[event proposal]near music heritage festival may 2022

Hello, I’m Samuel Madu and my stage name is Ankarayw. I have being with the nxm family for 5month and i have contributed vividly to near and it ecosystem. I want to bring to your notice about the event happening around May, 2022 in Yaba College of Technology, Yabatech titled “Near Music :notes: Heritage Festival”
Near Music Heritage is a festival featuring music and dance from the African perspective with performers from the national and international act.

Our Mandate is to create a sustainable event that will be a platform for Artists to showcase their creations and have opportunity to develop and grow in a productive culture environment.

Our goal is an innovative and unique international caliber festival that will enhance and expand economic activities and bring notice to the people about Near Protocol and its advantages. We will achieve this with our programming and marketing formulas designed to tap into the best possible areas in our product pool.


Our vision, encompassing the whole spectrum of Music from the African perspective including evolving new ideas.

To strengthen our already established excellent business relationships with each venue facility owner so that the events are affordable and profitable to all parties involved.

To create an awareness concerning Near Protocol and its ecosystem and also encourage the usage of NEAR protocol in buying and selling of goods and services around the community.

We have created a group on telegram, to all attendants who attend our event in the group, we will create a Near Wallet for them.

We will be rewarding only the first 20 registered participants in the event with 0.2near.=4N in which in dollar is equal to $60 at the rate of 14.9$

Every performer in the event will get paid total of $395, and the breakdown are

Performing DJ - $70(will be in charge of anything pertaining to sound instrument)

3 Music Performer(2nxm fam) - $50 each ($150)

Winner in Music Competition - $100, 50% of the $100 will be used for Free music production and minted on NFT and the remaining 50% will be paid to the artist

1st runner up in Music Competition - $50 only

2nd runner up in Music Competition- $25only

With a total of $455.

List of prices that will make up the Events are:

Renting of Hall - $120

Camera man - $50

Graphics design and Printing - $90

3 Ushers - $15 each ($45)

Printed vest customize with NEAR & logo - $100

Security - $50

Social Media ads - $50

With the total of $505

The estimated budget needed for the concert will be $960.

We will be handling other things that will make up the event like lighting, decorations Projector and so on.

By doing this, it will encourage more people to indulge in the Near Protocol as their new digital currency and also help the NMH becoming a standard event operating on it own, adding other features like awards in different field. Also it will add to my carrier and improve me to become a better person. This event will be sponsored on Instagram and on Facebook to be published to attract more viewers across the world :earth_americas:

I pledge to put in all my best to make this event a genuinely accomplished and successful one. This is surely going to be a significant step in promoting Near, building trust and also see this as a major achievement for my career @vandal @Paul @zeitwarp

I ’m available to answer any more questions or concerns as I ’m agitated about this chance.

We value and encourage excellence, leadership, innovation, accessibility, awareness, knowledge and understanding.

With deepest gratitude,

@vandal @Paul @nullzero @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace @Monish016

Thank you


This initiative is for you guys to show your talents and onboard people to our ecosystem. How do you guys think to have it on #onboarding-dao? :hugs:


@kc_sollano thank you so much for your attention

Firstly, before the event, our team will be going around campus with our flyer talking to the people about the event and also about Near Protocol and it ecosystem, this isn’t going to be for student alone but also for Lecturers. This will be recorded and filed. We will also run an advert video and also sponsor it on our social platform to get the world ready for the blast.

Secondly, Since we have created a group, During the event our team will be taking attendance of the people present for the event before entering and we will be adding them up to the group. The reason for creating the group is for further education on Near Protocol and it ecosystem in which i will be inviting the council members or members of the Near community with wide knowledge & understanding about the ecosystem to share more light on Near Protocol and it ecosystem, Web3 and so on. In the group, those who partake in the lecture during group voice/video call, we will be opening a Near wallet for them for free.This will really be an opportunity for the people to know more and partake. Thank you.

this is actually nice. i like the details, it is a carefully planned proposal

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@Omegadigi-world Thank you sir… i really appreciate your comment. We are hoping for the best nothing but the best :ok_hand:

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And the best is what you’ll get

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Nice one here
Cant wait to see this achieved.
Good one

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Nice one here
Cant wait to see this achieved
Good job

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@BigM007 Gratitude boss… You are a symbol of :heart:. Thank you :blush:

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I love the idea. It’s a very great one

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@larkim Thank you buddy​:heart:all we need is love :heart:. Near to the :crescent_moon:

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No response from the council @kc_sollano @NxM

Dear @Romanus,

Please be informed that your proposal has been approved!

Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

Once your project will be ready please share your artworks and details with NxM Social Media Team in order to promote it on Twitter and Instagram - Telegram: Contact @nxmsocialmedia

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App https://app.nearguilds.com
  • Find NxM Guild​
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​
  • Join the community using your NEAR wallet!

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after the delivered show.


OMG :astonished: i won’t fail you guys thanks @larkim @williamx @BigM007 @kc_sollano @Omegadigi-world @Paul and many i can’t mention for making this event a reality. JAH BLESS.


Hi @Romanus, as your proposal hasn’t indicated target wallet. Please help confirming the payout wallet here for your DAO application to be voted.

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@williamx Deejayankara.near is the target wallet

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Congratulations my bro, you have been very dedicated to the growth of the ecosystem. I know this going to be a huge one for the ecosystem :white_heart:


This is a proof of what is presently going on now… But i still hold on the set date of the show. Thanks for your trust. @williamx


Congratulations! This is so great. Much love :heart:

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@williamx I’m done with the event… Video is yet to be out but very soon, hopefully tomorrow. I give an update as soon as the video is out. Thanks to @larkim for his great performance on the event and other like mind who isn’t from nxm. Thank you my dearest council’s .@williamx @kc_sollano @Paul @Monish016 @vandal @bonepolice