[Proposal] 4MyFuture DApp


4MyFuture DApp is a crowdfunding application for students belonging to private universities, institutes or academic training courses, where those students with limited resources may seek financing from the NEAR community of the world or from third parties who have funds in NEAR, each student must demonstrate with certified notes , proof of studies and their socio-economic condition in order to verify their situation to qualify for this resource, as well as the amount required in dollars for this purpose, in addition to carrying out an accumulated academic index higher than 65% in their scale academic for opening the fundraiser. To enter the system, the students must upload a post to the platform telling their story, results are their short-term objectives, along with the amount of NEAR calculated to cover his/her need, then any member of the community will have the opportunity to support with the number of NEARs and the number of times they wish to contribute over time, the post will end successfully once it reaches its goal.
The funds collected will be deposited in the applicant’s account while the goal has not been completed, during that time the user must promote his application through social networks, explaining what 4MyFuture is, its benefits and how it is changing his/her life in favor of achieving his/her career goals.


Taking into account the current situation in the world, 4MyFuture DApp will be of great benefit to a large number of students who want to improve themselves with a university degree, but unfortunately do not have the necessary resources to achieve their professional goals, in this way NEAR together with 4MyFuture DApp will become the students’ first ally on their way to the future. Continuing with the idea, all those students who wish to promote themselves with the platform and its community will learn in parallel how the ecosystem works, they will get to know the great community behind it, supporting its growth, strengthening over time, unifying and finally adding value to the ecosystem.


The platform could expand into other areas such as startups and their financing, hospitals and donations of resources, foundations and loans.



Awesome, I will help you guys with this

Cc: @cloudmex-alan


Hey guys, do you pretend this to be a Developer in Residence project? Would be great to start it!

We can have quick call just to do a kickoff.

Look at this @Cristian


Hi Alan ! Yes that’s our DIR project!! we can make a call, contact me to schedule !

my Discord: @Legrev or Telegram: @esedw