[Guild Intro] “Beats DAO”


The NEAR Protocol has proved its mettle with the creation of guilds so far has generated commensurate traction for the near protocol using music, poetry, soundracks as an avenue of expaniding the NEAR ecosystem. The evidence of this lies in the number of musical artistes onboarded, audio NFTs minted and the revenue generated from the sale of these NFTs.

Who We Are:
A novel DAO that would be Called “BEAT DAO”. This DAO would be ecosystem supporting music producers around the world with regards to expanding NEAR Protocol and using its tools in the daily life.

Council Members

crans.near @Paul
freedomandflow.near @JohnX


Our Goals

Our goal is to support music producers from around the world using NEAR protocol. Create unique environment in web3 for beatmakers and producers where we’ll be encourage them to use NEAR Protocol by creating opportunities where they can participate.

Plans and Ideas

  1. Plans

For the Month of November

NEAR Mixtape Vol. 1

The BEAT DAO would be handling the production and launch of the NEAR Mixtape. The mixtape would contain 10 tracks which would be participatory of all interested music producers and musical artistes within the NEAR community. Council member @Paul is in charge of the oversight of this project and here is the link 3 to a complete outline of the NEAR Mixtape’s execution.

Beat Attack (after Mixtape release)

The BEAT DAO would be handling “Beat Attack” show. This show will be occurring twice a month in the Metaverse (The Playground, with a little help of @Vandal, if he’d like to help with setting up the stage J ). At this show one music producer or beat maker will be creating beat live. The show will be preceded by promo artwork, minted in the in The BEAT DAO store. After the show, created beat will be minted as NFT and uploaded to the YouTube (after artist approval).

Beat Attack show should kick off at the beginning of the 2022.

SWYG – Show What You Got (after Mixtape release)

SWYG will be theme music contest on Discord. Participants will get one week to create themed music or beat and submit those on Discord, community will get one week to vote for the best submissions. When voting will end, 3 winners will be announced with the following rewards

1st place - $100 in NEAR,

2nd place - $50 in NEAR,

3rd place - $25 in NEAR.

Winner with the first place will have his/her neat minted as NFT and will be included into royalties. The show will be preceded by promo artwork minted in the BEAT DAO mintbase store.

SWYG show should kick off at the beginning of the 2022.

2 . Ideas (long term)

Onboard music producers who are seeking to make a transition into becoming audio NFT creators,

Promote music producers and NEAR Protocol

Scout for relevant and skilled musical artistes to be onboarded on other musical oriented guilds

What’s Next?

We will be submitting a proposal to Creatives DAO for funding to kick off some of the initiatives we have outlined above for November 2021 funding.


If you have thoughts or questions just drop em below. The team is going to add to, edit or remove various elements of this working document before launching into the November Funding Proposal.


Hey @JohnX sorry it’s taken me a while to reply with some feedback to this introduction. I’m happy to be guiding council for Beat DAO and to lend my experience and help to ensure the smooth growth and development. I’m happy both you and @Paul have taken the lead on this and wheat I’m reading here is looking pretty good to me.

I am happy to donate 5 N to help set up the DAO if someone wants to go ahead and do it!


Great @vandal … Fellow council member @Paul is creating the DAO on Astro…

Swift Lift off for the BeatsDAO/NxM

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