[APPROVED] Minting Music Industry Influencer Event: Nashville, TN

Working Event Title: Minting Music

DAO: mintingmusic.sputnikdao.near



Our goal is to begin a series of events dedicated to educating and empowering the independent music community about the vast opportunities for artists in blockchain, familiarizing themselves with NFT’s and the NEAR ecosystem.

The first event will cater to onboarding and setting up NEAR wallets for all 100 invitees with the expectation of a 100% conversion rate. All guests in attendance will be selectively chosen from our deep network of music industry, social media and entertainment influencers best positioned to be ambassadors for NEAR, benefit from NFT’s and inspire other communities to be more active in transacting on the blockchain.

To better prepare guests for their onboarding and interactions, we will host a Q&A with our developer and marketing teams to address and outline strategies artists can and have utilized to create new opportunities to engage with their audiences, create new revenue streams and protect their intellectual property.

By targeting established members of the music community and select influencers, we will build highly visible brand awareness and social sentiment for NEAR while, providing resources directly facilitating the onboarding of prominent users to interact within the NEAR ecosystem.

As demand for NFT’s grow amongst the music and arts community, so do the resources and outlets necessary to educate a new generation of users. By creating on-site activations, attendees will experience firsthand how to set up NEAR wallets and best practices to more effectively, confidently and consistently operate on blockchain and within the NEAR ecosystem.

Attendees will receive airdropped tokens to their NEAR wallets that they will be able to use to purchase and mint NFTs at the event and transact within the NEAR ecosystem.

An interactive and immersive LED and digital exhibition will feature popular national and local artists on display and discussing experiences working in blockchain with NFT’s.

IMPACT FOR NEAR: At the forefront of one of the most progressive metropolitans at the intersection of tech and entertainment, we are establishing a blockchain savvy culture in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. Our U.S. team consists of developers, digital marketing, branding, music industry and event experts dedicated to elevating art, entertainment and maintaining ownership of your intellectual property.

Those in attendance will include GLOBAL MUSIC INDUSTRY DECISION MAKERS.

By curating an unforgettable educational experience for attendees, we are able to capture their attention and imagination in the world of NFT’s and empower established members of the music and arts community to interact within the NEAR ecosystem and encourage already active fanbases to follow them onto the blockchain.

At an expected 100% conversion rate in setting up wallets, our strategic selection of attendees allows us to focus on empowering leading members of the music and entertainment community with the knowledge and ability to continue educating and onboarding their fanbases, many of which number in the tens and hundreds of thousands, and in some instances millions, of active and engaged followers.

Concerted digital marketing campaigns, content and publicity strategies will maximize and perpetuate the reach, visibility and awareness of NEAR, the blockchain ecosystem and opportunities and education to thrive as pioneers in an exponentially growing cultural shift led by blockchain technology.

Moving Forward:
This event will be an intimate and experiential introduction for key members of the music industry as we move into larger scale events. Current discussions for integrating blockchain and NFT activations include the management teams with C3 Presents, the event promoters for Bonnaroo Music Festival, Lollapalooza and other large scale events.

September: Bonnaroo is one of the most visible music festivals in the world and sold out within hours of tickets being released this year. Over 100,000 people are expected to be in attendance daily for the four day festival.

Discussions are moving quickly and Bonnaroo is looking to feature our blockchain and NFT experience on their grounds in the artists lounge as an exclusive activation to mint/educate NFT’s for performing artists and as an immersive digital experience and educational vehicle for general admission attendees. This would lead to a continued working partnership in providing the activation services throughout a multitude of high-profile festivals and events.

Our goal with Minting Music is to bring our ever-expanding network of professional musicians to the blockchain. We want to leverage our experience promoting artists in the legacy digital world to serve them in the new world of blockchain Web 3.0


NEAR “airdrop” for each attendee (5 NEAR each) 500 NEAR

NFT Live Exhibition & Production- ($5,000)

Venue- ($1500)

Videographer- ($1000)

Content/Marketing/Event Coordination- ($4000)

Catering- ($2500)

DJ- ($500)

Miscellaneous Event Set Up: ($500)

Total: $15,000 + 500 NEAR


Hey @rhymetaylor thank you for this proposal, and happy to see all this coming together!

The maximum amount we’re contributing to individual proposals is 2000 NEAR. If you’re okay with accepting this for this first proposal, we would love to approve it and move on to the next step. Please also let us know the event date when that is confirmed.

Please feel free to reach out to other DAOs/community groups in the NEAR Community for support as well: Mintbase (@caromintbase @nategeier @MoniBlockdiver), @Createbase, @NxM. You all share common interests and these groups also have funding streams this proposal could suit.


Also we’re launching our Guide and How-To support materials today as the Creatives DAO officially launches itself, so please reference our post here for an idea of how we would like proposal posts to be structured in future.

@chloe has set up the Minting Music group classification here on the Forum so all of your proposals will be under your own subcategory (as shown on the edits we made to this proposal).


Awesome, thanks so much for the feedback @mecsbecs. We’re ready to run it when you are!


Great! Please submit for a 2000 NEAR payout then - linking to this Forum post - to the Creatives SputnikDAO.


And keep us posted as you get more confirmed details about the event over the coming weeks so we can schedule a follow-up call for potential future event collaboration!


We should have a confirmed date sometime next week.
We also had another meeting with one of the heads of Bonnaroo this morning about further integrating NEAR into their festival fabric for this year and looking forward into future events. This would include general admission activations for education and digital art experiences, in addition to performing-artist-only activations, to which NFT’s of performances would be minted and sold on the marketplace for festival-goers and other patrons. Management teams, promoters and labels would also be educated on utility and function of blockchain and NFT’s.
They are eager for us to bring a blockchain and NFT presence, opening new avenues and wanted to know when we can get the Bonnaroo Teams and the NEAR teams together for a round table discussion on jumpstarting that process moving forward?


When NEAR @ Miami and the current Hackathon (finishing Sunday) have settled a bit, let’s get the gang all together for this chat! Will continue this scheduling conversation via email but @chloe @yadira @grace @JMaenen @ross consider this your heads up.


Very exciting regardless @rhymetaylor and we’ll coordinate soon to get moving on all this! Any thoughts or notes you have or even if you’ve got the outline for a partnership proposal (as a result of these meetings with Bonnaroo or internally) to help us all get up to speed quickly would be appreciated in advance of this upcoming meeting. Email to rebecca@near.org is fine and I’ll forward to the rest of the NEAR team.


We can absolutely do that!


Hello, Deadpolaroid here! I’m so excited for the future of Mintbase and the plans with Bonnaroo sound amazing! I live in Nashville and would love nothing more than to be apart of this and help the growth of the NEAR ecosystem. It’s so awesome to see the growth of the platform and also can’t believe how easy it was for me to deploy my own store a couple weeks back. So happy I went with Mintbase to mint my collection. The people within this community are so nice and helpful and truly have taught me a lot and the platform alone is a game changer. Can’t wait for the Nashville meetup and I hope to meet all of you soon :slight_smile:


While we move ahead with the Bonnaroo discussions separately, wanted to circle back to this event to check in. Bear in mind you will need to report on how this event went in advance of your next funding request!


YASSSS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:, on this point, it would also be great to get some updates on what work has been done for this event so far in the month of June (what is planned) in the reporting that @mecsbecs is referring to.

This can lead into the month of July as you start to outline the budget for the guild for the next month :ok_hand:t5:.

This is an example of the Createbase Guild June budget (with amendments) [APPROVED] Createbase Guild Budget - June 2021


Would love to run a giveaway for Bonnaroo, but just an idea. Like one of each dead piece. Right now I’m 100 days in at 100 dead pieces so by the time Bonnaroo comes around in 73 days I will have another 73 pieces. Would love to give away one of each piece so will be a total of 173 pieces by then. I could also do a giveaway for the Nashville event too. Figured I would share the love and let y’all know. Would also love to help the onboarding process for those new to the platform. I can assist at the event and help those in need and help those understand crypto and why it matters. We are in the midst of a revolution and I’m so happy to be apart of it. Can’t wait to see how things turn out and can’t wait for the Nashville event coming soon! :slight_smile:


Absolutely. We’re still haggling with the venue on numbers for hosting. Hoping to finally have clarity on that this week. I’m also meeting with Sofia as well for different educational content through sandbox to feature for that event and others moving forward. We will continue to keep you posted. Target date is currently July 26/27 or August 2/3 depending on availability.


Can do. We’ll organize that this week.

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Awesome! Also, looking forward to what gets planned for this July/August event!

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Just stopping by to give some updates to the community on this event. So much has happened since this was initially planned.

While the concept remains the same, the intention has evolved.

The networking event will be used to test and evaluate our programming in preparation for Bonnaroo.

Staying within the music industry, invites are going out to influencers and decision makers that will then be able to set up wallets beforehand or at the event.

As attendees begin to set up wallets, they will be given a commemorative NFT from one of the artists on display for the evening.

Other activations being tested are token burning, airdropping, shared incentives, collectibles, unlockable content and other features to be used at Bonnaroo.

Currently, our featured artist goes by the name Unsecret, an accomplished sync and publishing artist that uses a pseudonym and avatar to remain anonymous. He has been working with Marvel illustrators to create a comic book series called 7 Dead Stars and we will be doing a ghost drop as his first NFT launching the series.

Supporting artists will also be on display.

In addition, the Minting Music team will host a live discussion panel about the future of the music industry as it moves into WEB3 and the role NFT’s play going forward for artists and events, followed by a Q&A/AMA.


Stopping by to give updates on the networking event scheduled for August 11th.

The venue booked is a rooftop just outside of downtown called Bento.

As of this weekend the date has been moved to Wednesday August 25th.

We are still on schedule to hit (most) tech goals for August 11th, in which we will be testing with a small group. @qarmitage will be giving a more detailed layout of the current workings and the collaboration with @mintbase such as wallet integration and more customized marketplaces.

We are still preparing to test and have operations ready as originally planned for Bonnaroo, working the week of August 11th and will update on the results.


Meetings with content creators on roles and strategies for this event and future workings have been ongoing.

@qarmitage and @rhymetaylor have been writing articles to be featured on the website, and in preparation and reference for speaking engagements at the live events.

Other developments launching in conjunction with this event:

Mintbase (Luis and Nate) were kind enough to demonstrate their deeplinking systems for us (Jaswinder and Quinn). We are considering employing this feature with QR to make NFT send/burn/receive/buy easy for our lowest engagement event-goers. We hope to have continued conversations with Mintbase concerning the status and implementation of Mintbase-JS and their indexer.

Prospects for integration and testing with Satori Sonar seem promising. We are excited about what their social tools can bring to the live experience.


The beta version of the web3 application has moved to the production environment. This app contains nft display, wallet collectable display, and play/pause button for music.

Thank you to Jass, Luis, Nate, and the rest of the Mintbase team for their fine repos.


Thanks for this update on the status of this event! Fingers crossed for sunshine on the 25th!

Good to see the Dev Update from @qarmitage as well: Dev at Minting Music Weekly Update 2021-08-09

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