Sandbox [January 2022] Reward Claim of [ame99#5610] [ame9986.near]

Hello, Open Web Sandbox Team.
I hope you are doing well :hugs:

Claim 1

Type of activity:

[Content Translation ]

NEAR-related content

Link to Result:

(1346 words * 25/500)

Estimated Reward : 67,3 USD

Claim 2

Type of activity:

[Content Translation: Work with social media ]

Link to Result:

Estimated Reward : 7* 2 USD= 14 USD

Claim 3

Type of activity: [Social Media Channels ]

[ Post on active social media sustain, grow and promote NEAR ]

Link to Result:
Occasional tweets

Estimated Reward : 50 USD

Claim 4

Type of activity:

[OWS Journey Feedback form]

Link to Result:

I fill the OWS Journey feedback form back in December, but as the form said, I’m claiming the reward in January.

Reward 2$ NEAR

Estimated Final Reward:

[$131,3 + 2$ NEAR]

Thanks!! :hugs: :pray:

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Hello, thanks for your work, approved :white_check_mark: please keep in touch with the Hispanic community for further communications / tasks.

About the survey can you tell me the day you filled ? There is mistake on the Discord Handle, cant confirm is it is yours.

Cheers :beers:

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Hello! I’m sorry about my mistake in my Discord Handle. I did the survey on December 28th. I hope this can help you find it.
best regards

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Hey, you even got my invitation link, who invite you hahaha ?

Please check this post, share some time with us there so we all can know each other better: