[Forum Meeting] BeatDAO Community

Hello NEAR Community!

BeatDAO is on-chain since late November 2021. We’re a DAO created by music producers, for music producers. After being in the NEAR ecosystem for a while (7 months), we decided to introduce its members to the broader community on NEAR, in order to let you know who we are, what we are doing, what role we have in Creatives DAO, and what we’re working on in order make it as a DAO.

Quick overview what BeatDAO did:

What BeatDAO is doing and working on:

  • BeatDAO is an active council member in Creatives DAO with 176 casted votes,

  • We’re supporting music producers and musicians on NEAR, by buying their NFTs to the BeatDAO’s treasury,

  • Building our own space in NEARverse with the huge help of NEAR HUB,

  • Providing free music knowledge by world-known professional music engineers and producers via Music Clinic,

  • Highlighting talents within our community by Beat Attack,

  • Running community engagement activities like Hip-Hop Trivia on Telegram, Rhymes N Flow, Flippin Samples, or Re-making Show,

  • Working currently on an NFT PFP project in order to strengthen even more our community, and build a fundament for the upcoming tool, which we’d like to implement in the long-term run (works behind the scenes have already started).

If you are a member of the BeatDAO, or you are aspiring to be one, please share some info like:

  • Your music portfolio and experience,
  • Your experience with crypto,
  • Your other passions,
  • Your social media,
  • Your NEAR wallet name.

Moreover, feel free to add answers to the below questions in your introduction:

  • When did you join BeatDAO?
  • Where are you from?
  • What impact BeatDAO have on you, your career, and your skills?
  • How you would like to contribute to the BeatDAO community in the long-term run?

We’re looking forward to our further development in the NEAR ecosystem and expansion as a DAO!

Stay Creative,
BeatDAO Council

P.S. Please don’t forget to share your NEAR wallet, as we have something special for you as a member! :wink:


Let me open the floor! :slight_smile:

I’m Paul, based in Poland, founder of the BeatDAO (along with @vandal), making music since late 2011, I’m a self-learner in that matter.
I’m also a council member in NxM DAO (#nxm-dao) and in DAOrecords (#daorecords).

BeatDAO has a meaningful impact on me and my skills as a producer, as I believe that I’ve grown thanks to the collaboration with other producers and rappers, that I met on NEAR, and of course thanks to Music Clinic my self-learned knowledge can be updated with professional know-how around mixing.
Currently working on an EP with @Dedeukwu.

I’ve entered the crypto world at the beginning of 2021 (but I was thinking about that since March 2020 :sweat_smile:)

I’m really excited that I’m able to experiment with DAOs and music, learn new skills, get to know the essence of a DAO, and meet new folks here, it’s definitely something unusual and special, as only sky is the limit here!

Highlighted productions (before 2019) from my portfolio (previously known also Krasnal):

My wallet: crans.near


Hello guys, my name is Mayowa 'Big M ’ Fatokun, based in Nigeria, member of council in BeatDao and ReggeaDao.

I have been making music since 7 and it has been an amazing journey and experience for me.

Being in the ecosystem is a big leap in my career and it has been a joy to br part of this amazing group of talents.

I have released two albums so far:.
Lion Man in 2020
RapSoulDi in 2022

I have done many collaborations with a lot of creatives in this space and many are still in the pipeline.

Thanks for this opportunity



This explains it all, am happy to have joined last year and I’ve been working on my tracks which i think are ready to go one NEARverse. Thanks for being here to make things easier for us musicians.


I’m Emmanuel aka skthealternator from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a music producer and a crypto enthusiast. I’m also a council member at BeatDAO.

Personal Details
Music Portfolio - YouTube Channel

*Crypto Experience
Became a crypto enthusiast back in 2020 and it’s been amazing so far.
My first interaction with NEAR protocol actually started with a contest i participated in back in July, 2021 called “Think You Got Skillz Beat Meet 2021”. TYGS

My Other Passions
Apart from music, one thing I also enjoy is trading. A little bit of traveling.

Social Media

Near Wallet

I joined Beatdao back in January 2022, won my first beat contest on the dao too.
I’ve participated in a lot of activities in the dao since then. (Beat Attack, NEARnauts anthem, Regular beat contests etc)

It is really amazing to see that there is a platform in the crypto space that represented music production.
I’ve been able to also learn something new from every Episode of Music Clinic that we have monthly on BeatDAO.
I’ve also met amazing people in the community, get to connect, share ideas and support one another.
Currently Working on something with @Only1bizzy


Yo my fam @Paul i’m excited for what we’ve shared since last year from NxM to building communities now we making a super E.P Album joint :cd: :purple_heart:

Nuff respect BeatDAO fam I’m a member but plan to be more active maybe through a cross DAO collaboration I’ve got in mind, i am Dedeukwu with an Alias Metahuman Dede used to be Spunky black ( guess that was my web2 name lol ) been rocking the NEAR web3 ecosystem and DAOrecords since February 2021, founded C1 Guild with @JCB and helped built the NxM DAO with the fam. I farm, do charity stuffs, build and perform in the Metaverse and i love collaborations so much haha.

Breed up in Aba southern east of Nigeria making Hiphop and theatre activities since 2007, studied Theatre art and English N.C.E in Alvan Ikoku college of education m,Imo state ventured into Borehole Engineering as a skill later owned a night club in Asaba before the pandemic been holding Bitcoin since 2019 before i found @vandal through Osinachi then things took another positive dimension and i deleted my web2 distribution plan after 2 months of research on audioNFTs, blockchain and the Metaverse lol, I’ll feel free to drop YouTube link to my first C1 presented freestyle video and first official collaboration below:

12:30 Freestyle Video - YouTube

This method seem fun and helping us identify with ourselves the more, I’ll take it to my DAOs big shoutout everyone building.

Wallet: dedeukwu.near



Yes cross DAO Collaborations are necessary. Looking forward to cooking something up @Dedeukwu and @Paul !


Hello Fam
I’m Temay also known as TJ YOUNGY from Delta state But I reside in Lagos island lekki Nigeria.I’m a music producer, a songwritter a rapper

Personal Details
Music Portfolio - https://portal.alltrack.com/dashboard

*Crypto Experience
My first interaction with NEAR protocol actually started with a contest i participated in back in May 2022 called “Beat attack
On May 6th 2022 and it was a wonderful experience
My Other Passions
Apart from music,is food :bread: bit of traveling
And swimming

Social Media
Instagram @tjyoungymafia
Twitter @tjyoungymafia

Near Wallet

I joined Beatdao back in March 2022,
I’ve participated in a lot of activities in the dao since then. (Beat Attack, Regular beat contests etc)

It is amazing to be in a platform in the crypto space that represented music production.
I’ve also met a lot of amazing peoples in the community, we connect talk and ideas and support one each others

It’s a privilege to be here


Hello Fam
I’m KELECHUKWU popularly known as COTMUSIC, A Rapper/ Music producer based in Lagos Nigeria, An active member of BeatDao and the NxM community at large

I’ve been making music for close to a decade now, with vast knowledge and experience in the music industry as a musician but Officially starting music production in 2019

Music Production Portfolio


I entered the crypto ecosystem late 2021 and it has been nothing but amazing so far

Joining the NxM community has been one of the best thing that happened to me this year
I’ve been able to fund my first project as music producer “FIRST WAVE” which is now exclusively available as NFT on NxM platform

And also being part of the BEATDAO community has been nothing but amazing and inspiring, Won my first Beat attack challenge last month

Being part of the BeatDao community, I’ve been able to grow as a music producer, having to contest alongside other amazing producers has pushed me out of my comfort zone to do amazing things
I’ve met other amazing producers too that I’d love to work with in the nearest future

Currently part of the team working on the long anticipated BAYOR EP
Also part of the team working on the Blaqk stereo Dao Guinness world record

Social Media



Wallet: cotmusic.near


Hello Beatdao Fam, I’m The Tune, a Versatile Singer and positive/open minded Aesthete, from Lagos Nigeria,

I have always loved to make musical sounds since my childhood, from drumming at church from early childhood to singing at the back of classes at junior school and secondary, I’ve had the stuff in me.

Somewhere along the line after graduation from institution, i found myself in a situation that made me feel making music, anyhow, at God’s pace for me is what should be my major calling. It happened to me in 2019, since then i have been creating awareness about my music how i could, little by little.

Somewhere along the line i came across the Near protocol communities in C1 and Beatdao, at which eventually i was introduced to more Near Daos. It was really great joining the crypto Daos/Communities.
Knowing myself, i started asking questions and connecting upon joining the system and it has helped me greatly as a musician. So many positives i have accumulated and i am thankful to the communities and creatives which i have worked with and will work with. I can say that BEATDAO is MY favourite Dao because i love the fact that i can collaborate with producers from there and make really good music, it’s that easy for me, i just want to make good music and beauty with positive souls and turn them into digital assets in NFTS.

This strategy has helped me buiild myself, others, and the BeatDao community. I also want to give a shout out to all producers in Beatdao and those i have worked with, cheers to more collaboration and Positivity famz.

Portfolio of projects 



@Thetune01 Telegram.

I love to connect and develop positive relationships with balance,

I have passion for creativity, my life has been more beautiful and meaningful upon joining the Near ecosystem,

I am a excellent solo dancer, but this part of me is rarely seen.

joined the Beatdao in Novemebr 21 and i am happy to be amongst the musicians in the Near Mixtape by BeatDao Nxm and Daorecords

I am from Lagos Nigeria,

Beatdao has given me Marketable content as a Creative soul, i am so happy these assets have come about,
I have Grown a lot as a entertainer, acquaintances have been so happy about my progress as a musician, Beatdao has added to that CAUSE.

Well i am loyal to Beatdao, I studied marketing and anyway i can use that to work with Beatdao would be fantastic!! As a human and marketer i am pretty versatile, i have also brought in some great producers into the DAO and believe to do more as regards Growth of BeatDao. Looking forward to collaboration with Beatdao with NewDao spirityut brewing also. Peace fam :heart:



Hi, fam.
Techdirector is proud to be the part of such a great community.
Writing beats and music almost 19 years. i’m from Belarus (last Europe country with a f…king dictator)Work with independent movie makers, video shorts, have DJ experience, doing remixes and bootleg reproducing.
BeatDAO taught me a lot and inspire all the time :kissing_smiling_eyes:


true for 100%
I’m also the part of the D-layer It is United Belarus DAO NFT agency, we are looking for cross-dao collabs.
Also i’m doing anaREC project. The tracks from prerecorded analog sounds of the world. It is the only one part of it.


I am Larry Tadafe. I go by a couple of nicknames “Fiaskid, Larrsfiaskid, Larrsman”.
I am from Delta State in Nigeria. I am a singer, composer, songwriter, and producer.
I have intermediate skills in playing the Keyboard and acoustic guitar. I am a self-taught musician

I was given a 10 minutes crash course on how to make beats using fruity Loops in 2009. Still learning and getting better to date.

I was introduced to the NEAR ecosystem by @augustKinge; a friend closer than a brother, at the tail end of the year 2021.

My first interaction with BeatDAO was taking part in the Rhymes n Flow event in May.
I have a couple of raw, unedited, and incomplete music works which I intend to put together and publish using the NxM and BeatDAO platforms.
Also, I am looking forward to completing my first collaborative project with fellow BeatDao and NXM Members @Andrew and @BigM007 .
I have a strong desire to engage in many more collaborations.

I grew up singing in the church choir, I love listening to songs on the Radio, especially RnB.
I have a knack for playing trivia, answering questions, puzzles, playing games (chess, scrabble, PS4), I take my time to repeat movies, I love dancing and choreography, teaching, acting, and directing, as well as engaging in sports (football, basketball), and physical fitness exercises.

IG: @l_fiaskid
Medium: @larrsfiaskid
wallet name: larrsfiaskid.near


Hello BeatDao Fam
My name’s Abdulrahman Damilola alias “Scarman” with the Near tag ( ace17.near) ,an Afrobeat singer and song writer From Nigeria,
I joined beatDAO around April 2022.
To be honest BeatDAO has really been amazing for me the opportunity to create and connect with other artists whilst gaining knowledge with Renumeration from the DAO is really amazing.
BeatDAO has helped me see beyond my usual scope of music , opening my eyes to a whole new other world I didn’t have access to from the start of my career. Might i add that I’ve known about crypto as far back as 2018 but i really got into crypto right around the period i joined BeatDao so it’s also been instrumental in my crypto journey.
Started Making music professionally around October 2016 but prior to that i had immense love for music hence i was a regular music freestyler nothing serious though.But through out the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with other creatives where I’m from and it’s been a self fulfilling journey even though i know i haven’t broken the iceberg yet.

BeatDAO is a solid platform for all artists in Web3 and Web2 music too and I’ll love to contribute my quota into making it a much more better platform for all artists including myself to much more better showcase our creativity and talents.
You can follow my socials
Twitter; @_ace17king
Instagram ; Scarman Diop
Here’s a link to a few of my songs and profile on audiomack do give it a listen ; http://Audiomack.com/artist/Ace17
PS : My near tag is my near wallet name
Thank you BeatDao for the immense opportunity
Glad and honored to be a part of the family


You forgot about your NEAR wallet! :wink:


Name is John Wike, artistic name is Li9htbulb.

I’m artistic in every medium you can think of.

Been making music for some time now.

Got grant from NXMDAO to produce PHOENIX EP which is available as NFT on mintbase at johnwike.near on Mintbase & for streaming on Tamago at TAMAGO

Enjoy creating music in Web3 and the BeatDAO. Lots of cool activities in the platform.

I wish BeatDaO more success in the years to come.




:face_with_monocle:leave it here


Wassup BeatDAO, WASSUP!!! :fire::fire::fire:

My name’s Gabriel. I’m a singer, songwriter, and a fledgling music producer. I play a little piano, a little guitar, some drums, the recorder :smile::smile:
I currently live in Nigeria.

Because music production is not my strongest suit, I have settled to enjoying the immense talent gathered on the platform BeatDAO has provided. There are incredibly talented producers on BeatDAO :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and fire :fire: rappers and singers too.

I can’t forget the amazing opportunity of having world-class mixing engineer Blake Harden share insights in a live workshop and our last Music Clinic workshop where I got my first live professional guitar lessons.

BeatDAO gave me the opportunity to create a masterpiece with @Mubzy titled “Feeling Lucky” (link below). I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible people and get opportunities.

Check out some of my songs on Tamago

Wallet ID:



Am Olakunle Owonikoko A.KA LehLeh am Artiste and a song writer… I based in Ibadan city and I do reggae and dancehall as my genre of music.

My near handle is LehLeh.near.
My Instagram handle is LehLeh007
My E-mail address is lehlehreggae@gmail.com
My Telegram handle is OfficerLehleh

I joined beat dao, March, 2022 and it been a wonderful experience since den.

I started singing at a very tender age and have recorded many singles through the thick and thin experiences I have pursuing music

I have an album to my credit as an artiste which I titled Babylon-2-Zion… Babylon-2- Zion is a conscious compilation of reggae songs to expresses what we go through in life daily.

Below is the link to the jobs that I have done:


I started making music on the portatone Yamaha 270 as an amateur utility church musician in a small church in ikorodu Lagos ,all the experience I had before hand was from watching my siblings do music in their little choir groups and at home , i come from a family of musicians,I’d make simple patterns and composition on the church keyboard as i always wanted to be a producer and performer . I went ahead to University at the Lagos state university to study mass communication(communication technology)i also at some point got a certificate in presentation at pefti Lagos, and afterwards pursued my career as a keyboard player in church . next I started doing band music and have played with Nigerian Afro soul singer Djinee and later MI Abaga of chocolate city and now Incredible Music ( one of the most influential Rap icons in the Nigerian music industry till date) and this exposed me more and Fueled my passion to create my own sounds . I worked as a co - producer on “MI2” (The aforementioned rappers second Album) on two tracks featuring Praise ( RNB / souls singer ) and Ruby Gyan ( Afro soul singer of chocolate city/ loopy music ).I moved on to work with more artistes and got production credits on “Lafiaji “Album of another Rapper ( two time lyricist on the roll,best rap song of the year winner(2015) in the Hiphop world award in Nigeria, a song called “King Kong” multiple award winning rap song in Nigeria. And I walked away with 8 songs on the mentioned album (Lafiaji)my production credits with artists on this album include , Vector tha Viper,Jesse jags, Falz the Badguy, Vanessa mdee,Phyno ,Reminisce, just to mention a few .
I am the Soundbenda by the name Licious Crackitt and it’s such a journey so far with the near proctocol and Beat DAO , I’m a producer , singer/rapper/ songwriter based in Lagos Nigeria , the source of Afro beats and I joined the Beat Dao December Last year ,and so far my experience as a creative has changed , I have participated in the ecosystem as a producer , artiste and writer , I wrote about my Web3 experience and my article was published on the metaverse magazine . I won 2nd place in beat submission contest on Beat Dao and have been opportuned to collaborate with Nearxpublish , Paul Crans , on a recent song release “ who did that” that is presently on the tamago open mic contest, please vote and wish me luck .lol. We also minted on mintbase and with the love and support from friends in the nxp Iv been able to secure my mintbase store with lots of releases in the kitchen and soon to come as I’m presently collaborating with beat Dao friends and fellow artistes and producers …I’m also proud to say I was one of the testers of the tamago app before it became public, my experience here has opened my mind to more possibilities and I dream of becoming a near evangelist everywhere I go . It’s been a hell of a ride so far and I look forward to more !!
I’m presently working on various recordings with near artistes like @Dedeukwu @Scarmanbaba @BigM007 @reespect @TheTune100 and I’m hoping to put together a project in the near future , hopefully with the support of the BeatDao community’s .I’m also putting ideas together to create a legacy here on the near ecosystem for others to get inspiration and support . My Twitter and Instagram handle is @liciouscrackitt and my wallet is lishdey.near …