NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ Ambassador Program for influencers

NEAR Stars Guild video ambassador program.

Main target.
Allow video influencers to reach out NEAR protocol by creating videos for products built on NEAR, reviews or event promotion. Stars Guild will give insights, topics and help with scenarios and administrate the whole workflow.


NEAR Protocol is one of the TOP rated blockchains, and is well known for it’s products of developers and friendly community.
To advertise NEAR products, news and events NEAR Stars Guild makes and ambassador project for international youtubers that can share their view, review or deep look into products for exchange in NEAR coins.
We will still continue to reach out top youtubers as guild, still we see this kind of ambassador program bit easier to maintain.

Who are we looking for?

NEAR Stars Guild is looking for established influencers and rockies who just started to post quality content about crypto to their fans. We plan to onboard 100s of youtubers by the end of year to who would like to become our close long term partners in promotional support of NEAR protocol.

Topics to pick:

  1. Trisolaries TVL $50 ml during 1 day

  2. Aurora token is live on Skyward

  3. NEAR partners with Metaverse

  4. Nightshade Sharding phase 0 started on November 15th

  5. Play to earn games

  6. NFT NEARnuts are coming to Paras December1st

  7. RUBIC got a grand from NEARProtovol

  8. partners with NEAR ( travel company, pay with crypto)

  9. NEAR comics PARAS

  10. Cover what CronCats do

  11. Atocha Protocol puzzles on blockchain

  12. Encode club + NEAR = educational series, coding boot camp, and hackathon. Programs runs till February 2022

  13. Myridsocial on a blockchain

  14. Rainbow bridge how to use it and new UI design

  15. Crypto. com or Binance card how to use it and how to put $NEAR and trade and buy etc.

  16. NEAR Grants

  17. AMA sessions with NEAR authorities

  18. RefFinance

  19. Mintbase

  20. Paras

  21. Sandbox OWS or any other niche related NEAR Guild

  22. Regional NEAR Guild news and events

Topics are always updated and news, events or any info about product/guild will be provided by NEAR Stars Guild.

If you don’t see interesting topic here, take a look at to find the best one that suits you or contact NEAR Stars Guild admin for discussion.

Rules to participate:

  • Youtuber must have at least 2k average views per video, 5k subscribers and at least 5 videos in their portfolio.
  • Any chances to boost video with FAKE views will be discovered and users will be removed from the ambassador program.
  • User has to fill out a form using his name, email, social media accounts, providing us with his past work samples and describing his target audience for us.
  • When/if a youtuber gets accepted our team members will contact him for negotiations and plan out content script and further actions.
  • When a video is created, first it’s shared with the team and after approval it can be given to the public.
  • When a video gets its average amount of views it’s reviewed once again by the team to see if there are any fakes, so additionally youtuber might get asked for some info in addition.
  • After everything is approved, youtuber submits his video to this NEAR Forum post in comments (add video and screenshot of view statistics) and adds a link to Stars Guild DAO describing his work and asking for the amount of bounty that he was submitted for. After a voting period of maximum one week he gets his bounty.


  1. Fill in your form
    2) Wait a day for admins to review.
  2. Pick up your favorite topic about NEAR and admins will give you details for promo.
  3. Create a video, AMA or review.
  4. Post video here in comments with stats and go to DAO and add your comment link with a bounty amount.
  5. Admins will review it and approve it or decline.

Bounty for promo video creation:

2-5k views 200 USD
5-10k views 500 USD
10-20k views 1000 USD
20-50k views 2000 USD
+50k views +2000 USD (contact us for quote).


Can my video be in any other languages then english?
Yes, use your your favorite one no matter if it’s russian, spanish, french etc,

What if my video didn’t got the minimum of 2k views?
Do some advertising doing social networks, asking friends to share or post it on crypto related forums,

Will i get paid in USDT or any other cryptocurrency?
You will get your bonus in NEAR according to it’s USD rate at the moment of submitting DAO?

I have submitted a form and even after one week no reply, did i do something wrong?
Maybe you didn’t qualify as NEAR video ambassador, still we would notify you, so make another shot and resubmit form.

Hey @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Can you please take a look trough whole program and give a feedback on concept? Any ideas what should be added or removed are welcome.


Difficult to make 2000 view
Making video is not a problem
What can i do for travel program?

Here some small travel content

Good morning. Please, give us information how many applications you got with next Guild’s report.

I remember Near paid to one of your YouTube blogger who violates YouTube policy and used bots to increase quantity of views.

I want to do independent audit for every ambassador to make sure they will provide right and honest information.

Thank You

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Yeah, we will work with established channels as part of promo. :confused:

Get the subs and views to fit our terms, and we can launch together. ))

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@Zhunda thank you for reply :blush:
what i can do to help or to collaborate if u need?

Thank you

Like none, post just was made and program is not launched.

Who did this?

Well, we ask only for stat screen shots. If you want i can give you contacts from each ambassador that we work with.

Dima, we paln to launch “learn and earn” pad in December.
There plenty explanation vids migh be needed. I will let you know when Stars Guild will get on it.
Thanks for your interest )))

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Please, avoid the same scammers in the future. You got great money from NF.


I meant after launch. I wanna check every ambassador.

Yana works in Flying Rhino guild as social media manager . As you said later, you do your own research, looking for new bloggers. What Yana does? $1000 for one Twitter account? Wow

Guys, I didn’t ask you detailed report per transaction in the past. But, probably need to start do it. I see in your Guild wallet and don’t understand how did you spend NF money. How did you spent 2000N, $20 000?

Could you please do report per wallet / like who /why/wallet

Dear @marketingdao-council I think we together should put more our attention here.


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Hey, Will be nice to get help on how to turn from the Climate Neutral view into Climate Possitive

Using projects like [Approved] Palmeros de Chacao a Cultural Heritage of Humanity


@Mineriavirtual you can be taking into accout here !

Does this post contain any words like “October-November review”?
No it doesn’t!

So why you spoiling out post that ment to be reposted on other crypto forums to get attention from future youtubers?

Thanks for nothing, will make a new one.

Sure, we can add this topic. ))