, you can create a dispute and get back your blocked NEARs, mimic Kleros. This project is supported by @cloudmex-alan and @Cristian and all the others coworkes of DIR in NEAR hispano. In its discord link you can see how the project is going.

NEAR wallet: stolkerve.near


Hello my friends from NEAR Venezuela and NEAR in all the world, my name is Juan Enrique, NCD L1 and NCI.

I am a Systems Engineer, Full Stack programmer, I have experience in Unreal Engine/C++, Unity2D/3D/C#, I have done projects in Python, Kotlin, JS, but currently I am focused on Typescript, Assemblyscript and Flutter/Dart.

In the same way I am in a Rust Programming Master, because I have several ideas for the ecosystem.

My level of written English is quite good and my Spanish grammar is great, so I have worked with several translations with @FritzWorm , @Jloc , @Alecaseg , @LuisAponte99 and @nacho.near .
I extend congratulations for being a great team, because we have generated an efficient and very well coordinated team.

Translations Learnnear.club Spanish November update
Learn Near Club Translations ES December

I have experience in staff training, so I have made 2 videos for Mintbase about how to create the store and how to mint nft.
Mintbase Youtube - Como Crear tu Store en Mintbase y Mintear tu primer NFT
Mintbase Youtube - Como mintear tu primer NFT & como desarollar las ventas (version corta)

I also translated some Mintbase Medium articles from English to Spanish.
[Bountyin STANDBY] Translation of existing articles about Mintbase. 20 to 30 USD in NEAR

I made the translation of Paras from English to Spanish.
GitHub PR Paras Spanish language added

I have been in the crypto ecosystem for a couple of years, mainly learning how to create in the various chains, and which are the best chains for users, I think there is no need to comment the answer, but I will say it, so that there is no doubt, NEAR obviously.

A little personal information, I have been an administrative supervisor and manager in physical stores, I have extensive experience in customer service, so I always focus on the user having the best possible experience and on staff training, so I am very interested in creating guides to develop in the NEAR ecosystem.

I am sure that we never stop learning, and that we must continue updating ourselves day by day and growing personally and professionally.

I am confident that we can help scale the blockchain to be used in everyday life around the world.

Your friend…


Hello to the whole community, my name is Carlos Díaz, I have a degree in Business Development, I graduated from Francisco de Miranda University, I am 28 years old, I am from Venezuela, Falcón state, I currently work with everything related to the blockchain, I have been a full-time Trader for more I have known the financial markets very well for 5 years, I am currently the founder of Near Falcon on Twitter, by this means I share all my technical analysis on Near and the vast majority of Cryptocurrencies, I also share fundamental analysis that is also important when taking a decision regarding the market, I hope to continue growing with this project as Near is, I am currently growing in knowledge by taking graphic design and programming courses… Greetings to all  I also participate in the weekly analyzes in the Telegram group: Contact @merchantsofnear Thank you to moderator @FritzWorm for inviting me

My wallet : nearfalcon.near