[Approved] BeatDAO Funding proposal for June - August 2023

Background Information
Beat Dao is an international syndicate of music producers that utilize web3 technology to collaborate and showcase their music in both physical and digital experiences.

Through collaborations with artists and performers from around the world, the collective offers a diverse sound that encompasses global cultures and perspectives. Spanning a variety of genres such as hip hop, dance, edm afrobeat and pop, the Beat Dao syndicate pioneers the future of sound and experience.

It is a DAO that incorporates the art of making music and minting on Near dApps and other related sites.

The DAO houses several accomplished and up coming producers from different countries who have found a way to co exists under the BeatDAO family. They have also found ways of collaborating and growing the Near Ecosystem through various collaborations which are already minted or in the process.

Community Calls with Creatives DAO

Announcement BEATDAO Councils

Team Background
Our council members are diverse music producers from Nigeria, Indonesia and the United States, each serving as web3 ambassadors in their homelands.

@jonblok - jonblok.near - Jon Blok on near.social
is on-chain as one of the earliest web3 music artists and producers since 2018. He’s an active member of the community and produces a show called Rok the Blok that focuses on web3 creative culture. The show averages 1.7K views per episode.

@wiswiz - wizzow.near - Wizzow on near.social
is an award winning producer and MC who has worked with indonesia music award winning artists since the early 2000’s.

@Bigm007 - mayowafatokun.near - Big M on near.social
Big M is a creator. He is currently a council in BeatDAO having being called to service in April last year and this has contributed immensely to his growth as a creator and Near builder. In the past, he has handled several bounties such as BeatDAO Re- making Show.

@Skthealternator - skthealternator.near
Flipping Samples and community moderation. Over time, we have built the synergy and working values which have enabled us all to work together regardless of race, religion or other orientation.

Achievement information

  1. Social media
    BeatDAO On Telegram
    BeatDAO on Youtube
    BeatDAO on Instagram
    BeatDAO on Twitter

  2. Cypher Alley.

  3. BeatDAO Mansion on Near Hub

  4. BeatDAO on Mintbase
    a total of 22 Music NFTs out of 210 Music NFTs, 26 Music NFTs sold

  5. BeatDAO on near.social

  6. Beat DAO Legal Wrapper
    Onchain Members: 34

Beat Dao is becoming a collaborative home for international music producers and performers to connect. With award winning talent and accomplished artists as community members, the ‘mainstream’ appeal of Beat Dao and the benefits of NEAR web3 technology continues to grow. Through previous contests and awards for producers and recording artists we’ve shown our unwavering commitment to our community. With the introduction of new metaverse events and IRL talent showcases, we’ll continue to inspire our community and share the latest in tech and artistry with the world.

Utilization of NEAR Technology
Our current project and debut ‘Volume 01 Compilation Album’ will be available on ALL major streaming platforms while our digital collectibles and NFTs will be made available exclusively through Mintbase for purchase. Our previous NFT offerings and collectibles have all been offered via mintbase as well. Beat Dao also operates a metaverse headquarters on Near Hub.

BeatDAO Volume 1
BeatDAO Championship Rap IRL
BeatDAO Website
BeatDAO events on Near Hub and Cypher Alley

DAO’s Milestones for proposal
Receive 5 to 10 writeups in web2 mainstream press about Beat Dao and Near
Receive 5 to 10 writeups in web3 press about Beat Dao and Near
Host 3 to 4 IRL events in 2023
Onboard 100+ new active artist members into our Near community
Generate $10k - $20K of digital asset sales and acquisitions in 2023

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[PROPOSAL] Project 1 Beatdao Album Volume 1

‘Beat Dao Volume 01’ is a collaborative album featuring 5 super talented international producers. Serving as the template for future releases of it’s Dao members, the album is being released on ALL major streaming platforms to attract new members. The high production value of the songs and Near’s commitment to the arts will serve as the main story arc for the mainstream media. Digital collectibles will also be created as unique offerings for the web3 community while demonstrating to the general public how music can be monetized using Near technology. With contributors from Indonesia, Nigeria and the United States, the album will show the global unity of the Near community and it’s commitment to the arts.

Activities & timelines:

  • Draft 2-4 targeted press releases about the project + Near
  • Create social media and marketing materials
  • Deploy press release and social media campaign
  • Create digital collectibles (NFTs) and prepare mintbase store
    (Q2 & Q3: Apr - Sept) “Good Music” Public Awareness+
    Promote the album and talent to web2 music lovers and media outlets
    Promote the album and talent to the web3 community and media outlets
    (Q2: Apr - Jun) “Show em’ what you got!” Talent spotlights
    Host talent searches and contests to engage and onboard new members
    (Q4: Oct - Dec) “Shake yo’ Moneymaker” Monetizing your art
    Showcase and support artist releases and projects for sale

Expected outcome:
5 to 10 mainstream web2 media writeups
5 to 10 web3 media writeups
Onboard 100+ new artists into Near community
Generate $10K - $20K of digital assets on mintbase

Printed Flyer: A physical printed card with info about the album and our social info
2 - 4 Press Releases: Each press release will have a specific focus or lead story such as: “Near supporting Creatives” “Beat Dao as an International Music Syndicate” “Spotlight of the songs” “Technology advancing Music” etc.
Digital Collectibles: The NFT collection and artworks will have to be created

Budget Breakdown
Amount (USD)
Album Engineer - $100
Album Artwork - $125
Album Streaming Distribution + UPC - $45
Printed Flyer - $300
Draft 2-4 Targeted Press Releases - $175
Create Digital Collectibles - $715


[PROPOSAL]Project 2 Beatdao Championship Rap

Music is a tool for change and most importantly marketing. Most activities we organise in BEATDAO are web3 related, hence, my proposal to make a proposal for a real life event which will be hosted once in a month.

It is called Beatdao Championship Rap. This is a real life event similar to Ultimate League Rap which involves rappers battling for prizes and getting points for excellent performances.

The location will be around the University of Ibadan, where the Polytechnic Ibadan also is not far from. The aim is to be able to get youth to be exposed to the crypto space easily and being onboarded into web3 through BeatDAO and participate in web3 activities.

This is no doubt going to be fun as it aims to bring together rappers of different kind in real life, engage them with the sole aim of marketing Near to them.

Activities & timelines:
10rappers, 3Winners.
Duration: 1 month.

There will be auditions and videos will be sent to BeatDAO’s YouTube/ twitter/IG, contestants with the highest engagements will make up the 10 initial rappers.

Rappers are going be paired with one another by doing a random raffle selecting method.
10 contestants would be paired in twos. Making it 5 battles.The best between the pairs would move to the next level.

Level two involves an Acapella performance to the judges, where only one would be eliminated reducing the number of contestants to 4.
Level three involves pairing in twos for 2 battles. This time they’d both have two challenges

  1. Battle rap with a beat
  2. Battle rap without a beat (Acapella)

The best between both pairs would advance to the final stage.This is going to be very cheap as the budget will not be more than 1240usd
Three winners will share 250usd ($100, $80, $70)
Expected Attendance: 150

Radio Partners: Splash FM (SplashFM 105.5 Ibadan)

Expected outcome:

  • Introducing the web3 world under the Near Protocol for Musicians and Music Producers at Ibadan, Nigeria.
  • Increasing optimism in the world of entertainment and music by highlighting NEAR as a promising technology.
  • Attract creatives into web3 through BeatDao
  • Enhance BeatDAO’s/Near presence in the real world
  • Create near wallets for new creatives and ensure they transact with the wallets through minting of NFTs and participation in bounties.
  • Evangelize with Near for visitors and musicians who are present to bring their music, for us to offer it to become NFT Music into Beat DAO on Mintbase and Tamago

During the final show, there will be Near Educational talks to enlighten the crowd about impact of Near Ecosystem in the real world by @BigM007 and producer’s music workshop by @skthealternator

Place of Event: PlatNum Nite Club

Tickets will be POAPs sent to participants’ fans by BeatDAO
We can sync it with Cypher Alley.

Budget Breakdown
Amount (USD)

Event Venue - $150
3 Winners
1st - $100
2nd - $80
3rd - $70
DJ and Music - $150
Banners/Flyers/Ads - $70
Beat DAO Merch (Shirts) - 10 shirts - $100
Video Production Documentary - $100
logistics - $70
3 Judges - $150
3 Gueststars - $150
Host MC - $50

Guest Stars:
BFrench Clean

Lord Kenny (Splash FM)
Ghetto Youth (Fresh FM)
Big Jonny

Host MC and Coordination: Big M
Total requested funds: 1240usd

[PROPOSAL]Project 3 Build a Website for BEAT DAO

Looks like it’s time to create a website for our DAO activities. We firmly believe a website will help in creating awareness, if we can exist and it brings our DAO closer to the wider community about the NEAR protocol. And we are now also starting to think about the NFT Music project, attracting music producers to join us.

Expected outcome:

  • Introducing the web3 world under the Near Protocol to Musicians and Music Producers around the World.
  • Increasing optimism in the world of entertainment and music by highlighting NEAR as a promising technology.
  • As a place of information Beat DAO, Roadmap, blog, highlights & stories, contacts
  • Introducing community members who have great talent, such as processing recordings, making music, vocal editing, mixing and mastering. opening up their opportunities for jobs managed by Beat DAO.
  • connected to web2 where we sell music, such as Beatstar, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. And attract enthusiastic web2 community to join web3 under NEAR Protocol
  • A place to sell our productions and put the biodata of the music producers & Sound engineer.
  • As a useful website promoting NFT Music on Mintbase and streaming on Tamago.

Activities & timelines:

  • A place where music releases are announced.
  • Our news spot updates on Twitter, Instagram & Near.social
  • Announcement of Beat DAO activity, such as podcasts, metaverse events and live performance events

Budget Breakdown
Amount (USD)
Purchase Domain 1 Year - $50
Add Hosting 1 Year - $300
SSL & Security - $45
All In One Package - $950
Wireframe, Design, Responsive, Landing Page, Add Conversion Form,Google Task Manager, Google Analytics,FB Pixels, Lazy Loading, Caching, CDN Image Compression, Image Assets

Estimated Construction + Revision : 5-8 Weeks

[PROPOSAL]Project 4 Always on BeatDAO Quiz
This proposal is to ask for Near funding for a Trivia Quiz on Telegram called Always on Beat DAO, which aims to increase community interaction within the application and share knowledge about the history of the development of hip hop music. Because the community at Beat DAO mostly likes hip hop music.
This trivia will contain 25 questions asked over 10 days and

This is also an effort to attract Beat DAO around the world so that community members and friends can join in and learn about NEAR and also want to participate in trivia.

Expected outcome:
increase the number of members
enable member presence (active)
broaden your knowledge and understanding of music
add a new wallet from a new member
strengthen community communication

Activities & timelines:
Each question earns 0.2 N
Format Trivia every 2 day
3-2-3-2 (4 days)
3-2-3-2 (4 days)
2-3 (2 days)
Total 25 Trivia Quiz 5 N
3x correct questions get 0.2 N x 5 = 1 N
10x correct questions get 0.5 N x 2 = 1 N
25x correct questions get 1 N x 1 = 1 N
Total amount and additional prize 8 N ($20)
get Music NFT gifts from BeatDAO

Amount: $20

Project 1 BeatDAO Album Vol 1
Project 2 Championship Rap
Project 3 Build a Website
Project 4 BeatDAO Quiz

DAO Managements (Instagram/Twitter/Discord/Activities & Mobility Managements)
jonblok.near $250
wizzow.near $230
fatokunmayowa.near $250
skthealternator.near $250

$5000 in DAI

Totals : $5000
Target: beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you.
cc: @Wiswiz @jonblok @BigM007 @skthealternator

@creativesdao-council for visibility.


The proposal was granted approval on May 17th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details: