[Approved] Attending a Blockchain Conference/April music competition with onboarding by 9jaMUSICAL

Hello NEAR community!

It’s been great spreading the gospel of NEAR and we have come up with this proposal to help us carry on.

With reference to our last event that got halted due to the Striking issues with some universities in Nigeria, (check here for details), we have found a good ground to help us breakthrough this April.

A blockchain conference will be held at the University. The hub is still taking partnerships from other projects.

Details below.

Given that the school is still in session, we see the conference as a place to leverage our onboarding and build our music competition on.

9ja musical team members will be at the event to talk about NEAR, Music, and NFT, also onboard lots of students into the ecosystem.


  1. Active social media forum. Increasing the members from 416 to above 700 Telegram: Contact @n9jaMUSICAL.

Instagram: @9ja_musicals

Twitter: @9ja_musical

  1. Onboard over 400 students into the ecosystem
  2. Mint three promotional songs about NEAR on Mintbase
  3. Increase NEAR’s fanbase in Nigeria
  4. Increase participation of Nigerians in the NEAR ecosystem through involvement with many projects/activities.


  1. 45 $NEAR for onboarding

  2. 40 Branded swags (20 T-shirts, and 20 P-caps) as below- $350

  3. Transportation of four (4) team members to the event - $1333.2 This is to and fro journey

  4. Accommodation for one week - - - - - - $466.8

  5. Sound system/Studio sessions- - - - - - $300

  6. Rewards for winners of the competition

A. First position- - - - - - - - - $200

B. Second position- - - - - - - - $180

C. Third position- - - - - - - - - $100

  1. Compensation for (5) ground workers- - - - $100

  2. Community management for three handles - - - $200

TOTAL- - - - - - - - - - - $3,230 + 45 NEAR for onboarding

Given that we have about $789 in our treasury, the amount needed for the success of this event becomes $2441 +45 NEAR for onboarding.

9jamusical1.near our official NEAR wallet for verification and proof.

We hope to archive greater success with this. Leveraging the platform of the Blockchain conference will be great.
Members that have really been seeing to the success of this great music move are @Jeromemrys @KJay @Alphaflex @Omotola @Vicky



Looking forward to doing more with you!


We put our very best to the success of the event and progress…


The journey with Near Protocol so far has been exciting and the journey to come is much anticipated. Near to the world!


Thanks @David_NEAR for correcting the tag.


good evening
total is $3941


Thanks for pointing it out @Dacha. Correction made.


Hello @marketingdao-council, it will be great to get feedback about this to be sure of our month of April plans/fulfilment. Thanks for all you have been doing.

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael would be interested to have more details on this item $332 return fare? Thanks


Hello @cryptocredit !
This is a photo to help out with the details.


I don’t understand the numbers here – when I add up the total, I’m getting $3,341 not $3,941.

I don’t understand the screenshot you shared with @cryptocredit – the pricing is a huge range. We need to understand actual costs and have evidence for it when it comes to travel, venue rentals, etc.

I also don’t feel like I have enough detail about what you’re proposing to give or not give support at this point. For example:

  1. Active social media forum. Increasing the members from 416 to above 700 Telegram: Contact @n9jaMUSICAL.
  • How will you do this?

Instagram: @9ja_musicals

Twitter: @9ja_musical

  1. Onboard over 400 students into the ecosystem
  • How will you do this?
  1. Mint three promotional songs about NEAR on Mintbase
  • For what purpose? I don’t understand why this is a key objective/metric.
  1. Increase NEAR’s fanbase in Nigeria
  • How? Specifically?
  1. Increase participation of Nigerians in the NEAR ecosystem through involvement with many projects/activities.
  • How? What are the details?
  • Also, what is your team’s involvement with the conference? Are you planning to officially partner with them? Have a table/booth? Speak? I don’t understand how your participating is going to work.
  • @satojandro also raised questions on the forum recently about funding onboarding with NEAR rewards now that the ecosystem is growing rapidly. Would be curious to get his thoughts on that part of this proposal.

This is not to question your sincerity or suggest I think you lack a plan, but I can’t support funding requests unless I have clarity about the proposal itself, enough details about the metrics and reasonable evidence to substantiate expenses.


Hello, Yes, the actual amount is $3,341. @Dacha added the amount for 40 NEAR to it. check his comment.

The screenshot i sent was to show him the travel expense for a single person from where we are to the destination.

We are attending this event to educate about NEAR and subsequently hold a music competition (as a bait) to our onboarding and education. Majority of these students gets to join/follow our handles as procedures, and announcement for the music competition and everything about us is done through the handles.

The aim is to sell out the possibility of Music as NFT and NFT market place on NEAR

By attending this event, many of these students gets to know of the Ecosystem and through the education and activity that will be done, get to engage in the ecosystem’s activities and this helps in continues P2P spreading of the gospel of NEAR also

This will consist of educating the students about the ecosystem, and it will definitely help get their hands on the ecosystem, the forum, series of onboarding activities, contributing through educational contents etc

We are partnering to have a table/booth. we get to speak at the event and we also have through the organizers made it possible to work with the Students Union Government of the school to host our music competition. The way we operate during the music competition is; hold 15-30 mins education on certain segments or parts of the ecosystem to help with better understanding, adding practical demonstration using Projector.

Concerning the travel funds, i just showed a screenshot of the cost for one person.
if there is anything you feel i didn’t explain well, i’m here to answer.

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@so608 also, this isn’t our first event. Checking what we have done so far could help.

this is a song made by one of the winners of our last event. Using music for upcoming, it’s a great thing to use what they love to get them soaked into the ecosystem.

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@so608 i have answered your questions here. If you have further questions that you would want to ask, we will still make this clear.

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hello @Dacha!
If there are still unclarified things, let me know. the hub is about closing in on receiving people to give slots for talk or teaching during the conference.


I’m struggling to get a clear understanding of the nature of the event and how this will result in 400 students adding a Near Wallet.

I’m genuinely struggling to get a picture of the:
The venue
Your presentation
Education materials

Given the above and price points, it’s a no from me.

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This is a blockchain conference. We attending it means we are going to speak at the event, esucate about NEAR. Thereafter, continue with the music competiton which will last for a week. This will help in the use of NEAR drop campaign aing during the conference and music competition.

Attendees of the conference gets to create NEAR wallet and during the competition, participants and audience gets to creat NEAR wallet using the NEARDROP campaign links to create wallets.

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This event is taking place at a university. This mean it will be done at lecture theartre and also, our music competition.

Conceening the presentation materials, i will drop it here ASAP

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@Klint you can refer to this from one of our last event held at a university. It was our first event.

Also the 400 wallets is an estimated number from us so we don’t expect huge number and find little less.

This is an event that will be attended by lits of students. Event numbering a thousand

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