[Approved]HELP! (Wallet funding/onboarding)

Hello NEAR community.
It’s awesome how our contributions have been.

We’re currently doing an event with Mintbase DAO as proposed here [Approved] Opening a 9ja MUSICAL store/Musical events. We’re supposed to deliver about 100 wallets. Presently, we have created more than 200 wallets just after two auditions. This happened with the help of @FritzWorm :heart_eyes: who gave us 20N for onboarding.

ibohigboze.near here for verification
Our proposal never covered onboarding funds for more than 5 wallets.
The issue we’re having presently is the one time funding that must work before wallets are activated.

We’re finding it difficult to proceed with wallet opening given we have NO funds for the onboarding.

We have more than 50 one time funding wallets available and with another stage of competition coming up this Thursday, possibilities are of taking the wallets list to 200+

We’re hereby requesting 40N to help us with onboarding process. This is due to the fact that we have another stage left after the next stage.
Thank you!
Tagging @FritzWorm @marianeu for verification


Hey thanks Igboze for making this community bigger and greater !

I do believe that this funding new address manual procedure is hard but we are certain that this are not bots but people that can contribute, like artist in this case

And we shouldn’t make nearcomers that can be active contributors to wait or make the welcome any harder but ease the onboarding

Hello @David_NEAR @jlwaugh how can we help Igboze ?


Hey guys, gm!

This is the ideal solution for this:

We can create 200 NEARDROPs with 0.2 NEAR in each for, like, 40 NEAR.

How does that sound?


Let me connect my wallet and see how it works.

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You can find a guide on it here:


Thanks @David_NEAR it’s best using it. So I’m ready to use it.


Awesome, I think this is the best solution.

Great proposal for the OnboardingDAO

cc @Paul


I await the final decision and to proceed. We cover the earth with the gospel of NEAR😁


Thanks @IgbozeIsrael for proposal! We will be reviewing this in the fourth week of January!


@Paul Okay, we patiently wait for it to be reviewed but that will be about when competition ends.

I can forward all one time funding addresses that are pending…that’s if something can be done about them now. @David_NEAR


How many wallets are there? 40?

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Presently 40+ sending in a full list now.

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Please submit a funding request for this to the MarketingDAO and we can get this through ASAP


54 wallets waiting one time funding @David_NEAR

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Direct link to marketing DAO please @David_NEAR

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I have submitted payout for 54 wallets @David_NEAR thanks for your quick response.


Voted Yes in Astro DAO, I hope it can help you .


Thanks, I hope we get the payout and resolve the onboarding issues.

The gospel of NEAR must be shared abroad.

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Thanks for your hard work onboarding new people to NEAR!

Excited that you will be able to use Neardrops! Just a quick reminder that while this is an amazing feature only possible due to NEAR’s novel account system, it is a new product and constantly being polished. Would be amazing if you could document your experience and provide feedback so we can continue to improve it as it is ruled out to the wider community.

I’ve just voted to approve this proposal. Final council vote should come in over next few hours. Thanks!