[APPROVED] BeatDAO Funding Request for January 2022

Hello NEAR Fam,

BeatDAO was created in the middle of November, however we are moving forward quite fast. With our activities and actions, we’re engaging almost 50 community members so far, constantly creating new music, opportunities and network.
If you are curious of our activities from NOV/DEC and management, please feel free to check our report.


Target: beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near

AstroDAO link - Astro

BeatDAO mission is to support all music producers from around the world and build a new music ecosystem on NEAR along with the NxM Guild. As we are at the beginning of our journey, we would like to request $5k in $NEAR for below activities:

1. NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 Hosted By BeatDAO

2. Beat Competition January Edition

3. Beat Attack

4. Bounties

We would like to set up a bounty to create an opportunity for graphics designers to prepare flyers for the upcoming Beat Attack show. Also, part of the bounty we would like to dedicate for the NEAR Mixtape promo (Twitter contest, screen sharing of the event of Mixtape premiere on Twitter).

Funds requested - $350

5. Stores creation

We would like to set up two stores: “NEAR Mixtape vol.1 hosted by BeatDAO” and “BeatDAO Store”. In the first one, only the Mixtape related NFTs will be minted, however our second store will be used for posters minting, beats from “Beat Attack” show etc. The “BeatDAO Store” will help us to monetize our actions and grow in the long term!

Timeline - beginning of January (when BeatDAO receive funding)
Funds requested - $200

6. NEAR Mixtape premiere in The Playground

We would like to have an event premiere in The Playground, Cryptovoxels. This parcel belongs to DAOrecords, therefore we have to pay a fee for rent.

Timeline - 8th of January
Funds requested - $50

7. DAO Management

As all activities demands from us dedication, being systematic in our actions, pro-growth attitude and our time, therefore we would like to use 30% of received funds to cover our management activities, which are: handling social media (Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Telegram), handling all activities related with the BeatDAO, sharing awareness about the advantages of the NEAR Protocol across the music producers and creation of the new opportunities for others.

Timeline - end of January
Funds requested - $1500

Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000 in $NEAR

  • Final payout to artists for NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 hosted by BeatDAO; $2000,
  • Beat Competition January Edition; $300,
  • Beat Attack; $600,
  • Bounties; $350,
  • Store creation (2x7N); $200 (1N - $14.32),
  • NEAR Mixtape premiere in The Playground; $50,
  • DAO Management (@Paul, @JohnX )1500

We are also looking for new council/councils who would like to join us, as @vandal recently has left various DAOs/Guilds

Stay Creative,
BeatDAO Councils


Tagging councils for feedback @chloe @tabear @frnvpr @JulianaM


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Great work @Paul! I really love what BeatDAO has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time and looking forward to the NEAR Mixtape Launch! Would be great to see some marketing support maybe with @marketingdao-council to help give it the exposure it deserves! Alternative, there’s Flying Rhino Guild that is assisting with social media campaigns. Anything that can involve the entire ecosystem would be awesome. I hope NEAR main accounts retweet and share this!!!


Thank You J!
Indeed, any help with the exposure will be much appreciated!

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Hello team!

We are happy to approve, but before we request that the guidelines are more closely followed. In this case, there are missing individual project topics.
For example CUDO does it well (approving in the community before requesting): CUDO DAO - NEAR Forum

I will also paste here the link for the proposal guidelines:


Thank you!

(we are trying to keep all proposals standardized)


Thank you @frnvpr ! I’ll definitely have a look on it in order to get future proposals more standardized.

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Hey @creativesdao-council, I’ve updated proposal based to provided guide, hope it’s ok now. :slightly_smiling_face:




BEAT DAO had a few proposals created individually, that is what’s missing from the January Proposal.

Bear with us, please :pray: We are trying to have every proposal be as standardized as possible. Usually, DAOs should first create individual proposals with their own tag, so that the respective community can engage with the DAO council.

It’s those links that should be present in the general proposal to the Creatives DAO.

1 cool example:


Sorry for misunderstanding from my side…
I’ve updated posts related with BeatDAO’s activities and added beat-dao tag there in order to get better engagements.

Should we also create single proposals with “Beat Attack Show” and “Beat Competition January” or we can do it on Sunday?

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Thank you so much!
In general, all proposals should have individual topics :pray:

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Cool, they’ll be in an hour!

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@frnvpr corrected based to your guidelines, may I ask for feedback ?


Thank you for the updates!

Proposal is hereby approved, please request the payout of 330,6N from the Astro DAO (coingecko 5.1.22, Portugal, 20:34, 1N=15.12$)


Thank You for your help and your guidance! @tabear @frnvpr
Much appreciated, it will be helpful for our future proposals!


Hi @Paul and BeatDAO crew! This looks super exciting and I would love to get involved as a council member if there is availability! I am currently a council member of the Graffiti DAO and would love to get involved with more Hip-Hop inspired DAOs! I am also a producer and musician and took part in the first Beat DAO mixtape :slight_smile:


Super cool @mwhyden !
I think, that you are one of the most suitable members here, to join BeatDAO councils.

@JohnX what do you think ?