[Approved] 9ja musical talent hunt/activation

Hello NEAR community!
It’s been great what we all are doing within the community and from our end, we seek to grow further and have come up with this:

details of our goal is found here and here.

we are looking forward this our next event with details as follows for the month of March 2022.
This time we look forward to NORTH-WEST University. This is to hold an activation and a talent hunt (as a bait) for the university students.
Following the report of our last event here, we envisage a two weeks activation period in the three campuses of the University to educate them about NEAR, NFT and its use cases. Following the success of our last event, we look forward to including the winners of the last competition in this activation process. they are: @Sheksman @KJay @Omotola in addition to @Jeromemrys and @Vicky and me who are core members. They stand to help during the activation period and the talent hunt.
songs produced from this event will be minted as NFTs and they will be about different areas of the ecosystem. The activation period is to help proper education of the students about NEAR and onboarding of 500+ users into the ecosystem.

  1. Fully onboard 500+ students into the ecosystem
  2. Have our groups active and continue possible education of the students.
  3. Onboarded Students become active within the NEAR ecosystem.
  4. Great use of the NFT space in the NEAR ecosystem


  1. Branded swags with NEAR logo and memes including (T-shirts and P-caps) 26 shirt/caps = $219 =25.5NEAR
  2. Publicity(Printing of flex banner/hand bills) = $150=17.5NEAR
  3. Prizes for winners of talent hunt
    1st prize $100 =11.63NEAR
    2nd prize $70=8.4NEAR
    3rd prize $50=6NEAR
  4. Projector (To use during activation) $90 =10.5NEAR
  5. Tips for ground workers from the school during activation and talent hunt day (10 Students)=$200 ($20 for each: for three weeks of work)=23.3NEAR
  6. Onboarding Fund for 500 people (0.1 NEAR each)=50NEAR (WE WILL BE USING NEARDROP FOR THE ONBOARDING)
  7. Sound system/studio recording for winning songs =$200=23.3NEAR

Sub Total
A. FOR EVENT $1079=126.13NEAR
B. For onboarding (50 NEAR)

My personal wallet: ibohigboze.near

official 9ja Musical wallet: 9jamusical1.near




Wow! This would be great! I am excited for this.


This is something. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to spread love for music and at the same time, education people about the Near ecosystem. Well Near to the world.


We up soon :100::100:

Good evening. Yes from me. Thank You for great contribution in Near community.


Thank you @Dacha, we await other council members and we get to do more in getting the message out there.

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael well written proposal with great ideas.
Excited to see the results!


Thank you, sir. Greater things we set to archive.

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Wow this would be a great opportunity to reach out to many who would be interested


Hello @David_NEAR, can you take a look at this, please?

Thanks for all you do!

@Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

Any words on this?

Gm gang,

Awesome to see the onboarding initiatives! Happy to approve so long as there are no other questions/comments from community + @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


Thanks, Sir.
What next now?

I noticed a drop-in price of NEAR, should I made adjustment in the TOTAL?

Wrote the proposal when $NEAR was 11.07 per $NEAR

You denominated funding in USD, bar the 50 N for onboarding (which wouldn’t change), so this shouldn’t impact you. Just follow the process and request the appropriate amount of NEAR based on the current rate :tada:

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Okay, Sir!
I will make changes ASAP

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Looks like this is a Transfer request so will be rejected. There is a new funding process which you need to be aware of:

Do I have to fill out the form before submitting the payout?
Thought it was the other way round

You never submit a transfer request to the DAO anymore, you submit a poll which you can do anytime after it’s been approved on the forum.

To improve the pace you can submit the form at the same time, too

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Oh, I get it now.
Doing all ASAP

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