[Approved] Near Ukraine Guild | Partnership & Marketing Platform to boost on-chain activity

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I’m excited to share some remarkable news with you. We’ve recently established a groundbreaking partnership aimed at raising awareness of the Near Protocol in Eastern Europe. Additionally, we’re thrilled to introduce a solution, a unique feature we’ll be building on the Near Protocol to boost the number of on-chain transactions within the network. Read on for more details.

Near Ukraine Guild - forum presentation :ukraine:

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Fast-growing guild based in Ukraine, aimed at providing high-quality educational content and assistance to grow a strong community of developers/entrepreneurs/enthusiasts within the Near Protocol ecosystem

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Near Protocol is currently facing several challenges that hinder its widespread adoption and growth.

The recent launch of Near Protocol’s Blockchain Operating System (BOS) has introduced a game-changing solution to the blockchain ecosystem. However, our findings from extensive polling conducted at meetups and events in Eastern Europe indicate a surprising lack of awareness, with less than 5% of participants having heard about BOS.

Another pressing concern for Near Protocol is the significant lack of liquidity in the network. As reported by Defillama data in June 2023, the liquidity levels are considerably low - $40 million. And it’s significantly lower compared to Ethereum, which has an impressive $28 billion in liquidity. This scarcity of liquidity prevents users from confidently storing and staking their assets on the Near Protocol platform. In addition, the limited availability of liquidity on Near Protocol impacts not only those who hold assets but also traders who depend on sufficient liquidity for effective trading.

Compounding the problem, the majority of users have interacted with Near Protocol indirectly, primarily acquiring NEAR tokens through centralized exchanges (CEX) rather than engaging directly with the ecosystem.

All that leads individuals to opt for more established networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Binance Smart Chain, where liquidity is more abundant, resulting in a missed opportunity for Near Protocol to attract and retain users.

Proposal :bookmark_tabs:

We are excited to announce our partnership with Incrypted, Eastern Europe’s largest social media platform with an audience of over 120.000. This collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by Near Protocol in the region by increasing awareness of the ecosystem’s news/updates and hosting larger-scale events. Together, we hope to reach a wider audience and promote engagement.

As part of this partnership, we will develop an exciting marketing platform integrated as a BOS widget. This platform will introduce users to a contest-based workflow, where tasks with different difficulty levels will be provided within a specific timeframe. The more difficult activities user gets done, the more points he gets, and the bigger his chances of being eligible for a reward. After a deadline, prizes are transparently and randomly distributed among winners by the smart contract.

We aim to not only incentivize users to participate and explore the ecosystem actively but also create a sense of excitement and anticipation. The combination of engaging tasks, time-limited contests, and random reward selection adds an element of gamification, encouraging users to immerse themselves in the ecosystem to increase their chances of receiving valuable prizes.

Activity Examples

It’s probably will be split into a few categories (Developers, Traders, Users, etc) to cover a wider audience.

And so on.

Rewards :gift:

The top three leaders in the competition, based on points, are guaranteed to receive their well-deserved rewards. Their outstanding performance is recognized and rewarded accordingly.

For other participants, the distribution of rewards will be done through a fair random selection process. This ensures that even those who may not have secured top positions still have a chance to be rewarded for their active participation.

By implementing this balanced approach to reward distribution, we aim to maintain the competitive spirit of the contest while also ensuring that participants who demonstrate exceptional skills and effort are acknowledged.

Reward Examples

Position Reward ($)
1 200
2 150
3 100
4-25 25

Value of Proposal :top:

Value Details Expected deliverable USDC
Incrypted Partnership Sharing up to 4-5 of the most important and valuable news within the ecosystem to increase interest, hold a championship with on-chain rewards (distributed through Linkdrop/KeyPom) to encourage people to have a wallet 4-5 Promotional News 5000
BOS Marketing Platform Developing a BOS widget for users to interact with the platform, along with a smart contract that would keep track of all activities and perform rewards shuffling at the end. It’s estimated to take 60 hours of work for a Senior Engineer based in Eastern Europe. BOS widget + smart contract 60 * 40 = 2400
Contest rewards The funds will serve as rewards for the contest, as outlined in the “Rewards” section. 25 winners, 200+ participants 1000

Total :moneybag:

8.400 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:


If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them
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The proposal was closed by @IgbozeIsrael and RC DAO admins’ decision. Thanks

The proposal was for @marketingdao-council

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