[REPORT] MintbaseDAO December

MintbaseDAO report for December

The month started with a big bang and deadmau5 minting 1.000.000 nfts on mintbase. Part of the team went to Miami to onboard people to near & mintbase. This was from the first to the 5th of december.

At the 7.12.2021 @reginamintbase and @LuisInfante went to a party in lisbon to onboard people in the context of this forum post:

the 160N will be transferred back to createbase.near as soon as this proposal is approved Astro

In the context of this bounty

We paid

Nearmultiverse.near 1,64N + 2,69N = 4,33N

In the context of this bounty: [Approved] Opening a 9ja MUSICAL store/Musical events
we distributed 30.4 N for a series of events happening in nigeria :slight_smile:

We paid out 20 N for rebranding the MintbaseDAO website

We transferred 25N to the philosopher for onboarding 25 artists to Mintbase and 7N for him to have helped to onboard a collective from his personal funds and we gave it back

We funded two workshops in december, 1 in nigeria (mentioned above) and 1 in London.

The Cryptowhat? Workshop 43.71N + 39N = 82,71N
[APPROVED] Cryptowhat?- Cryptoart Workshop and NEAR Exhibition (Funding Request - Createbase-dao)

We also created new bounties:

So in total we spent 169,44 N + 160 N = 329,44N ~ 4941,6 USD