[Approved] Opening a 9ja MUSICAL store/Musical events

Hello creatives!

We are interested in opening a 9ja MUSICAL store.
Leaders of 9ja MUSICAL: @Jeromemrys, @Veekish and @IgbozeIsrael

The VISION of 9ja MUSICAL is to focus on young talented Nigerian singers in tertiary institutions across the country who are interested in minting their songs for the growth of NEAR community.

Our MISSION is to hold music competitions in tertiary institutions so as to bring out the best talents and their songs on Createbase. All competitions shall have four stages.

  1. First stage is audition stage and those who pass will progress to the second stage.

  2. Second stage is for self written songs (this is to help bring out the best). Those who pass will progress to third stage.


  1. Third stage is the semi-final. Singers will have to write songs about Createbase, record a studio version and submit and later present at the semi-finals. Songs will be submitted and minted on 9ja MUSICAL store.
  2. Fourth stage is the Final stage. Singers will have to write a song about NEAR ecosystem/Createbase, record it and make submissions for minting on 9ja MUSICAL store. Winner will be chosen at this stage.


Interested people can join us here:Telegram: Join Group Chat

Competitions shall be held ONCE every month in each university/State in the country.

First competition to be organized in December at Bayero University Kano. School website:

Benefits of 9ja MUSICAL to the NEAR community.
The following are the benefits.

  1. Many more Nigerians will be educated about NEAR community and Mintbase
  2. Young musicians will by virtue of the reward system, help make the Mintbase store more richer in terms of quality songs produced.
  3. Token holders of NEAR will increase and publicity increases.

Funds required for creating store and holding First Event in DECEMBER

for the prizes
7N for winner (enough money to open an own store on mintbase) (51 USD)
5N second place (36,5 USD)
3N third place (21,9 USD)

Renting of hall/Sound system: 9 $NEAR (3x3 N for the winner songs?) (65,7 USD)

For this part:
Publicity/logistics/Other materials for event: 20 $NEAR (146 USD)

Publicity: 10$NEAR** (73 USD)
Initial wallet funding for 5 people: 1.5$NEAR (10,95 USD)
Transportation: 2$NEAR (14,6 USD)
Stipend for workers: 5$NEAR (36,5 USD)
Branded tshirts (with NEAR Logo): 1.5$NEAR (10,95 USD)

NOTE: Funds for publicity will be used to print flex banners to paste in the five campuses of the university for publicity purpose.

@Jeromemrys and I will take the courses. We are already involved in NEAR community and took part in Community Moderation.

For the workers, a few students will be taken to help run opening of wallets for participants and spectators, also to help with running other errands.



@IgbozeIsrael, is there community channel of the 9ja musical store or this is a one-time event from you and your team?

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Hey, this sounds cool. @simeon4real made a valid question. We like to support collectives, just need information about the collective. Who are you, do you have a link to previous work done??

If you are starting this initiative now, I think it is also ok. I would suggest giving the classes to as many people as possible, and after, allow the interested people to do the contest. What do you think?

Who would be giving the classes?

I think the prices are a bit high. How many people are you expecting to participate? From my experience less people participate than expected…

I think we can create the two stores for this context (13N)
I like doing contests, just need more information in which institutions you want to do these things…

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This won’t be a one time event. This part of the write up says it.

It is the first initiative.

General classes will be given at every stage of the competition by @Veekish, @Jeromemrys and I for even the audience.

The special classes are for the participants from stage three of the competition to help them write and compose the right songs.

It is going to be in Universities, hence we are going to have more than twenty (20) for each school.

I have provided the name of the first university we intend starting with. BAYERO UNIVERSITY KANO. The school website is also there

We can work on the rewards then…
First position = 15 $NEAR
Second position = 10 $NEAR
Third position = 8 $ NEAR.

How about this?

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My bad. Since it’s long term, would suggest you create a community channel so participants (past and current) and people interested can join?


Okay, here is our telegram channel Telegram: Join Group Chat

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Here Sir

We’re sure ready to take over Nigerian Universities by storm for Creatbase

Everything is in place to set up

Hello @marianeu, we hope on second week of December, what do you think and is the reduced prizes okay?!

We are also looking forward to creating not less than 100 wallets per event.

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Hey @IgbozeIsrael

maybe we could do a experiment first. I will tag @reginamintbase so she can help me with decision making here.

I was thinking, for the first experiment, we could
7N for winner (enough money to open an own store on mintbase)
4N second place
3N third place.

Lets see how many people enroll on the contest. If it is a successful event, we can continue doing it and maybe think about having higher prizes for if the content produced is really cool?

Also for the rest

Renting of hall/Sound system: 9 $NEAR

Publicity/logistics/Other materials for event: 20 $NEAR

for these 29 near I would need to get the websites of the studios, so I can verify the price to rent it out, and I need an exact description how you will spend the near for publicity, logistics, etc…

Sorry I’m replying late.
The hall we’re renting is where the competitions will hold. It’s event halls withing the school. The sound system will be rented from local rentals. Every studio record will be done separately in a recording studio. There is no price for renting out the studios. A song is recorded at the studio we intend @ 3$NEAR
https://audiomack.com/star-bliss-1/song/bounce. https://audiomack.com/emmyflexy/song/aomg. You can check out the quality of these two songs.

Regarding the 20$NEAR, Bayero University Kano has five campuses (check school website for verification http://buk.edu.ng/) and we will have to print out five flex banners @2$NEAR Each, also after creating wallets for spectators, we plan on funding 5 wallets with 0.3 $NEAR Each for asking good questions during the lecture time. Also, for transportation and stipends for those who will work with us as ushers. I.e

Publicity: 10$NEAR
Initial wallet funding for 5 people: 1.5$NEAR
Transportation: 2$NEAR
Stipend for workers: 5$NEAR
Branded tshirts (with NEAR Logo): 1.5$NEAR

NOTE: Values are converted from Nigerian NAIRA to $NEAR for easy understanding.

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I really like your new proposal! Great progress. Thanks! Good information. Could you please add USD in NEAR instead of the price in NEAR? We are doing this due to the volatility…

Thank you in advance

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Thanks for the complement.
All expenses tabled below.
1st price: $69.3
2nd price: $39.6
3rd price: $29.7

Renting of hall/sound system: $89.1
Publicity/logistics/Other materials for event: $198
TOTAL: $ 425.7

THese values in USD pls.
I need to know what you’ll do with the money, @IgbozeIsrael. It’s important. PLease give a complete overview what exactly you will pay to whom.

especially the 200 usd for publicity. I need to know what you’ll be producing to understand if it will be beneficial for mintbase.

This is everything re-explained
Thanks for the complement.
All expenses tabled below.
1st price: $69.3
2nd price: $39.6
3rd price: $29.7

Renting of hall/sound system: $89.1
Publicity/logistics/Other materials for event: $198
TOTAL: $ 425.7

This is our budget.

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Hello Profile - reginamintbase - NEAR Forum, can you take a look please. Its December already and we need to know the decision so we get things started.

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Nice Idea :+1:…
Hope this goes through :v:t6::v:t6:

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