[REPORT] BeatDAO Monthly Recap | June-22

BeatDAO Report for June 2022

BeatDAO on Astro


On-chain members in total: 24

BeatDAO is a council member in Creatives DAO ecosystem.

Total casted votes: 204
Votes casted in June: 53

Proposal for June - [APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | June-22

Completed June objectives:

The objective in progress:

June upgrades:

Payout in total - $1500
  • $300 crans.near
  • $300 wizzow.near
  • $300 skthealternator.near
  • $300 fatokunmayowa.near
  • $300 16mspstory.near


Another busy and fruitful month for the BeatDAO. We have managed to implement a couple of upgrades and changes within the community, please check the above details to familiarize yourself with the updates.
We will not provide the report for Rhymes N’ Flow June 2022 as no money is involved in that activity, also the deadline has been extended for that fun, and winners will be announced on BeatDAO and NEAR HUB Twitter account in July.

Stay tuned, as more is going to come!

Thank you for your support!

Stay Creative,