NDC Elections Fraud and a Community Call

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We are making history #democracy near #decentralization

Now, today I share this post to discuss “buying votes”, so first let’s describe it →

What is vote buying?

It refers to the act of individuals, who have no genuine interest or affiliation with NEAR, engaging in the activity of voting in exchange for a reward.

For a comprehensive understanding, please review our Fair Voter Policy

Fair Voting Policy Principles

Highlight: Fair Access to Voting + Non Discrimination


In this topic I will touch the following points:

  • Highlight important points around the NDC election
  • Resume the accusation
  • Defense myself against false accusations of being buying votes

NDC Election

Rules are focused on:

  1. The voters are real humans.
  2. The voters were not forced, coerced, or paid to vote for a candidate.
  • Rules are grey without clear definitions in some places but there is a reason for that.
    As @atrox1382 express on the NDC CANDIDATES telegram group

And I can understand that there is a reason, because we are all learning about this process by doing, so we need to evaluate the whole elections, and iterate just as @illia said on his tweet

I share this to address by conversation/discussion the Fraud I am accused of, understanding that conversation is the way when unclear definitions is what we have, such confusion is allowing also the misunderstood and therefore the accusation. Let’s go.


Here: NDC Elections Fraud Activity · GitHub

It basically shows keypom use.
There is a transaction from me to another OG Candidate. @Jloc


  • Keypom created by me was a call from my community to my community of developers all real humans with certifications from NEAR UNIVERSITY
  • Other keypom created was also a call from my community to my community to reward activities.
  • Jloc is my partner on a brewery we can transfer funds withing each other at any time.

The rules were made to avoid people that doesnt care about NEAR vote on NEAR elections, and the people that voted for me did participate on NEAR:

So, all the people voting for me are participants of NEAR, that willingly decided to vote, many of them without the OG where blacklisted and went through a difficult verification to be able to vote.

GWG adamantly stood by allowing ANY HUMAN to vote.

I have proof here that:

  • This humans are not only humans, but NEAR Community participants
  • There is a Big NEAR Community Supporting my campaign
    And they did use keypom as me and our community use keypom and will continue to as is a good way to encourage activities.

Let’s remember that keypom use is not a direct transaction, not against rules and the meaning of the transaction cant be proved to be buying vote cuz of course, it is not. And why there would be a buying of a vote to someone that is already a member of the community and knows about the hard work of their leaders?


All eligible participants shall have fair access to participate in the voting process, And all members have an equal opportunity to participate in voting, irrspective of gender, ethnicity, age, economyc status, or any other factor.

Again, meaning ANY HUMAN can vote, and that’s why the community decided to use keypom to reward activities, of course those funds can be used as bond to vote, but that’s not a buying vote nor a reward for voting. That’s a support from the Community to their community members for Fair Accces and Non-discrimination.

And always keep in mind that the rules were made to avoid people that doesnt care about NEAR vote on NEAR elections, and the people that voted for me are really part of NEAR, and voted freely.


Red: Ukraine/Aurora Block, very organized.

Blue: The rest of the NEAR Community, not that organized (freely voting).

Result: Majority of seats taken by the Ukraine/Aurora Block.
→ Only one seat for Latin America.
@mattlockyer @marieke.flament closely to get out by the Ukraine/Aurora Block, they get into the seats at the ending days also thanks to Latin America voters (who went out from Blacklisted to Whitelisted in the last week).
→ Basically, little representation of the Near Community as a whole.

How did people manage to get out from Blacklisted

Really extensive confirmation of humanity, showing themselves on camera, live, showing screen and doing many tasks on screen such as post on near.social, sending funds, etc.

So, this attack is because @ZomLand is not happy enough with all the seats they get by bending rules, also want to take out the only one voice that get to represent Latin America.

Votes casted by the faction can show the achievement from the Aurora/Ukraine organization which is trying to take even 5 seats instead of 4 on CoA with the 5th seat to Techdir by this attack against LATAM community voters.

Ukraine/Aurora Block Seats (11/15 HoM + 4->5/7 CoA + 4/7 TC)

ZomLand wallet: Rubycop.near -> Here next to Techdir looking to take down Marieke and Mattlock

Stop the attack, you got majority of seats +20/29 seats with your community of 200 people.

Allow LATAM and the community of 180 that voted for me to have 1 seat of the 29, one seat to be the voice of LATAM.

This is why EIC is able to decide by reviewing with enough space to make a decision, beacuse there could be not expected results such as this wild result we had.

Previous Ukraine organized hack over an election of NEAR Community (RC-DAO): Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. (Investigation shared by RC-DAO admins)


I will go with any decision, just ask to take into account the reality behind any keypom before making any opinion.

  • Let’s remember every human has the right to vote.
    This are not just humans, but NEAReans.

  • Bonds funding came from the same community voting.
    Bonds are to create a barrier against hackers, not against community members.
    And Keypom was allowed according to the written rules.

  • Keypom name: ALL HUMANS RIGHT TO VOTE not hidding anything
    Other communities could hide behind CEX transactions, but this is not hide, but public as it should be always.

Final Call for All

Let’s come together to build the Open Web, leaving behind attacks and toxicity. Instead, let’s celebrate our achievements and collaborate to make NEAR even greater. #CollaborationOverConflict #BuildingTheOpenWeb

  • Be the voice and advocate for responsible decentralization, strongly rejecting any plans to centralize efforts away from the people. I strongly believe that when brought together people make better, fairer decisions.
  • Protect the ecosystem from any form of self-interest, no matter their origins.
  • Fight against any toxic culture within the NEAR ecosystem – we are in this together and need to support one another.

Quote from our former leader, hopefully now our advisor


It has been an excellent democratic day, where we have voted active people, software developers like me, who have participated in Near programs and projects with time and credibility in the ecosystem, we are human, we are real


Fare your explanation. Being said that I don’t find any fraudulent operation on this. My team of developers wanted to vote but they didn’t have NEAR. So I helped them funding the NEAR needed and they paid me. Must of them were asked who andresdom.near was.

As always you have been consistent in your support for this amazing Blockchain.


Thank you Andres, for your transparency, I will disclose all my campaign if asked by any comission, and I know I count with the information from your side so everything will be there for the comission to verify we participate in a fair competition and follow the policy.


All eligible participants shall have fair access to participate in the voting process, And all members have an equal opportunity to participate in voting, irrspective of gender, ethnicity, age, economyc status, or any other factor.

In a country where the minimum public salary is one of the lowest in the world (under $5 monthly), you will have to expect a large number of people who can’t save/stake/hold or have unused funds in a wallet, as every penny counts for living.
Even like this, we have an active and flourishing community that I’m proud of, that decided to allow any member who wants to participate in the voting process (no matter the economic status), to have the chance to do it. It was a collective decision that I fully support.

One more time, another attack is coming toward us, and one more time, my personal public wallet ulisesmarin.near (a wallet with my real name used for public and transparently payments to the working team, to pay prizes and contents to the community, (all those activities properly reported into the grant programs) to onboard people in events, to help people in wallet creations, those are all regular activities when you are running a marketing plan, engaging and onboarding people.

I am a community builder.

It is not the first Attack having the Venezuelan community as a target, and me and my wallet been accused.

Do you remember this accusation we received during the RC elections made by the pseudonym coco?

He was just describing part of our regular operations during marketing campaigns for Aurora in the Aurora marketing plan (at that time) and now for the process we are currently doing in Aurora ES Near.
Yes, we are a live community, as you can see in our groups.

Yes, we do prizes, and contests (as any other marketing plan to incentivise participation)
and yes, we use keypoms as a way to achieve this (is it illegal?)
you can read in the current accusation :

but it doesn’t say anything about what I just described.

this is our everyday work, just happening.

Here is another sample:

…And now is happening again.
One more time I will say:
yes, I do create keypoms to pay prizes and contests where the community participates, it is part of my job as a project manager and I don’t have to stop our program just because there is an election running. It is that simple.

Please stop prejudicing people who receive funds from my wallets (they were blacklisted for this election and they had to have a hard time appealing in a live call doing several live transactions during the call, Near Social post, Vídeos showing themselves because KCY is not possible for Venezuelans due to OFAC regulations that FRACTAL must obey.

I hope this can help with any further investigation and I am open to participating in any call, chat, or group that helps clarify this misunderstanding.


Thank Ulises also for your transparency, again I feel a backup from my community members to show anything to the comission just as it is.


Thanks for LATAM representation, and big dedication in ecosystem.
We really appreciate you won Fritz.


Hi. Sorry what? you call me the attacker?
According to the NEAR Digital Collective Fair Voting Policy, Defamation and personal attacks are strictly prohibited.


Hello bro, it’s time to admit defeat in this election
. You’re making yourself out to be an angel, which you’re not. And stop blaming other election participants who won the election but are not part of your cartel. It’s so funny to see how people who until this moment were stealing money and pretending to do their job are now crying in all chats that they weren’t elected.:joy::clown_face:.You’re acting like a girl with hysterics, you’re a man, please stop it!
Thanks for attention.
It’s time for change. Near.:two_hearts: :dove::raised_hands:


Sorry partner, not calling you the attacker. Mentioning you yes because you will get a seat if the attacker gets his way and you are part of the selected votes by the block.

Best wishes.

I think there is no place for me, even if the commission finds out the truth about how you or some of the other candidates were elected. I hope you don’t want to just sit at NDC, but work hard to make NEAR great again. And please make sure that when you call someone toxic that you yourself are not toxic. Thank you and goodbye

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Hi, Fritz.

First of all, i’m not into Unkraine / Aurora.
I’m French.
I have contact all around the world, Mexico, USA, Ukraine, Russia etc.

Everyone is free to vote for who they wanted

This is not def, a good way to defend yourself as attacking other community.


Totally, I know.

  1. Ukraine is a good community even when I showed some of them did cheating on RC-DAO election that doesnt change the biggest contributions are from the Ukraine community

  2. Aurora/Ukraine are the big organization behind the faction that elected you, the faction has many people around the world, but that doesnt change it is a faction.

Best regards

I really sorry all this missunderstood. When I check the numbers it gave me you get in, and you are elected by the coalision with 20 seats. Is not you that is doing wrong, nor the coalision itself from my point of view. The issue was the attack on social media against me as biggest fraud, and I bring all the light I could to see the big picture of the elections results.

Again, sorry, and thank you for your contributions.