[REPORT] BeatDAO Monthly Recap | July 2022

BeatDAO Report for July 2022

BeatDAO on Astro

[Forum Meeting] BeatDAO Community


On-chain members in total: 26

BeatDAO is a council member in Creatives DAO ecosystem and its second most active DAO.

Total casted votes: 272
Votes casted in July and August: 68

Proposal for July - [APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | July-22

Completed June objectives:

The objective in progress (more info in summary):

Uncompleted objectives (more info in summary):


  • Entrance to the DeFi, which will allow us to build self-sustainability in the DAO and independence in the long term,

  • Metaverse land is on the final stage of preparation, NEAR HUB has confirmed mid-August as the date of completion,

  • 2 new members added on-chain,

  • 6 on-chain users have taken part in voting on BeatDAO proposals

    • cotmusic.near (8 votes)
    • techdir.near (6 votes)
    • teezyindo.near (5 votes)
    • dedeukwu.near (2 votes)
    • thetune.near (2 votes)
    • elkhush1.near (1 votes)
  • 291 users on Telegram (12 new joiners),

  • 911 followers on Twitter (5 new followers),

  • 193 followers on Instagram (67 new followers),

  • 4 new NFTs minted in the BeatDAO Store (57 copies in total).

Payout in total - $1500
  • crans.near $300
  • wizzow.near $300
  • skthealternator.near $300
  • 16mspstory.near $300
  • fatokunmayowa.near $300

First of all, we’d like to thank all of the music producers and artists who are staying with us during these hard times, as we have noticed that since the market crash engagement in web3 dropped a little bit.

Due to the delay of funding in July (we received it in the second week of August), we haven’t managed to complete the Music Clinic proposal (the first one in our DAO existence), as we haven’t had available funds to pay in advance for the workshops. With that being said, we decided to not continue the live workshops
on the monthly basis, we might start it once we’ll notice the demand in the community for such activity.
As $400 was received to our treasury for Music Clinic, we decided to use that surplus for DeFi, thanks to that we deposited $1k to LP FLX<> NEAR on ref.finance (more in the report above).

BAYOR is still in progress project, so far we have one ready song, still, 4 to go. The premiere is planned for November 2022, and the deadline for submission is the end of August.

Starting the next month (September) we decided to restructure BeatDAO a little with the below changes:

  • Till the end of 2022, we will be requesting funds on a bi-monthly basis
  • Each council member will have to deliver his own report for DAO management
  • No more paid rewards for beat challenges
  • Beat Attack will be put on hold till the further notice

In 2022 we are going to have two big shows which we would like to focus on:

  • BeatSplash in October in collaboration with DAOrecords, DJ DAO, and NEAR HUB (proposal will be available soon)
  • BAYOR release in November with collaboration with DAOrecords and GraffitiDAO

Furthermore, we will be organizing socializing events in BeatDAO Mansion connected with loose beat challenges!

Thank you for your support!

Stay Creative,

This report will be used to claim DAO management reward by the BeatDAO council.


Well detailed Report. Thanks brother for this :heart::raised_hands: