[Approved] BeatDAO Funding Proposal for September - October 2023


About BeatDAO

Beat Dao is an international syndicate of music producers that utilize web3 technology to collaborate and showcase their music in both physical and digital experiences.

Through collaborations with artists and performers from around the world, the collective offers a diverse sound that encompasses global cultures and perspectives. Spanning a variety of genres such as hip hop, dance, edm afrobeat and pop, the Beat Dao syndicate pioneers the future of sound and experience.

It is a DAO that incorporates the art of making music and minting on Near dApps and other related sites.

The DAO houses several accomplished and up coming producers from different countries who have found a way to co exists under the BeatDAO family. They have also found ways of collaborating and growing the Near Ecosystem through various collaborations which are already minted or in the process.

BeatDAO on AstroDAO

Sputnik BOS BeatDAO

[Report] BeatDAO Activities July - August 2023

BeatDAO Membership

This form was created to collectively organize ourselves as a community. BeatDao.io is officially live and our next step is to get a solid picture of our community needs.

Beat Dao Community (google.com)

Community Calls with Creatives DAO

Jon Blok, Wizzow and Big M have always represented BeatDAO at community calls

Team Background

Our council members are diverse music producers from Nigeria, Indonesia and the United States, each serving as web3 ambassadors in their homelands.

@jonblok - jonblok.near - Jon Blok on near.social

is on-chain as one of the earliest web3 music artists and producers since 2018. He’s an active member of the community and produces a show called Rok the Blok that focuses on web3 creative culture. The show averages 1.7K views per episode.

@wiswiz - wizzow.near - Wizzow on near.social

is an award winning producer and MC who has worked with indonesia music award winning artists since the early 2000’s.

@Bigm007 - mayowafatokun.near - Big M on near.social

Big M is a creator. He is currently a council in BeatDAO having being called to service in April last year and this has contributed immensely to his growth as a creator and Near builder. In the past, he has handled several bounties such as BeatDAO Re- making Show.

@Skthealternator - skthealternator.near
Flipping Samples and community moderation. Over time, we have built the synergy and working values which have enabled us all to work together regardless of race, religion or other orientation.

Achievement information

1. Website

Music Producer & Musicians Services

A wide-ranging roster of Music Producer & Musicians and labels spanning across all music genres: we leverage our solutions towards independent artists eager to reach local audiences as well as global success.

2. Social media

BeatDAO on Telegram

BeatDAO on Youtube

Every BeatDAO activity, we will promote on our youtube channel, with the aim to Reach 4000 Hours Viewer Time and 1000 subscribers on YouTube, can be arranged for royalty streaming of our content for future sustainability.

BeatDAO on Instagram

BeatDAO on Twitter

Cypher Alley

We’re collaborating with Dao Records and NXM to develop a metaverse environment for the art of freestyle rap. By joining forces with these organizations we’ll be able to expand the overall reach of the event while showcasing the collaborative unity within the Near ecosystem.

BeatDAO Mansion on Near Hub

BeatDAO on Mintbase

Beat DAO Legal Wrapper


Beat Dao is becoming a collaborative home for international music producers and performers to connect. With award winning talent and accomplished artists as community members, the ‘mainstream’ appeal of Beat Dao and the benefits of NEAR web3 technology continues to grow. Through previous contests and awards for producers and recording artists we’ve shown our unwavering commitment to our community. Maximizing the website that we have created to promote Creatives activities and promote Near Blockchain technology, we’ll continue to inspire our community and share the latest in tech and artistry with the world.

Utilization of NEAR Technology

All of our projects will be available on ALL major streaming platforms while our digital collections and NFTs will be available exclusively through Mintbase for purchase. Our previous NFT offerings and collections have all been offered through mintbase as well. Beat Dao also operates the metaverse headquarters in the Near Hub. And all are integrated directly by our website beatdao.io.


(June - July) Internal structure and systems
• Creating the Beatdao.io website
• Organizing our public facing content, contests and initiatives
• Crafting our media and press materials
• Collecting data on the needs of our members

(August - September) Wave 1 Rollout
• Attending IRL events
• Releasing content and projects
• Setting up revenue making opportunities for our community

(October - December) Wave 2 Rollout
• Attending IRL events
• Releasing content and projects
• Promotion in all member countries

DAO’s Milestones for proposal

  • Generate profits for our members and new ways to market and sale music
  • Spotlight the new release of a Beat Dao community made project
  • Send an Ambassador to another country to share information about Beat Dao, Creatives Dao and the Near ecosystem
  • Sponsor the production of a popular youtube show to feature exclusively the artists within the Near community

[APPROVED] Beat DAO funding for November 2021

VanDAO x BeatDAO Present - The ‘Rare Vandal Anthem’ Beat Hunt

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[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | April 2022

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[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget August, September and October 2022

[Approved] BeatDAO Funding proposal for June - August 2023


[PROPOSAL] Project 1 Beatdao on Beatstars Phase 1

BeatStars is a digital production marketplace that allows music producers to license, sell, and the world’s largest, many producers in various countries became famous starting from Beatstars. BeatDAO within Beatstars will be integrated with beatdao.io
Nothing is impossible, if in the future BeatDAO will be connected with the music industry and famous musicians in the world, this is one of our dreams.
We will include the Creatives DAO logo on every instrumental beat distributed on BeatDAO. For payments for Beat Instrumental sold, BeatDAO will transfer to members with Near Wallets.

By paying for Pro Page services we get

  1. Upload Track Stems Unlimited
  2. Sell Sound Kits
  3. Sell Services
  4. Custom Pro Page Website
  5. Use your own Domain name
  6. Offer Membership Plans
  7. Create Blog Posts
  8. Google Analytics Integration
  9. Facebook Pixel Integration
  10. Tiktok Pixel Integration
  11. 3rd Party Marketing Integrations
  12. Instant Payments
  13. Accept PayPal payments
  14. Accept Stripe payments
  15. Sell On BeatStars Marketplace

Beatstars Pricing

Expected outcome:

  • 5 to 10 mainstream web2 & web3 media writeups
  • Onboard 100+ new artists into Near community
  • connection with the Beatstars community
  • BeatDAO will earn revenue and we hope to be self-sustainable
  • Every purchase of Beat Instrumental, the client is entitled to an Exclusive Music NFT from BeatDAO
  • Make a type beat/beat for sale promotional video on youtube by including the Creatives and NEAR logos, this will attract people on web2 to join BeatDAO and Creatives on web3
    *Promote NEAR Blockchain with featured projects, low transaction costs and carbon neutral

Activities & Timelines:

  • Upload every month 5 - 10 music and prepare stem tracks, for us to sell on Beatstars
  • prepare the artwork for every instrumental beat that we will sell
  • Deploy press release, marketing materials and social media campaign
  • Made a “type beat/beat for sale” Beatstars promotional video by including our logos BeatDAO, Creatives and NEAR
  • Create digital collectibles (NFTs) and prepare mintbase store
  • Establishing a written agreement with the music producer for management profit sharing
  • Payments from the client to BeatDAO then to the music producer with a Near Wallet


Beatstars Pro Page a year $180
Beat Instrumentals Artwork for 2 months $200
Curation service for 2 months $100
Press Release $175
Editing and Promotional Youtube Videos BeatDAO on BeatStars for 2 months $200
$10 giveaway only for 5 music production for 2 months $100

[PROPOSAL] Project 2 Only 1 Bizzy EP

We introduce Only 1 Bizzy to our community, he is a talented and promising Afrobeat Musician with a great voice.

He is currently working on an EP, with 5 songs and working with one of the Indonesian producers, @Wiswiz

Only 1 Bizzy will distribute the EP throughIDE Timur major record labels from East Indonesia, then we will make special NFT Music together. BeatDAO takes 20% of the royalties.

Our plan is to make a Music Video with a director @Bigm007 with video editing from Indonesia called Noven

Big M


Cooperation with music labels and distribution for web2

Only 1 Bizzy will feature one of the biggest rappers/musicians from Indonesia named Ecko Show

Expected outcome:

  • Creating more awareness about Creatives content and NEAR BlockChain
  • Audience Engagement: Releasing an EP album can help artists engage with their existing fan base and attract new listeners. It provides fresh content for fans to enjoy and share
  • Promotion and Visibility: EP albums can serve as promotional tools, generating buzz and media attention for the artist. They can be used to attract the interest of record labels, music blogs, and industry professionals
  • Building positive sentiment by highlighting NEAR as the best technology in entertainment and music. Building positive sentiment by highlighting NEAR as the best technology
  • Using BeatDAO Mansion NEARHub’s experience to promote and perform shows to the general public
  • pass all the necessary information to create experiences within NEARHub, NFT Marketplaces, Music Stream, BOS and Near Social.
  • BeatDAO will earn revenue and we hope to be self-sustainable
  • Promote NEAR Blockchain with featured projects, low transaction costs and carbon neutral
  • Career Progression: For emerging artists, an EP album can be a stepping stone to further opportunities, such as securing gigs, collaborations, or signing a record deal

Activity & Timeline

  • Production & Recording - finished in May
    to take vocals from the Ecko Show planned for the second week of August*
  • Mixing & Mastering - 1 week in August
  • Creating a Music Video Script - the 3rd week August 2023
  • Music Video Creation - Early September 2023
  • Music Video Editing - September 2023
  • Minting on Mintbase or musicfeast.io
    EP release on Web2 (Spotify, iTunes, Tik Tok Music, Resso, Deezer, Langit Music etc)
    Uploading On YouTube - early September 2023
    Scoring Tamago playlist - early September 2023
    Promoting Content - September & October 2023

Releasing Music NFT

  • Unique Digital Collectibles: NFTs enable musicians to tokenize their music, turning it into unique digital collectibles. This uniqueness and scarcity can attract collectors and fans who value owning exclusive content
  • Direct Fan Interaction: NFTs allow artists to directly connect with their fans and offer them exclusive experiences or rewards tied to the NFT ownership, fostering a stronger community
  • Revenue Generation: Selling NFT music can be an additional revenue stream for artists, especially if there is demand from collectors willing to pay a premium for the exclusivity of NFTs
  • Creative Control: Artists can experiment with different formats, remixes, or alternate versions of their music as NFTs, providing fans with unique experiences that might not be available through traditional music channels

It’s essential to note that both creating an EP album and releasing Music NFT come with their own challenges and opportunities. Success in the music industry often requires a combination of talent, marketing, and strategic decision-making to reach the desired audience and achieve the intended goals.

Artist Only 1 Bizzy $100
Music Produced $200
Studio $120
Mixing & Mastering EP $150
Music Video Director by @BigM007 $225
Food & Drinks $50
Music Video Editor by Noven (Indonesia) $100
2 Models for Nigeria ($40/person) $80
1 Model for Indonesia $40
TOTALS $1065

[PROPOSAL] Project 3 Rok the Blok “Near Community” Sponsorship

Hosted by the animated version of DJ/producer Jon Blok. This late night style talk show features web3 creators and their amazing projects. With 1.5K - 2K views per episode on youtube, the show is well produced and a great way to spotlight the Near community in an exciting and highly entertaining way.

Previous Episodes of the Show

Expected Outcome

  • Showcase Near creators on a youtube show with 1.5K - 2K views per episode
  • Increase engagement with Near projects for a brand new audience
  • Inspire the Near community to showcase their projects outside of the Near ecosystem
  • Release 4 episodes of the show featuring Near creators exclusively
  • Produce informative and engaging videos. Mix educational content about Near Blockchain with entertaining elements related to music and entertainment.
  • Make sure the video is well paced and visually appealing to keep viewers engaged.
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails that accurately represent the content of videos and entice viewers to click.

Activity & Timeline

  • September 1 - 8: Select and Interview guest 01 for the show

  • September 8 - 15: Show production and release episode 01

  • September 15 - 22: Interview guest 02 for the show

  • September 22 - 29 Show production and release episode 02

  • October 1 - 6: Select and Interview guest 03 for the show

  • October 6 - 13: Show production and release episode 03

  • October 13 - 20: Select and Interview guest 04 for the show

  • October 20 - 27: Show production and release episode 04

Episode 01 animation, production and promotion $300
Episode 02 animation, production and promotion $300
Episode 03 animation, production and promotion $300
Episode 04 animation, production and promotion $300
TOTALS $1200

[PROPOSAL] Project 4 Funding Request - BeatDAO at NEAR APAC 2023

@Wiswiz will be representing BeatDAO at NEAR APAC, September 9-10, 2023, at Thiskyhall - HCMC. and we want to get acquainted with the community and new people there, happy to discuss sharing some ideas and introducing BeatDAO to visitors who attend.

Expected Outcome

  • Increase in Community Size Organically, The engaging and informative nature of the side event is expected to attract new members on BeatDAO and Creatives.
  • Connecting with other members of Creatives DAO in person
  • Obtain information, increase the level of insight and knowledge about NEAR Blockchain technology
  • Our main goal is to promote BeatDAO and all our projects
  • Our plan is to hold a music showcase with @vandal from DAORecords
    If there is a shortage of funds at the event, I will use personal funds or communicate with our 3/4 councils of BeatDAO

Activity & Timeline

  • September 8 departs from Jakarta for Vietnam, arriving at 9 or 10 pm
  • September 9 - 10 coming to the NEAR APAC event
  • September 11 lived in Ho Chi Minh City
  • September 12 returned from Vietnam to Indonesia

Flight Cost

Flight dates 8 September and 12 September 2023

This is a screenshot for a return ticket to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Vietnam from Soekarno Hatta (CGK), Indonesia
Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate closer to the departure date
agoda.com place to stay

Travel Expenses
A round-trip ticket $320
Transportation and food $100
Homestay $120

[PROPOSAL]Project 5 Always on BeatDAO Quiz

This proposal is to ask for Near funding for a Trivia Quiz on Telegram called Always on Beat DAO, which aims to increase community interaction within the application and share knowledge about the history of the development of hip hop music. Because the community at Beat DAO mostly likes hip hop music.
This trivia will contain 25 questions asked over 10 days and

This is also an effort to attract Beat DAO around the world so that community members and friends can join in and learn about NEAR and also want to participate in trivia.

Expected Outcome:

  • Increase the number of members
  • Enable member presence (active)
  • Broaden your knowledge and understanding of music
  • Add a new wallet from a new member
  • Strengthen community communication

Activities & Timelines:

Each question earns 0.2 N

Format Trivia every 2 day

3-2-3-2 (4 days)

3-2-3-2 (4 days)

2-3 (2 days)

Total 25 Trivia Quiz 5 N

3x correct questions get 0.2 N x 5 = 1 N

10x correct questions get 0.5 N x 2 = 1 N

25x correct questions get 1 N x 1 = 1 N

Total amount and additional prize 8 N ($20)

Get Music NFT gifts from BeatDAO

AMOUNT (USD) $20 x 2 - $40

Project 1 Beatdao on Beatstars Phase 1 $955
Project 2 Only 1 Bizzy EP $1065
Project 3 Rok the Blok “Near Community” Sponsorship $1200
Project 4 Funding Request - BeatDAO at NEAR APAC 2023 $540
Project 5 Always on BeatDAO Quiz $40
DAO Managements (Instagram/Twitter/Discord/Activities & Mobility Managements)
@jonblok $300
@BigM007 $300
@Wiswiz $300
@skthealternator $300
TOTALS $5000

DAO on-chain Address : beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Stay Creative, Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@jonblok @BigM007 @skthealternator



Guys this is awesome :star_struck: but first kudos to a clear and well understandable proposals, went through your work and there’s impressive and I hope this funding brings more traction to this wonderful DAO and hope to collaborate soon.

I’m working with famous dancers which we’ve started up a DAO to host several dance event to promote NEAR and we would love to support Creative DAO by collaborating with Music and Beat Communities, also Amapiano or any community that deals with sound so we can use and promote your sounds on our dance events.

Went through your website some cool :sunglasses: beats you got there, keep it up :+1:
Peace out :v:


Hi! I’m Jon Blok, a council member of Beat Dao. Yes, let’s definitely connect and see how we can collaborate. Feel free to hit us up on telegram so we can continue the chat. Thanks for reviewing the proposal and reaching out too.


This is great! I’m lovin’ the ideas​:sparkles:
I’m a Female Rapper and i hope i could collaborate and i always support BEATDAO​:fire:
Keep it up!


Please join us by clicking this link



thanks @jonblok your job is awesome



Thanks for posting this! We definitely want to get members to join for access to content and community


The proposal was granted approval on August 20th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:

Regarding feedback on your project and the proposal, please check the report:

Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:


wow! this is impressive
you really have something big here.

Well Explained Proposal I saw :partying_face:
Just like Beats are the part of life similarly Beats are mandatory for NEAR Ecosystem
Loved your Work would love to check it in September and October

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Glad to hear from you.

You can join our community by clicking this link

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You can join our community by clicking this link

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